Vitadone: A Solution for Methadone Symptoms and Side Effects?

VitadoneWhile Methadone Maintenance Therapy is a legitimate medication for treating heroin addiction by reducing cravings and minimizing/eliminating heroin withdrawal symptoms, Methadone is not without its own list of potential side effects.  Vitadone is a supplement that can be used to offset some of the commonly reported side effects associated with Methadone.  Vitadone is a sister supplement to Nutridone.

How Does Vitadone Work?

Vitadone assists in reducing sugar cravings, sweats, fatigue, and irregularity with bowel movements. Just like Nutridone, Vitadone contains no iron.  Thus, Vitadone is considered a safe product for someone who is diagnosed with Hepatitis C

Vitadone is an over the counter supplement, and can also be taken by those not in a medication assisted treatment (MAT) program.  It can even be taken after Methadone treatment has ended as it can provide nutrition that the body may lack due to lack of good nutrition and/or better dietary guidelines.  Vitadone possesses no side effects and is a supplement providing the body with enhanced nutrition in order to function at its peak capacity.

How was Vitadone developed?

VitadoneVitadone was developed after a study was completed on people that were participating at a Methadone treatment clinic. In this study, it was shown that Methadone users were markedly lower in folate, B-Carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. While this could also be attributed to a poor diet, this was a common denominator that was found in those who used Methadone as a treatment for heroin and/or opiate addiction.  Thus, Vitadone was developed to provide the missing nutrients to Methadone patients.

Vitadone Ingredients: Is it safe for me?

Vitadone contains vitamins A through E, folic acid, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, cinnamon powder, and coenzyme Q10, to name a few. There are similarities and differences in the ingredients in Vitadone as compared to Nutridone, but both do market that they can assist with side effects of Methadone. The ingredients that are contained in this are nutrients that are naturally occurring in our bodies or in foods that are deemed to be healthier foods for us as per the RDA food pyramid. In addition, cinnamon has been noted to particularly assist with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.

How can I obtain this, and how do I take it?

Just like Nutridone, you can purchase Vitadone at an online retailer such as Amazon.  Both Vitadone and Nutridone are also available at select Methadone clinics for purchase.

Vitadone is taken three times per day, one pill after each meal. Some physicians may recommend taking 2 pills after each meal in cases of extreme constipation. Just like any other supplement, it is best to discuss with your treating physician prior to taking this as a precaution. In terms of cost, it may run you approximately $70 for a 3 month supply for both Vitadone and Nutridone.

I have some facts….so what do I do?


Research is the key to success in many things.  Before taking any medication or supplements,, it is always best to do your due diligence and conduct your own research on what could be available to you. It is also best to discuss with your treating physician, review consumer testimonials, and anything available to you to ensure you are making the best decision for you, your health, and your recovery. The internet is a powerful tool with vast amounts of information that can assist you with moving in a direction best for you, along with the advice and guidance of your treating physician.

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43 thoughts on “Vitadone: A Solution for Methadone Symptoms and Side Effects?

  1. Vitamin C is contraindicated for methadone patients. It makes it come on too slow and wear off too fast. Seriously who came up with this formula? Some greedy jerks that didn’t bother doing the most basic research.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I avoid Vitamin C at all costs, but maybe I’m just not informed enough about the combination of C & Doan, but my understanding is that the C will cancel it out..?
      I have been having some issues with the sweating, weight gain, no libido and the fatigue and no energy has been extreme and debilitating at times. So I would like to know if the vitadone or nutridone would actually help? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

      • The vitamin C is okay in small doses. I had spoke with my counsellor about that and as long as you arent taking huge doses of vitamin c it will be okay to take with your methadone. …. We had a big discussion about this 2 weeks ago, I have been very interested in trying the nutridone or vitadone.

