Are You Born With Addiction?

Born with AddictionAre you  born with addiction? Many people think that because addiction has been declared a disease that you must be born with it.  But this simply is not the case.  Those suffering from addiction possess a genetic predisposition to addiction which means that its onset can occur at anytime when combined with risky lifestyle choices.  Those with a genetic predisposition to addiction won’t become addicted to everything they try.  But there’s that “one”, “two” or several things out there that may just trigger its onset.  So what are these things?

It would be terrific if someone in the medical community could develop a device that could determine who has a genetic predisposition to addiction and could predict exactly what someone may become addicted to.  The results of this test could then be used to avoid particular substances or activities.  Since no such medical device exists and nobody (but God) can look through the corridor of time to see who will become addicted and to what, people will simply need to use their best judgment.

The good news is, there are signs to look for and there is something you can do to avoid getting the disease of addiction.  For example, does anyone else in your family line suffer from addiction to anything?  If so, you can minimize risk of its onset by avoiding engaging in too many risky behaviors.  Moreover people tend to become addicted to particular substances that are accompanied by physical dependence.  You can minimize the risks of addiction if you avoid all illegal substances and all substances/activities that possess properties of physical dependence.  Learn the difference between dependence and addiction by visiting “Addiction Vs. Using Drugs: Why Addicts Can’t Just Stop Using Heroin

Minimizing engagement in risky behavior can reduce the risk of addiction’s onset.  It’s difficult being young and avoiding any type of risky behavior, especially when all your friends are drinking and “partying” with heroin, opiates and other drugs.  But there are good, fun, “clean” people out there, even at young ages that you can hang out and establish bonds with.  We know it may seem unpopular or “not cool” to avoid alcohol, heroin and other drugs, but it may just save your life.

Born with AddictionSome reading this article will likely ignore this advice, believing it won’t happen to them only later wishing that they had just listened to and followed the advice in this article.  Too many people have died and/or ruined their and their loved ones lives due to addiction.  Make good choices and don’t let that happen to you.

Those reading this article that are currently suffering from addiction, there is a way out.  It’s not easy, but it can be done.  The publishers and many members of our free and anonymous heroin addiction & recovery discussion forum have found a way.  You can too.  To see what worked for all of us, click the link to our discussion forum and Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Born With Addiction?

  1. 149 days clean today ! Not easy but a hell of a lot better than being a slave to addiction & a stranger to your loved ones Was on Subs for 3 months along with counseling 3 times a week now on Vivitrol Shot ,I was on Opietes for a long time. & and then heroin , if I can do it so can you ! Good Luck it’s Worth it !

    • John,

      Congratulations on being 149 days clean and sober. I agree, being a slave to addiction is horrible. People start using drugs in an attempt to be free from their problems, pain and hardship only to become enslaved by their addiction and potentially even their drug. Heroin and opiates in particular are nasty due to their physical dependency properties. Keep up the great work!


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