Marijuana – Medical Treatment for Heroin Withdrawal?

is marijuana a viable treatment for heroin addictionWhether or not marijuana is conducive to recovery and/or possesses any benefit to helping men and women trying to conquer heroin addiction is a hot topic of debate on our community and elsewhere.  In fact, in a previous article “Alaskans Battling Heroin Epidemic Captures Audience with U.S. Surgeon General“, the Reverend Reginald Bright of Alaska speaks out on this very topic at the Summit convened by U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan aimed at spreading awareness to federal officials about the heroin and opioid epidemic and the challenges Alaska faces to fight against it.

Reverend Reginald Bright amongst others feel strongly that medical marijuana possesses benefits that can truly help those suffering from heroin addiction get through the horrible withdrawal that accompanies quitting heroin or opiates during the first week or two.  On the other hand, Dr. Vivek Murthy (proclaimed a top doctor by some sources) points out that no scientific evidence exists proving that marijuana can safely and effectively treat heroin withdrawal and facilitate recovery.

This community recently took a poll of it’s tens of thousands of members and received mixed reviews.  While some were clearly proponents of marijuana aiding in recovery and the healing of someone fighting against heroin addiction, others admit that cannabis (another word for Marijuana) not only didn’t work, but actually made their withdrawal worse.  Below are some comments made by our members:

Marijuana and recovery“It truly does help with stomach issues while detoxing, appetite, whatever. Mainly if ur freaking out and want to use, smoking calms down your mind and takes that anxiety away. Just throwing it out there. Love the page. Keep it up”

“As for me….I am cancer patient in remission…..I am also recovering alcoholic….I used pot with alcohol….this would be a deadly cocktail for me…..but at the same time…pot may be a life saver for someone else… it can go both ways in that instance……yay or nay…..I would have to say nay”

“It’s different for everyone, cannabis saved my life… no desire to touch dope again cause of my love for cannabis… but this is me , not for everyone… Definitely ask your doctor first…”

“Everyone thinks weed is a miracle drug and heals cancer and helps with this and helps with that and helps people get off drugs you smoke it and get high and make rope from it that’s about it”

There are varying opinions and experiences with marijuana.  And while no scientific data on the advantages and disadvantages on using marijuana as a “treatment” or aid in fighting against heroin addiction, the government is currently funding 60 distinct trials and studies regarding marijuana’s benefits and potential harms.  Perhaps if enough benefits are found, medical marijuana will become legalized in more states.  As far as recreational use of marijuana, that’s an entirely different topic, equally as debatable.  See “Marijuana: Is Weed Conducive to Recovery and Sobriety” for more information.

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