    • Vitadone seems like a germicidal but so did some other things, but please tell me why is no iron good when your on done or have hyp C

    • Hey Guts! I’m going to say that I TOTALLY agree with you. This product is a damn joke lol. People must be autistic to buy this, and the guy who said it that it works for him, he must be feeling a placebo lol. During my senior seminar class where we had to do a large, semester long research write up that even got published as a scientific journal (so proud of my team!). Our research was on the effects of multivitamins in general and to see if they are worth taking, or if they’re a sham. Not only did we find that multivitamins have no significant effect (positive OR negative) on health. You we aren’t even able to absorb most of the nutrients at these doses in the pills anyway, which is why hey make our urine gold/orange because we just waste it all. So this proves that this vitamin is a scam for idiots… also I see your posts over on forum, isn’t it ridiculous the misinformation that those idiots over on that forum spread to people? Man they’re all on these medications and shit but they have no idea what they talking about. Also there the type of fear mongering monkeys that tell everyone if they take a Benedryl on opiates they will overdose and die. There’s just way too many examples that I’m sure you understand. You seem like you know what you’re talking about and I want to thank you for calling out people over there for their idiocracy! lol

      • I take the vitadone and it isn’t a placebo and I’m NOT an idoit! Idk how you claim to be so smart but yet sound so ignorant!! Calling ppl stupid and idiots sure the hell isn’t the right thing to say! Esp if you’re claiming to be some researcher or w.e. it is you claim to be.? I think you are ridiculous and insulting ….. I take it 3 times a day and have for the last 8 months or so, and it helps keep me regular, helps energy, etc… So whatever “study” you did and your team… You all should probably go back to the drawing board and think again!!!

        • I couldn’t have said it any better lol I too have been taking vitadone for about 5 years now and it literally changed my life!! Do you know how embarrassing it is working while sweat is dripping off your face lol I had to do something and when I heard about it I tried it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I only take 2 a day..when I started I took 3 until it got into my system. But ya vitadone is a godsend for people on methadone

      • You are a very close minded angry sounding person.
        Relax man. Stop calling people you don’t know idiots for taking a chance with a few dollars to see if it makes them feel better. Big deal dude. Why does it make you so angry? Everyone’s body is different.

  2. I’ve been taking vitadone for 60 days and I love it. If taken after each meal or after I dose around 6am then at 12pm and again at 3 I’m able to have a bm daily and my cravings for sweets are gone. Also my labito is back to normal. I have energy so when I excersise I am not pouring the amount of abnormal sweat that I used too. Everyone has their own experience but I highly recommend vitadone or nutridone. With any,supplement it takes 30 days before you see results. Don’t get discouraged. As addicts we want instant gratification. I also make a smoothie in the morning with alot of vitamin C it’s the grapefruit you want to stay away from. It offsets benzos and several other medications so I just assume not take it either. Good luck and there is a money back,guarantee with some companies.,

    • Total lies. Nothing and I mean nothing can get rid of methadone side effects like this person is mentioning. They are obviously employed by vitadone which is a money making 💰 scam to provide glass hope for people in MMT

      • M One,

        Are you talking about methadone side effects or methadone withdrawal symptoms because there is a difference? I personally have no affiliation with Vitadone and I’ve also never used it, so I don’t know if it works or not. I’ve heard different people say various things so in my opinion, everyone’s experience is important. But remember, just because something doesn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for another.

        Best wishes,

        William – Publisher of this Community

      • No its not lies! I agree with everything she has said 👆👆 (Jennifer) I also take it 3 times a day! And I am detoxing now. Down to 40 mg methadone and I have no cravings , no withdraw symptoms, go regular, etc….. So, just cause some of you don’t agree or doesn’t work for you the same doesn’t give you (M one) or anyone else the right to say we are lying!! I don’t get it…. Is it s power trip tht ppl like you need to call others liars!?!? Is it cause you’re compensating for something else!?? 😂😂😂😂 seems to be true… Grow tf up! Stop calling ppl liars, just cause it doesn’t do it for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others!!

      • There are scientific studies regarding grapefruit juice increasing the bioavailability of methadone. Studies that have been published in medical journals. I agree that just because something does not work for one, does not mean it will not work for the next. My personal experience is this supplement does not work for sweating, but there are medications that a doctor can prescribe that will work. They have had success with a few different medications that assist with methadone induced hyperhidrosis, which effects 45% of MMT patients. As for sugar cravings, that’s easy…cinnamon. Cinnamon has been used by diabetics for years and years for this. It does so by helping to control blood glucose levels. So there is help, just not in this particular bottle!

    • I have heard the same thing about grapefruit that it increases the effects of methadone. There are some good articles online about the effects of grapefruit with methadone that you can check out. Also I know people that swear the grapefruit makes methadone so much better…

  3. Ok 1st of all to the writer of this article. …methadone is not just given to “HEROIN ADDICTS”

    As now and for the past several years all pain mgmt dr’s are giving and practically forcing it on their patients!! That’s what happened to me and it has ruined my life!! Causing seizures, heart problems and all kinds of deadly medical problems!

