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Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide WebsiteIn an attempt to bring you the latest and greatest information about heroin addiction, recovery and various treatment options including recommended, state of the art inpatient addiction treatment centers, we’ve been working with our website developer to make some changes.  Most of the changes are pretty self-explanatory however, we thought it’d be important to inform you.  In addition, we feature other important community related news and updates including how to easily find a prescreened drug rehab facility, new NAATC members, etc.

Making the Website Header Static

The Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide header is now static to make accessing some of the most important features of the website easier no matter where you are on the website.  This includes our popular heroin addiction & recovery discussion forum, our blog/news and our list of prescreened drug rehabs.  On the mobile version, we’ve shortened the heading so that all relevant menus, sub-menus and links can be found in the grid menu towards the top left hand corner of the screen.  The menu is also static on mobile devices making it easier to navigate.

Adding a Search Feature

Mobile Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide

A search feature has now been added and is also easily accessible on both the website and mobile device version of the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide website.  On the mobile, simply click the magnifying glass on the right hand side of the static header and a search bar will extend outwards.  Searching for something specific?  Simply type the word or phrase you are looking for.  If you are looking for an exact phrase be sure to wrap what you are looking for in quotes ” “.

Note: discussion forum topic searches will not appear in the results page on normal website searches.  To search out a discussion topic, post or comments on our free heroin addiction forum, visit the forum search feature.  You can find the forum search feature on the forum home page ( with the text in blue “Search This Forum”.

Complete Drop Down Menu on Mobile

Previously, the mobile version contained two menus.  The “grid” menu showed only a select few items and then the circular menu items featured the remaining sub-menus/links.  And while this looks great on the website, it wasn’t overly convenient on the mobile version.  Thus, our new mobile menu features all relevant menu items in the grid menu and the circular menu items only appear on the website.  As a result it’s not only easier to navigate the website on a mobile device, but it’s easier to see which page you are on without having to scroll down.

Prescreened Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center Drop Down Boxes

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Mobile Menu width=For your convenience, we’ve added an easy way to find a prescreened drug rehab center on every page.  Two drop down boxes, one featuring recommended addiction treatment centers by name in alphabetical order and the other featuring prescreened drug rehabs by state will appear below the header on every page on both a computer and a mobile device.  On our heroin addiction forum, the “Find a Drug Rehab” featuring the two drop down boxes will appear on the right hand sidebar.

The Addition of the NAATC Logo

Recommended drug rehab centers who have also been approved for NAATC (National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers) membership will show the NAATC logo on their profile.  The NAATC logo also appears in the footer of our website to showcase our partnership.  The NAATC website is still under production but will be available in a month or so.  Stay tuned.

Our Newest Recommended Sponsor

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide welcomes its newest recommended sponsor “Liquid Recovery Nutrition, LLC” featuring all-natural products (LiQcovery) that help repair the body from years of drug use and abuse.  Blake Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder impressed us with his sincerity and his fact-based website and information.  You’ll find no false claims or misleading marketing statements on their website.  They don’t tout their products as a “cure” or even a “treatment” for addiction.  They also list and describe every ingredient in each product so you can see for yourself that their claims are true to its ingredients.  View the official press release at “LiQcovery – Increased Energy, Health and Wellness for Recovering Addicts

We’ve made it very clear from the beginning that we will only ever promote and recommend addiction treatment centers, companies, programs and products that we feel are working on behalf of the addict and their best interest.  Liquid Recovery Nutrition fits the bill and thus, is our newest recommended Sponsor

National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)NAATC Members and Recommended Addiction Treatment Centers

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and the NAATC welcomes the following exceptional addiction treatment centers for their excellent reputation and dedicated and caring staff who work overtime to help each person suffering from addiction one on one.  This includes Foundations Wellness Center, Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center and Reliance Treatment Center.  To learn more about each excellent drug rehab facility, click on the links.  View our high standards for recommendation.

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