The Role of Responsibility and Accountability in Recovery

accountability and responsibilityThose living in active addiction often blame someone else for their affliction.  Instead of taking responsibility for one’s actions, addicts will often play the victim card and accuse the rest of the world for abandoning them and blame others for using drugs.  However, those in recovery soon begin to learn that recovery is a lot more than stopping all drug use.  It’s  about reinventing one’s self.  It’s about taking control of your life rather than allowing addiction to make poor lifestyle choices.  It’s about being accountable for your feelings, your actions and your happiness.

The Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ recently posted content on the heroin addiction & recovery discussion forum about taking control and true happiness.  See “Taking Control of Your Own Happiness” for more information.  He also published a video related to the role of responsibility and accountability in recovery.  Click here to view it.

Living in active addiction is about being controlled whereas living in active recovery is about taking control.  You have the power inside of you to stop using and choose recovery.  But you have to want it.  You have to be tired of letting addiction make you miserable when you have direct control over your own happiness.  You have to become accountable and responsible for your actions and take a stand against addiction and for health and wellness.  Those in active recovery know that the only way to beat addiction is to stay in control and practice responsibility and accountability on a daily basis.

If you’re struggling today with addiction and need help, contact us.  We are here to listen and advise you.  There is help.  See our list of recommended treatment facilities (to be added in just a few short days) and share your questions, concerns and experiences on our discussion forum.

Peace and Love,

William – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™



4 thoughts on “The Role of Responsibility and Accountability in Recovery

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  3. Everything posted here sounds wonderful. Getting your life back. But there is one problem,and it’s one which stops all the wonderful. What problem is this? As I read further down the page,there are various hyperlinks showing treatment centers. That’s all well and fine…if you have insurance (many addicts don’t,for obvious reasons) or if you live in a state (like Massachusetts) which has found a way to fund no cost treatment for anyone willing to turn over their drug. But what about the rest? I always have to bite my tongue when we get news that the president is speaking about how its a national epidemic. Yup. It is. But it not something that will be of any immediate help for any addicts within the next 5 years, seriously, because If its not something affecting THEM & THEIR FAMILIES..quite frankly, it doesn’t matter to them.

    • Julianne,

      Thank you for your feedback and I hear and understand your concerns. I recommend viewing the following articles which I think may be of interest to you.

      Affordable Heroin Treatment Options
      We Help Addicts with No Money and Insurance Get Treatment

      We are not miracle workers but we can certainly do our best to use our resources in order to try to help people in difficult financial circumstances. That said, a lot of people are eligible for Medicaid, medicare and/or obamacare that either may not realize or haven’t bothered to apply. While I agree that sometime it’s urgent to get people help who want and need it, they can be applying for insurance in the meantime.

      If you or someone you know is in immediate need and WANTS help, you are free to contact us at

      Peace and Love,

      William – Publisher of this Community

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