    And once your on….THERE IS NO GETTING OFF!! IDC WHAT ANYONE SAYS!!! This was made by Hitler and never intended for long term use because it killed ppl. But now the dr’s are carelessly murdering millions and forcing legitimate pain patients to become heroin/methadone addicts!


    • Jess,

      I’m truly sorry to hear about your negative experience. However, despite what you went through, there are others that feel very differently and have had very distinct experiences – including me. Methadone saved my life and I was on and off in a year and a half with no withdrawal symptoms.

      Whatever happened to you, I am truly sorry and you are welcome to share your genuine experience good or bad on our free heroin discussion forum under the “methadone” category.

      Peace and Love,


    • Boooooon fiyah!!! I agree with what you are saying…so many put profits before the lives of people. The same companies that make Narcan(naloxone) are the ones that also manufacture and profit off of the addictive opioids that kill the people that would overdose without it. So, without a true solution, the worse the opiod crisis gets, the higher they can raise their prices for local governments to access the Narcan(naloxone). They profit both ways…the worse the problem becomes, the more money they make to “solve” it. This is, like always, a systemic issue/flaw – it is not isolated to this specific topic. The greater most problems become, the more money stands to be made by those dedicated to treating it. And there is a conflict of interest when actual solutions or cures are proposed, because they threaten the perpetual necessity of those who make money off the continual treatment of the problem. This is why the driving force of creating capital as the motivation of these important endeavors must be outright ABOLISHED!

      Babylon system SO corrupt!…HAFFI bon!!!

      • Rasta,
        I know many believe there is a conspiracy regarding the production of opioids, heroin, etc. and truth be told, I believe there probably is. But at the same time, it is my hope and the hope of other great organizations like this one, that with hard work, we can educate and make a difference so that real solutions are put out there so it’s easier for men and women suffering from heroin and drug addiction to become well.

        Thanks for sharing,

    • U were not pushed on it. U went on it at your choice. Also it works better then ever drug out there. I have been on every drug u can be prescribed and it works the best for pain period.u don’t like it cause it don’t make u high like the other drugs that don’t even take away your pain unless get high as hell. So go hell on another forum. Damn drug addict peace out.

      • Hahahaha. This dude! YOU are on a heroin forum…vitadone site sends people here by default. Not REALLY the place to attempt to shut people up. Work on your empathy, maybe.

        • Rastanonymous,

          I haven’t seen Rob’s post but you are right, this is a blog and our forum is at which is the place where members have a right to share their genuine opinions and thoughts without being silenced. The only thing we ask is that members show respect for one another. We’d like to cultivate an environment of support and open discussion, but not hate or insult.

          Thanks for posting.


      • Rob,

        I am fine with you sharing your opinion, but to call someone a “drug addict” and purposely insult them to add to the stigma is not supported on this blog or community. Please do not call anyone names when sharing your opinion or I won’t be able to allow you to post here. That said, you are always entitled to share your opinion without insult or injury.

        Peace and Love,

        William – Publisher of this Community

      • You are rude and a jerk!!! I hope you can find some love in your heart one day!
        Or maybe something bad will happen to YOU, Rob! And then you’ll have a change of heart and mind! And have more empathy !!
        Have a great day!

    • How can you spread such stupidity? Yu sound kinda like an idiot with what you said, also like a — as well my dude.. Methadone saves lives, including mine and apparently yours. Quit saying the they a scripting this out to kill people tho like that’s such an autistic filled conspiracy theorist thing to say.. methadone is a maintained drug, not a magic pill. It isn’t quitting drugs, it’s just switching to a very strong, but legal drug so that people stop shoving needles into their arms and and can function to get back in the right life path.? You don’t have to get on it, it saves peoples lives. You could have just cold turkeyed but you CHOSE methadone. And you can CT the methadone too as well instead of “being stuck on it for life ohhh woe is me the doctors are trying to kill me omg please feel bad for me”! I hate to be the dick, but someone has to say it. You are the one who took the narcotics and got hooked in the first place… the doc did not push it on you, if anything I would imagine that you probably begged for ia script of it and jumped through all the hoops to get meds.. you knew you would have to “pay the piper” so to speak some day. If you would have not gotten on methadone you’d have paid your painful debt a while ago, and now you can choose to pay it now but you’re not mentally tough enough to do it, you just need some other meds that will help with the withdrawal. I know methadone withdrawal is probably the worst of all opioids tho so I’ll cut you some slack brother. High dose fentanyl/carfent is probably the only thing that a more hellish to detox from.

