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The Well Recovery CenterThe Well Recovery Center is a small, charming drug rehab and addiction treatment center facility about 3 miles from the beach front at Huntington Beach in Orange County, California.  The Well Recovery Center is easily reminiscent of a beautifully decorated, country-like bed and breakfast you’d check into for a relaxing, extended weekend get away vacation.  What’s more, The Well Recovery Center was established and ran by two very caring and dedicated women whose experience is only second to their compassion.  Thus, we are pleased to announce that The Well Recovery Center of Huntington Beach, California has been approved for recommendation by Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and for elite membership in the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC).

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide recommends addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities based on high standards set forth by recovering addicts and other professionals in the field.  Many people are impressed and mesmerized by decadent, luxurious hotel like resort type addiction treatment centers / drug rehab facilities. And while luxury is great, the quality of treatment and care one receives has a lot more to do with the dedication, experience and compassion of each staff member and individualized care each guest receives than whether or not the couch you are sitting on costs tens of thousands of dollars. Decadence is impressive to look at, but it often comes with a hefty price tag.

The Well Recovery CenterThus, how luxurious and rich looking a treatment center is not one of the criteria we use to select and approve addiction treatment centers for recommendation. The only requirement we have about the aesthetics of a drug addiction treatment facility is that it must be clean and safe. The Well Recovery Center however, is quite charming and definitely goes above and beyond.  The facility is very beautifully decorated and reminds us of a cozy, inviting bed and breakfast highly coveted for a relaxing weekend vacation getaway.

Since Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is ran by recovering addicts, we are very serious about recommending only drug rehab treatment facilities that we ourselves would feel comfortable checking into and/or sending our family members to.  We want to feel confident that men and women suffering from addiction are getting the individualized care and specialized addiction treatment therapy they want, need and deserve to spring forward into lasting life-long recovery.

How Did You Hear About The Well Recovery Center?

Our popular online recovery community reaches over 1 million people every month.  Thus, we get input from a multitude of people about various addiction treatment centers including former guests/patients, other well respected professionals in the field of addiction and recovery, addiction counselors, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, etc.  Someone we know and respect suggested that William, Founder and Publisher of this community consider including the Well Recovery Center on our recommendation list and gave them an outstanding review.  As a result, William began his investigation and quickly found Polly McCormick, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development.  William liked Polly from the start and could hear the passion and enthusiasm for helping addicts in her voice.  After 23 years in the profession, when the fire starts burning out for many in the profession, it was clearly evident that Polly’s passion is still a blazing wildfire…and its contagious!

More About the Well Recovery Center of Huntington Beach, California

The Well Recovery CenterThe Well Recovery Center is a great place to jump start your recovery.  It’s just about 3 miles from the beach-front and those who are locals or who visit Huntington Beach often become avid surfers.  Addiction Treatment Centers like the Well Recovery Center give people a chance to get away from “the real world” and much like a vacation promotes relaxation. renews the mind and spirit and prepares you to get back to work with a positive attitude, vacation style drug rehab facilities like the Well Recovery Center give men and women suffering from addiction a fresh new start and prepares them for life by teaching them life skills and coping strategies that make dealing with stress and trauma just a little easier.

The Well Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis facility that promotes healing and wellness for people with substance-abuse and mental health related issues.  They provide non-medical detox and holistic treatment that prepares the mind, body and soul for the next stage of life when they leave.  Other services include intervention help, couples therapy, SMART Recovery, 12 Step Program, Brain Restoration and the NAD Patch (a superior method of delivering nutrients and vitamins to the body) etc.  To learn more, visit The Well Recovery’s recommendation profile.

Leaving The Well Recovery Center will likely be bittersweet, much like going home after a beautiful and relaxing vacation.  But the memory of being their guest will help propel you into the next phase of recovery as long as you’re willing to continue the hard work and dedication you started during your stay at the center.

The Well Recovery Center is Couples and Pet Friendly

The Well Recovery CenterOne of the most original and fascinating aspects of The Well Recovery Center is that the facility is couples and pet friendly.  The center provides a unique and exciting opportunity for couples to jumpstart their recovery together.  And don’t forget to bring your family dog or cat that you wouldn’t otherwise know what to do with.  Knowing your pet dog, cat, etc. is safe and there with you will likely reduce the amount of stress you are under especially if you are a dog lover like William and make them part of the family.

For those in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California and beyond, we highly recommend that you consider and consult with The Well Recovery Center for your treatment and recovery needs.  Click here for a free online virtual consult.

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