LiQcovery Scam or Legitimate Product? William’s Personal Product Review

LiQcovery Scam or Legitimate Product?Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide was previously contacted by a gentleman in recovery named Blake Cohen. He is the owner and co-founder of the company Liquid Recovery Nutrition, LLC and the all-natural liquid supplement LiQcovery.  Blake was very interested in potentially working together and asked if we could help him get the word out about his product.  However, as a natural skeptic, I was quite reluctant at first because regrettably there are a number of unethical people and businesses out there attempting to exploit people’s weaknesses by selling “snake oil” type products that boast big claims but never deliver.  Many of these lotion and potion type products result only in a reduced bank account and waste of time.  However, in the interest of being thorough, I told Blake that I would take a look at his website and research his product LiQcovery.

Is LiQcovery a Scam? What They Claim Vs. Reality

I expected the LiQcovery website to contain a number of bold claims and catchphrases that promise to cure addiction or make recovery simple, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that no such claims existed.  They do however, claim that their products are “scientifically proven”.  To test that claim, more research and investigation was required.  To my pleasant surprise, not only were the ingredients of both the LiQcovery AM and PM formulas listed, but a brief description of each was provided.  After investigating the claims of each ingredient on their website (many of which I’ve heard of and knew about), all the statements checked out.  Thus, I’m pleased to say that LiQcovery makes true statements based on scientific research and thus, LiQcovery is NOT a scam.

Our Findings on LiQcovery

LiQcovery recovery productsThe LiQcovery AM formula includes vitamins, nutrients and minerals that promote overall health and wellness and naturally produces increased energy (unlike caffeinated and sugary based drinks like Monster and Red-Bull that provides a brief burst of energy before you crash).  The LiQcovery PM formula includes ingredients that promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep.  Sleep deprivation is very common for many in recovery and in active addiction.  Without a good nights sleep, the body and mind is easily fatigued and can’t function properly.  Thus, LiQcovery PM is an important counterpart to the AM formula.  For a comprehensive list and description of ingredients, click on the corresponding links.  But don’t just take our word for it, feel free to research the claims and the ingredients yourself.

Liquid Recovery Nutrition Has Become Our Sponsor

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is very serious about only recommending addiction treatment centers, products, services and programs that we genuinely believe in.  Those we recommend must put helping people who suffer from addiction and/or are in recovery first above making money.  KTHEN recommended sponsors must be very passionate, educated and dedicated to recovery both personally and professionally.  Thus, after investigating LiQcovery, Blake’s company Liquid Recovery Nutrition and speaking to him personally for hours, I feel very confident that Blake is very genuine and sincere and has formulated an excellent product that can aid one’s recovery by promoting the body’s overall health and wellness.  Thus, Liquid Recovery Nutrition and their all-natural liquid LiQcovery AM and PM formulas are recommended by our community.

Trust but Verify: William’s Personal Product Review

Everything looks and sounds good in theory, but as they say, seeing is believing.  How can I stand behind a product that I’ve never tried and while the ingredients are scientifically proven to promote increased energy, relaxation, health and wellness, I wanted to try the product for myself.  On 9/4/2016, I received both the LiQcovery AM and PM formula and shared what I knew about the product and my experience on our heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum on a topic called “LiQcovery Product Review“.  At that time, I only just tried the AM formula but I had no results to share at the time.  Now, having used both products for over a week, I have some information to share.

William’s LiQcovery AM Formula Product Review

LiQcovery AM FormulaThe LiQcovery AM formula mixes very nice with water.  It takes only a single scoop of the orange juice flavored powder with 8 Oz of water to make a nice, refreshing health drink that both tastes great and promotes increased energy.  In my experience, the effect is cumulative.  I didn’t experience a sudden burst of energy I do when I drink a sugary, caffeinated “energy” beverage like Monster or Red-Bull however, I didn’t crash either.  Instead, after a few days of drinking just one LiQcovery AM formula per day, I felt more naturally energized, could focus on my work for a prolonged period of time and actually looked forward to making myself a LiQcovery health drink each morning.  it is said that it’s used best in between meals to avoid any indigestion so I typically take mine after breakfast.

Personally, I like to mix my LiQcovery health drink and put in in the refrigerator for an hour to make it extra cold. That way, the LiQcovery AM formula tastes very similar to a nice cold orange juice and it’s something I now look forward to drinking every morning.  And the fact that it provides me with a nice prolonged boost during the day which helps me focus on my work is a nice bonus :-).

William’s LiQcovery PM Formula Product Review

LiQcovery PM FormulaThe LiQcovery PM formula tastes great.  It’s a very naturally sweet tropical punch flavor that’s mixed the same way and with the same ease as the LiQcovery AM formula.  The PM formula goes down easy and tastes so good that I sometimes add a little extra formula and water so I have more to drink.   Overall, the LiQcovery PM formula mixes quite well however, one of the ingredients (L-Tryptophan) isn’t as water soluble as everything else leaving a hint of unmixed ingredient at the bottom.  In my opinion, this is minimal an doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the drink.  Being a health nut (I was always into health and fitness before my heroin addiction and I am now getting it back), I want to make sure I get every last bit of ingredient.  After all, L-Tryptophan is an important ingredient that promotes sleep and fights against depression.  Thus, I typically just leave a little of the drink left at the bottom, mix it around real quick and then drink the last bit so that I get all the remaining L-Tryptophan at the bottom.

How to Buy LiQcovery

You can purchase LiQcovery right through their website.  We suggest buying both the LiQcovery AM and PM formula, but each can be bought individually.  For instance, if you are having trouble sleeping and want to try the LiQcovery PM solution, that’s fine.  However, if you buy both together, it’s not only less expensive, but it also comes with a convenient plastic thermos with measuring capabilities.

Also, just by being a member or visitor of our community, you can obtain an additional 10% off by using coupon code “KTHEN”.

Buy the LiQcovery AM Formula ($39.99 or $35.99 with 10% coupon)

Buy the LiQcovery PM Formula ($39.99 or $35.99 with 10% coupon)

Buy the LiQcovery AM PM Combo Set ($74.99 or $67.49 with 10% coupon)

Buy the LiQcovery AM PM Combo Set 2 Month Supply ($144.99 or $130.49 with 10% coupon)

Buy the LiQcovery AM PM Combo Set 3 Month Supply ($206.99 or $186.29 with 10% coupon)


LiQcovery is not an addiction cure nor is it designed to replace medicine assisted treatment or any other method of recovery.  Instead, LiQcovery makes an excellent aid in repairing your body from long term damage done by using heroin, opiates and/or other drugs for years.  In my opinion, LiQcovery can help increase your overall health by its nutritional value alone and with a better night’s sleep, you’ll be able to handle stress and every day life a lot easier, not to mention the increased energy you’ll have to take care of your responsibilities with greater ease.  In my opinion, LiQcovery is an excellent addition to a healthy diet, even for those who’ve never used drugs.

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