Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation? Revitalizing Health and Wellness From Effects of Heroin Addiction

There’s honestly nothing worse than waking up after a broken night’s “rest” and feeling tired and groggy all day long with little to no energy to do anything productive. Sleep deprivation and insomnia is very common in men and women who suffer from addiction. Couple that with a lack of proper nutrition and damage to the body from long term heroin use, a heroin addict’s health and wellness are highly deficient. Drug and heroin use in particular robs the body of vital nutrients and those who suffer from addiction typically don’t replenish it by eating hardly at all let alone eating healthy foods. So those who finally harness the strength necessary to conquer and beat heroin addiction are not only working to fight against a cognitive compulsion and ubiquitous connection to their drug of choice, but need to refuel and revitalize their body from the nutrient and vitamin deficiencies from long term drug and/or heroin abuse.

Revitalizing the Body’s Health and Wellness

How well one functions during the day is always linked to the quantity and quality of sleep one gets and nutritional intake and absorption.  Both are equally important and require attention.  No matter how busy one becomes, scheduling time to eat a balanced and nutritious meal 3 times a day and at least 8 hours at night for sleep is crucial to one’s overall health and well-being.  Below are some important tips that will help with both.

Eating Healthy

Eating HealthyA recovering addict’s appetite may take some time to return to normal.  In the meantime however, it’s important to schedule time to eat 3 healthy meals a day and get the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to begin to repair itself.  .

Nutritious foods fall into 4 major food categories: meat, dairy, bread and fruits/vegetables.  Each food item contains calories broken down by proteins, carbohydrates (which includes sugars) and fats.  All of these are important but must be consumed in moderation.   Be careful of fad diets and other unhealthy trends that may result in temporary weight loss but at the expense of giving your body the nutrition it needs to sustain an overall healthy lifestyle.   Consuming a balance of each of the 4 major food groups is also important.  But be careful not to consume too many simple sugars or fats (especially saturated and trans fats).

Read “3 Diet and Nutritional Tips for Recovery Addicts” by Reliance Treatment Center, one of our recommended drug rehab facilities

LiQcovery All Natural Supplement and Health Drink

LiQcovery recovery products

LiQcovery, an all natural powdered drink mix engineered by the experts at Liquid Recovery Nutrition, LLC can be a valuable supplement that aids in the delivering of many important vitamins, nutrients and minerals that repair the body and increase energy during the day and promote a good night’s “brokenness” sleep and beat insomnia at night.  William, publisher and founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide personally swears by it and uses it daily to promote increased energy by day and a good night’s sleep by night.

The LiQcovery AM and PM formulas are scientifically formulated to deliver a proper balance of several vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help repair the body from being broken down by years of drug use and promote overall health and wellness.  Read William’s product review by visiting “LiQcovery Scam or Legitimate Product? William’s Product Review“.  See also “LiQcovery – Increased Energy, Health and Wellness For Recovering Addicts” for more information.

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Battling Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia and sleep deprivationAddiction Counselors often emphasize the importance of sleep in recovery.  Sleep helps the body, mind and spirit get the rest it needs to be able to function optimally during the day. Unfortunately, recovering addicts often have a hard time falling and staying asleep and/or suffer from insomnia, in many cases because long-term drug use messes with the mind’s and body’s natural balance (homeostasis.  This makes falling and staying asleep more difficult to achieve and/or produces insomnia.

The LiQcovery PM formula not only helps you fall and stay asleep at night, but it delivers vitamin’s, nutrients and minerals to the body that promotes long-term, lasting health and wellness.  Unlike sleep aids or energy drinks that provide quick bursts of energy and/or induce sleep for one night, the effects of LiQcovery are cumulative, enabling the body and mind to acquire and sustain balance (homeostasis), conquering insomnia.

The cumulative effect of LiQcovery aids in naturally increased energy by day and a natural ability to fall asleep without any assistance.  As the body and mind become healthier, recovering addicts will have an easier time functioning during the day and falling asleep at night, beating insomnia without any additional assistance, that is, assuming the continuation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating well, exercising and sleeping approximately 8 hours each night.  LiQcovery can help to accomplish this with long term use.

The importance of Regular Exercise

Exercise and YogaNothing gets the body going like exercise.  But the very term “exercise” if often daunting as the imagery of spandex clad wearing women and muscle shirt wearing men grunting at the gym or a workout center fills your head.  But exercise doesn’t have to include tube tops, ultra thin spandex shorts and paying absorbent amounts of money for a gym membership.  Even just going for a nice long walk outside or doing something active with family or friends can be all the exercise your body needs.  However, like scheduling a time to eat and sleep, it’s important to schedule time to exercise.  For those who enjoy the gym environment, getting back into a regular routine of going and working out is important.  For those who prefer something more private, finding and engaging in active hobbies / activities alone or with a friend or two can enhance your overall health, energy and lifestyle.

The LiQcovery AM formula also makes a great pre-workout drink as it provides the body with naturally increased energy and motivation to engage in active hobbies or gym workouts.

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Part of recovering is working to repair your body’s overall health and wellness.  This includes eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising regularly.  LiQcovery doesn’t replace any of these items but can aid in all 3 crucial activities that promote the body’s overall health and wellness.  We strongly recommend employing the above strategies, which we believe will make recovery easier, more fun and full of energy.

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William – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™
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