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Tom Petty Heroin Addiction? Tom Petty Heroin AddictionTom Petty’s life was on fire. As a child, he saw the Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan Show and met Elvis Presley. As an adult, he became a real rock-n-roll superstar with millions of records sold between his solo acts and his band “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers”. He collaborated with Johnny Cash and Stevie Nicks and grouped up with Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynn and George Harrison. Over 50 years Tom Petty lived the fantasy life and a real rock-n-roll dream come true…or so it seemed.

Below the surface, Tom Petty battled both personally and professionally. Petty, now 65 admits to struggling with painful relationships (including being abused by his father when he was young), bandmates and drugs – admitting that he abused and was addicted to heroin.

Tom Petty’s biography revealed the following:

Tom Petty Heroin Addiction“I remember it first happening when I was probably 4,” recalls Petty. “Four, maybe 5, because it was a ’55 Cadillac. I had this crappy slingshot my father had given me, a plastic thing, the first one I ever had. I was in the yard shooting this slingshot. And cars are driving by. I’m just like, ‘I wonder if I can get a car.’ And whack! This big Cadillac. It was going by pretty slowly, and I just nailed the fin on that thing. The car came to an immediate stop. The driver got out, and he was so f—ing mad … I felt kind of weird, not ­knowing what was coming next. But when my father got home later, he came in, took a belt and beat the living shit out of me. He beat me so bad that I was covered in raised welts, from my head to my toes. I mean, you can’t imagine someone hitting a child like that. Five years old. I remember it so well. My mother and my grandmother laid me in my bed, stripped me, and they took cotton and alcohol, cleaning these big welts all over my body.”

Tom Petty lost his mother in 1980, right around the time his fame was at an all time high.

“Someone had laid all these magazines with pictures of me on my mother,” remembers Petty. “On her chest and across her body. She was just lying there, beneath these clippings from magazines and newspapers. I walk in and … it was the strangest thing. I thought, ‘Even this moment, even this someone had to corrupt with some reaction to fame, or whatever this was.’ ”

Apparently one of the nurse’s got it in her head her innocent but misguided gesture would please Petty but sadly, it made him feel empty inside.

Foundations Wellness CenterIn the 1990s, Tom Petty admits to abusing heroin. Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ has independently reported:

“Heroin’s promise that it will take you to a better state is the biggest lie of them all. It might feel good at first, but after only a short period of time re-creating the ‘high’ or feeling of euphoria becomes virtually impossible and all that’s left is the ongoing quest to prevent extreme withdrawal / illness costing you both endless amounts of time and money. And what’s worse is that you’re literally rotting from the inside out and dying. Heroin isn’t happy unless it robs you of everything you hold dear to your heart, which includes your life”.

Tom Petty bought into the lie and calls it their (referring to drugs) “dirty trick”. ”

“You start losing your soul,” Tom Petty said ashamed to have been there once. “You realize one day, ‘Shit, I’ve lost myself. I’m hanging out with people I wouldn’t be seen with in a million years, and I have to get out of this.’ I wanted to quit. Using heroin went against my grain. I didn’t want to be enslaved to anything. So I was always trying to figure out how to do less, and then that wouldn’t work. Tried to go cold turkey, and that wouldn’t work. It’s an ugly f—ing thing. Really ugly. I fear that if I talk about it, people will think, ‘Well, I could do it and get off.’ But you can’t. Very few people do.”

Tom Petty is right – addiction is a disease and the level of difficulty in conquering heroin addiction is 10 out of 10. It takes a lot of courage, strength and perseverance to conquer heroin addiction. But it can be done.

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