    • Complete garbage. Nobody forced you and people get off methadone all the time!!! I personally know people who have gotten off it, so please. Just because you are unable, does not mean that everyone is. I also know people that go to pain management, and they all still get their medications. Maybe your doctor feels that is whats best for your specific situation. Why would you continue to take something that had such a negative effect on your life and caused so many issues? There are other choices. Let me guess….you were forced? Complete bullshit. Methadone saved my life and many other peoples. There was no conspiracy to get you hooked on methadone! Get real!

    • You might not care what I say…. But you are WRONG! I am down to 40mg, stopped at 80mg. I have NO withdraw symptoms and actually feel great! And also, cause I take vitadone 3 times a day!! I also take MSM, cayenne peppeer, primrose, fish oil, omega 3 (about the same as fish oil) and I couldn’t have more energy and feel better !! So, I will say this 1st off… I am sry tht your doc did tht to you! No doctor should ever put anyone on methadone unless its a matter of life or death like it was for ME!! But, you can get off of it….i promise! You just have to be patient and want to do everything in your power to do so…. Mind over matter! Rem tht!
      Also, counseling is good too…. Cause when you are fucked up in the head and still having a sick mind you won’t get better even if off drugs or methadone!! You have to have a healthy mind to survive…. Trust me I know…
      And last but not least, don’t listen to everyone! What might NOT work for them MIGHT work for YOU!!!

  4. Now how does grapefruit juice enhance your methadone,when it’s stated that iron and vitamin c aren’t good with this product or methadone,confused.

      • It takes a simple search in a scholarly library or even google to find an ABUNDANCE of research and proof that this is, in fact, a true statement Will my Dude.

        Here is one source for you, I’m glad to answer any quiestions you have about it too, I’ve done a lot of research during my studies in college. I also took a lot of pharmacology.

        “Grapefruit juice enhances…”

    • Grapefruit juice alters the concentrations of many CYP3A substrates, which causes an enhancement of opiate effects and decreases the rate at which it leaves your body. Medications such as benzodiazepines and opioids say not to drink it, and it is because it synergizes greatly and can make you higher. Here is a scholarly article for you won’t take my word for it.

      “Grapefruit juice enhances the exposure to oral…”

  5. I was recommended this product by the best nurse at my clinic. I read the reviews and was also skeptical at first. This is my second try at the clinic after being ripped out by my parents and sent away to treatment and a halfway house in South Florida for 7 months. While I came back strong for two years, finished my MBA, and got in the best shape of my life, eventually I decided to move out, started working the night shift and eventually started hangingout with someone who moved to my home town tyo get away from a similar situation in Jersey, of course, lol. After discovering I had similar problems in the past he began begging me to find some opiates, long story short I eventually gave in after he gave me one free for helping him. After two weeks I was off to the races and decided I wasn’t going through the street hell and went back to my clinic. After gaining 100 lbs and having to move back home due to roommate and work drama, I got a better counsellor,who helped me get my adderrall and antianxiety medicine properly approved and therefore could pass my drug tests. I began talking to the nurses more and found 2 or 3 I really trusted and helped me with all my questions. My favorite told me first off after noticing my extreme weight gain that the liquid is full of sugar. And told me how to switch to tablets, which I had done the first time so the first time around I didn’t have the weight problems bc I switched bc someone said tablets were stronger, plus other non opioid drugs and work kept me very thin. but this time with no job, all the sugar in the syrup, and the resulting sugar cravings. plus my parents always feeding me and constantly having sweets, I went fro. 180-300lbs in less than a year. The nurse recommended trying vitadone, or nutidone, as it helped many before me with similar problems. After the first month, and switching back to tablets I really started noticing how much better I felt, no nausea, less cravings, more energy, no more night sweats, and probably the best result was becoming regular again. the added energy has helped me get back to the gym, stay comfortable, and as a result of being able to do so, I began turning fat into muscle, clean up my diet vastly, interact more with others better, think more clearly, and while I still weight around 285-290, I look more like a football player than a blob. I’m 5’10 So according to the, in my opinion, very inacurrrate or too basic, bmi Index, I should weigh about 175 to not be considered obese or even just over weight. I can really tell the difference now when I run out of vitadone, not a withdrawal, but a return of side effects from treatment. Also, I have gotten the mental dedication to begin decreasing by 10 mg a month and am down from 160mg, to 80mg, starting next week. So I am extremely glad I decidedto take the advice and learn that it does take about a month to really start helping. So give it a shot. I hope it helps you like it has me.

