Affordable Heroin Treatment Options

Heroin Treatment OptionsWe receive dozens of messages every week from heroin, opiate and drug addicts and/or their family members looking for effective heroin treatment solutions. Many of them have fallen on difficult financial times and/or don’t have the insurance to cover treatment at some of the best addiction treatment centers. While many inpatient addiction treatment center facilities, like the ones recommended by our organization are top notch, not everyone will be able to benefit from them. The good news is however, more affordable treatment options do exist and have been proven effective. Below, we’ve included several more affordable addiction and heroin treatment options for those abusing heroin, opiates, drugs, etc.

Treatment Works, But Only For Those Who Truly Want It

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ very much empathizes with families and friends of addicts who have to watch their loved ones literally suffer from this dreadful disease and its effects.  However, no matter how successful a program, addiction treatment center and/or service claims to be, unless men and women suffering from addiction want to change and are ready to commit,   Those who are simply not ready, even if they are forced through some of the best and most effective programs, will most likely go right back to using after they complete the program.

We know how heartbreaking the above fact and truth is, but those suffering from heroin addiction or other drug abuse will only ever stop when they are physically, cognitively and spiritually ready.

Addiction Treatment Centers / Drug Rehabs

addiction treatment centers

Many state of the art addiction treatment centers and drug rehabs are expensive.  But many of them take insurance, making top quality treatment available at essentially no to very little cost from the patient.  Inpatient drug rehab facilities typically offer outpatient solutions as well and work with the individual suffering from addiction and their families as part of the program.  See our list of recommended addiction treatment centers.

Those that don’t have insurance may be eligible for insurance and are encouraged to apply.  Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, etc. are available to many who for some reason, don’t think they are eligible.  Those who are working may be able to obtain private insurance through their work, typically at a cost but far reduced than paying individually out of pocket.   Thus, those that don’t have insurance are strongly encouraged to try to research and sign-up for insurance.

Visit our “Review Addiction Treatment Centers, Programs, Services, Etc.” discussion forum to see what people are saying about several different drug rehab facilities.

Medicine Assisted Treatment (Outpatient)


Medicine assisted treatment (MAT) options such as Methadone, Suboxone and Naltrexone (Vivitrol and ReVia) are also available at a fraction of the cost of inpatient addiction treatment centers.  Some insurance will even cover the costs of MAT but for those who don’t have insurance, Methadone, Suboxone and Naltrexone are available for only a couple hundred each month.

All of the medicine assisted treatment options reduce cravings, minimize or even eliminate opiate and heroin withdrawal symptoms and at the right dose block the effects of heroin/opiates, making obtaining that “high” much more difficult if not impossible.  To learn about each MAT individually, click on the above links.

Visit our “Methadone Forum“, “Suboxone Forum” and “Naltrexone Forum” to discuss each medicine assisted treatment with others who use them.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) / Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and the 12 Step Program


Attending AA and NA meetings and going through the 12 step program is absolutely 100% free.  They do encourage donations however, those who are financially struggling aren’t required to give and even if you choose to, a couple dollars here and there is far less expensive than any other option.  AA and NA were founded by distinct individuals but are essentially “sister” programs working off the same principles and guidelines.   These meetings have proven to be a real benefit to a large number of people, keeping recovering addicts “completely abstinent” from all mind altering drugs including heroin, opiates, alcohol, marijuana (cannabis), etc.

Visit our “12 Step Program (Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous)” discussion forum to discuss the 12 step program with others who attend.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

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Still on the more affordable side, especially if you have insurance, IOPs require a commitment to attending meetings that help to educate patients about addiction and provide a truly nurturing environment of support.  Unlike AA and NA meetings that typically include large numbers of people and very little to no sharing from most people attending, IOP encourages and expects active participation and sharing.  Attendance of 3 to 4 times a week at 2 hours each session is also required.  Drug screening is typically required at random though you aren’t necessarily kicked out of the program if you are using but they are looking for improvement with each test.

Individual Counseling

Meeting weekly with an individual counselor may not be too expensive with insurance and even without, a session may range from $50 to $150 for an hour depending on the counseling center and counselor.  Some counselors will even work with patients who are financially struggling, giving them a reduced rate for each session.

If You Can Pay for Heroin, You Can Pay For Treatment

If you can pay for heroin you can pay for treatmentThere’s no doubt that treatment can be on the more expensive side.  However, let’s not forget how expensive heroin addiction is.  Most people we’ve interviewed including those of us who run this community have spent upwards of $3000 each month to support our drug habit.  Many of us baulk when it comes to paying for treatment.  But if we are just as committed to our recovery as we were our addiction, then the cost is well worth the benefit and freedom is produces.  Besides, initial treatment may be expensive but long term, the value far outweighs the costs.  Those who stay in active addiction will continue to pay for their addiction until they have nothing left and/or have overdosed and died.

We hear on a regular basis that people have no money for treatment.  But frankly, if they can afford heroin every day, they can afford at least one of the above treatment options.

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