Taking the Unknown Road to Recovery – Freedom from Addiction!

recovery quotesPeople continue choosing to use heroin for a number of reasons. Those suffering from the disease of addiction have had a chemical reaction in the brain making heroin seem irresistible, making stopping its use seem almost impossible. Moreover, fear of the dreaded withdrawal that’s associated with heroin dependence and addiction (click here to learn the difference) alone often causes people to make excuses, procrastinate and put off traveling the road to recovery until tomorrow. But fear of the unknown can and often does  play a role in keeping somebody bound to heroin addiction.

Addiction Avenue is the familiar road you know but it only leads to despair, devastation and death. The journey includes the daily repetition of finding and using heroin.

Searching for heroin typically includes traveling to dangerous places, the risk of getting in trouble with the law, lying, cheating and theft, etc. Using heroin includes the actual insertion of the needle or the dollar bill in your nostrils followed by a very temporary “high” if you just started using or relief from withdrawal if you’ve been using for awhile. Addiction avenue is the same for everyone and leaves people numb, isolated and alone.

footprintAddiction Avenue is no place to be and after awhile, most heroin addicts hate their life and want to escape. They just don’t know how. Addiction Avenue is horrifying but for some, it’s the road they know which provides comfort. This false feeling of comfort is often why some people stay in bad relationships longer than normal.  Recovery can be daunting because it’s full of opportunity, possibility and the unknown. This sometimes scares people.

But don’t be afraid. Recovery can and will free you from the bonds of addiction and provides you with the chance to reinvent yourself and to become a new man or woman. It’s filled with hope, freedom and life. Recovery Road is the scenic route of life and leads to many wonderful places. No longer is another force other than yourself in control of your own choices and you can build the life for yourself that you’ve always wanted. You can reacquaint with family and old friends or make new friendships with genuine and authentic people, unlike the ones you were hanging around with when you were using. Sure when they aren’t using they are probably great people. But living in active addiction turns you into someone you’re not and the only thing you care about is yourself and getting “high”.

Are you tired of being a slave to the same old routine that only leads to despair, devastation and death? Choose recovery today. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact us and we will help you. Reach out to your friends and family and tell them you need help escaping the jail of heroin addiction you’ve built for yourself. Share your story and ask questions on our free heroin addiction & recovery discussion forum. Help is here.  View our list of recommended treatment centers and programs which may be of help to you.

Peace and Love,

William – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™
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