Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, West Palm Beach, Florida Approved by KTHEN for Recommendation

Only drug rehab programs and addiction treatment centers with an outstanding reputation for their dedication to helping heroin, opiate and drug users conquer their addiction are recommended on Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™. Recently, we approved Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center of West Palm Beach, Florida for recommendation.


In the interest of being thorough, William, publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ researched and investigated Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center online and was impressed. Patient reviews were positive, their social media reputation level is high, their background is clean and their staff appears to be quite passionate and dedicated. In fact, Sylvia Miklos, Director of Marketing is arguably one of the most thorough and quickest responders and gets things done. Sylvia is very passionate about her work and Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center truly cares about their patients.  To learn about Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center’s dedicated and caring staff, click here.

CarfentanilLife Changes Addiction Treatment Center of West Palm Beach, Florida possesses a mission that’s all about hope.  Their skilled and experienced staff promote teamwork and provide the necessary strategies and tools to their patients for long-term recovery, health and wellness.  Hope is instilled in every part of what they do from every conversation to every treatment strategy.  Recovering addicts with hope genuinely believe they can beat and conquer addiction.  Thus, hope is a necessary and important ingredient in any life-long, permanent solution to obliterating addiction and promoting health and wellness.

Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center of West Palm Beach, Florida creates programs and treatment plans that are tailored specific to each individual’s needs and recovery goals.  This drug rehab facility provides both patients and their families with the necessary tools and skills that promote lifelong recovery and wellbeing.  To learn more about Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, view the below:

Patient Reviews
Photos of their Facility
Video Testimonials
Educational Articles and Blogs
Meet Their Staff

Anyone looking for inpatient or outpatient treatment in a comfortable and reliable addiction treatment center drug rehab with staff members who really care about the health, wellbeing and long-term recovery of their patients are encouraged to consider and consult with Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center.

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William – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™
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3 thoughts on “Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center, West Palm Beach, Florida Approved by KTHEN for Recommendation

  1. The given article points are helpful to detox the drug addiction process. For more Just refer the detox of south Florida articles.

  2. Environment plays a large roll in treatment and recovery. South Florida was the preferred location for my aunt who reached her breaking point. She lives in Alabama but luckily some of her in-laws were already living in Florida at the time. They helped give her the local support she needed to begin recovery.

    • Tracy,

      There is a lot of corruption in Florida so you have to be real careful which treatment center you or anyone selects. Life Changes has turned out to have a lot of problems and they are no longer recommended by this community.

      Best wishes,

      William – Publisher of this Community

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