Is There a Cure for Addiction?

Addiction is a Disease of the BrainAddiction has been declared a disease by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the United States Surgeon General.  Today, most legitimate medical organizations and associations consider addiction a disease of the brain.  Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide has written a number of articles about addiction including Proof that Addiction is a Disease and How it Affects the Brain and Addiction Vs. Using Drugs: Why Addicts Can’t Just Stop Using Drugs.  To read more articles, simply use the “search” feature in the header.

No matter which way you slice it, nobody chooses to become an addict and addiction is not the same as the act of using drugs.  People choose to use drugs for a number of reasons.  Some hate their lives and are looking for something better.  Others are just looking to get “high”.  Others are going through traumatic stress or grieving a loss.  But one thing they all have in common is this: they all try using drugs because they want to feel better than they do.  Drugs like heroin and others can provide that for awhile, but after only a short time, you become dependent on it and after just a single use, if you have a genetic predisposition, you can become addicted to it,  See “Addiction Vs. Dependence: What is the Difference?

So if addiction is a disease that starts with the choice to do drugs, is there a cure for addiction?  If so, what is it?

Addiction is a Disease, Deal With It

Addiction is a DiseaseYes, all addiction starts with a choice. The same damn choice you made when you were young and hanging out with friends.  You drank the same beer I drank. The same pot I smoked. You even tried the same line of white stuff someone put in front of you at a party.  You were able to walk away and not take it to the extreme.

Since I have the disease, I will spend the rest of my life either struggling to stay high or fighting to stay clean.  As children we don’t decide we would rather be an addict instead of a cop.  You don’t see children pretending that their dolls and stuffed animals are dope sick. When is the last time you talked to a little girl that told you she couldn’t wait to grow up so she could turn tricks to feed the insatiable hunger of her drug addiction?

My best friend didn’t tell me about exciting plans to become homeless. My Dad, not one time, told my Mother to think twice before marrying him because he had high hopes of becoming an angry drunk.  My sister in law didn’t blow out her candles as a child wishing for a S.A.D. ( Substance Abuse Disorder ) because she couldn’t wait for the day her children were taken into foster care.

Nobody WANTS to have Substance Abuse Disorder.  Some of us just do. So always remember –


If you still have doubts you can take those up with the Center for Disease Control (CDC ) or the United States Surgeon General. Since they have classified addiction as a disease, but then again I am sure you know more about it than they do, right.

Recovery is the “Cure” for Addiction

Cure for AddictionNo, there is no actual cure…at least not one that makes addiction go away forever.  Dependence to a drug can be eliminated as tolerance decreases and the brain’s and body’s natural homeostasis is restored.  However, addiction has “muscle memory” and lives within all recovering addicts waiting for a chance to break free.  That’s why people declare themselves as a “recovering addict” and not a “recovered addict”.

Recovery however, is the antithesis of addiction and a way for someone with the disease of addiction to live a clean, sober and “normal” life free from drugs and any mind altering substance.  It’s also a chance to reinvent yourself and become the person you’ve always wanted to be and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

So while there is no actual cure for addiction, being in recovery means having the desire to put the drugs down, putting in the hard work to keep them down and persevering even in the midst of difficult times.  But recovery isn’t just about hard work.  It’s about learning who you are, what makes you tick and learning to feed legitimate longings with healthy people, places, things and activities that you care and are passionate about.

An Addict Only Has Two Choices

Someone with the disease of addiction only has two choices….to live in active addiction or to live in active recovery.  “Normies” (people who don’t suffer from addiction) may be able to have the occasional drink without becoming an alcoholic however, for someone with a genetic predisposition to addiction…if alcohol touches the pleasure center in a powerful enough way, alcohol becomes the “object of addiction” for that person.  Anyone who becomes addicted to a mind-altering substance can be said to suffer from substance use disorder or (SUD).

But recovery starts when the substance use and abuse stops.  Recovering from addiction is hard work and it may even “feel” impossible.  But it’s not.  It can be done and the many men and women who’ve shared their “Drug Addiction and Recovery Stories” on our free heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum and Facebook page are living proof.

Whether you are still suffering from addiction or living in active recovery, you are encouraged to share your story, ask your questions or get help by posting on our free forum.  You are also encouraged to contact us if you need or want immediate treatment.  See the addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities we recommend.  There is treatment and there is help, don’t let your disease of addiction control you.

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