Heroin Addiction? Dangers of Procrastination

recovery procrastinationWhen you were in high school or college you may recall those God awful term papers that were assigned weeks in advance.  You were given a plethora of time to complete them because they required so much of you.  Back in the old days, there was also no internet to help you.  Instead, you had to physically show up at your school or local library in order to garner as many sources as possible.   Everything was hand-written because there was no lap-tops and there certainly was no “copy and paste” feature.  However, if you’re anything like a large percentage of the population you put everything off until the last minute and may have even ended up asking the teacher for an extension of time to complete the project.

Regrettably, heroin addicts often treat recovery the same way.  Excuses are frequent and there’s always a reason why just one more day of using heroin is needed.  Maybe it’s the weekend and you want to wait until Monday.  Maybe Monday is a holiday or a really long, stressful day to come so you decide to put recovery off in order to help you cope with yet another day.  But by putting recovery off one more day, you are putting your life at risk.  So many people have already died from the heroin epidemic and you want just one more day with it?

They say that your worst day in recovery will be better than your best day using.  And while there may be some pleasant memories of the time you’ve used, heroin was not only plotting but was in the process of taking your life.

procrastinatin quotesHeroin is a tease.  It gives you that feeling of euphoria that you want at first but after awhile, it takes more and more of the drug to acquire the same feeling.  After more time and money spent you start to notice that you can’t go without it or you start to get sick.  So the frequency and amount of heroin used increases.  Before too long, the only sensation heroin creates for you is normality and wellness.  It becomes your medication that prevents you from getting sick, meanwhile it’s literally laughing at you as it rots you from the inside out.  But as heroin addicts, we want one ore day with it?

Recovery can free you from the bonds heroin placed on you and you can feel normal and well every day at no cost and without rotting and decaying inside out.  Because addiction is a disease, walking away from heroin may be one of the hardest things you ever have to do.  It can be compared to breaking up with the love of your life.  However, recovery is not a term paper or a research project you can keep putting off.  Doing so may kill you.  Too many lives have been lost.

You are encouraged to start fresh and make today your first day of recovery.  If you are reading this article and have made a decision to quit, we will help you through it.  Share your story and ask for help on our free Heroin Addiction & Recovery Discussion Forum.  You can also contact us and we can guide and walk you through it.   You can also take a look at our recommended treatment centers who are very dedicated to providing state of the art care to their patients.  Please don’t feel like you have to be alone.  We can help.

Peace and Love,

William – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™

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