    • Honestly, even 180 May be a little heavy for your height my Dude. I’m not being a dick just being real with you homie 🙂 I want you to be healthy. My dad just turned 60 and is your height and very muscular and has had the exact same body since he was 18 at 160 lbs and he looks kinda exactly where he should be for his height. I’m almost 6’4 and I weigh 230 and even my BMI isn’t where I want it. I used to weight lift a lot and got pretty ripped and was 190 in great shape at this height and It looked just right. Im glad to see you’re doing so much better and in he right path bro! Keep it up duder!

    • Kenneth,
      Thanks for commenting your story!
      I am down to 40mg and I have yet to feel any diff. And I have been going down 5mg a WEEK every WEEK! And I feel great! And I have been taking my vitadone for about 8 months now. Plus I take other vitamins and supplements as well tht help my energy and body!!! I couldn’t feel better! And I always say also, what works for one or others may NOT work for some!
      I just wish ppl would stop calling others liars! And come to grips tht not everyone lies lol
      But, thank you! Have a great day.

  6. I was at methadone clinic yesterday, in Chicago we are finally getting some warmer weather. I was balling sweating and guy standing next to me has a sweater, pants, and winter hat says you should get on vitadone. Right away I’m like nah, I think it’s all bull… he says I’m not sweating? I bm everyday, etc etc. It’s been beneficial to me. Which is why I started doing some research. Now Internet full of garbage info these days, but I actually had a conversation with someone who I can plainly see is not having typical side effects. So finally I say well I’m on a really high dose, so that’s why maybe vitadone worKS for you. Turns out he was on 190mg of meth and I’m on 175mg. If I could get relief just from sweating alone, I would kiss the ground.

  7. I have a question more than I have a comment. My husband is a recovering addict. He just just celebrated 10 months clean! My husband is not on methadone but takes Suboxone. He has a serious problem with irregularity with bowel movements, with that said can he take vitadone to help? Anyone try it? He is in the process of coming off his meds and will soon step down.

  8. I would just like to say,
    Vitadone does work for ME!! Now, just cause it works for me, may NOT work for everyone…. I am down to 40mg methadone. And honestly, I don’t think I would feel this good if I wasn’t taking it! (Vitadone) I also take other vit and supplements but, I couldn’t feel better! Hardly sweating at all now, no sweet cravings , and going in a regular !! I love it! It’s NOT a placebo , it actually works for a lot of ppl… I suggest, try it… What have you got to lose…. Really?? If it doesn’t work stop taking it. If it does, good! Hope everyone can find what works for them…. But, don’t call ppl liars or idiots just cause it hasn’t worked for you!!
    Thanks, Liszt

    • I actually think that a lot of people who claim that Vitadone doesn’t work, or/and criticize people for believing it does (even discounting their experience as placebo), have never actually tried it. Not everybody, but many. I just started taking it and I was honestly pretty convinced that it was wishful thinking and that I was an idiot for even hoping it would help. The only thing is, it is helping. Dramatically. I mean, I can’t actually PROVE that it isn’t the placebo, but you are either sweating excessively or you are not. I was always sweating excessively and am now not sweating excessively. I was hopelessly addicted to sugar, particularly ice cream, which I rarely ate and never had cravings for before methadone, now gone. Like, the cravings were uncontrollable. I was eating a bucket of ice cream a day and couldn’t stop! Madness! Now, all of a sudden. Nothing! No cravings. So, that’s a pretty strong placebo effect. I mean, I could go days and days with no bowel movement (sorry, gross I know, but it makes my point) I am now going at least once a day, sometimes more. It changed within a couple days of starting Vitadone. So, believe what you want. You are either pooping or you’re not pooping. If it is placebo, I’ll take it. However, such strong physically obvious and drastic changes to bodily functions that are evident to more that just the person experiencing them, in my opinion is evidence that what you are taking is actually working. Either way, I’ll take placebo and bowel movements over smug, arrogant, pseudo-intellectual belittling of people as stupid for believing that their experiences are real and constipation any day. Peace!

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