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halloween-sobriety-kill-the-heroin-epidemic-nationwideHalloween is a fun holiday for both children and adults.  But while children are innocently trick-or-treating around safe neighborhoods filling bags and pillow-cases with “all you can eat” candy, many adults “party” and indulge in drug and alcohol use.  Thus, Halloween can be a spooky time, not because of the ghouls and goblins lurking around your neighborhood, but because the grim reaper is at the door waiting to take the next heroin overdose death victim to the other side.

Waters Edge Recovery is a joint commission accredited addiction treatment center and an elite member of the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers.  Moreover, they are highly recommended on Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™.  Below, Waters Edge Recovery of Stuart, Florida provides safety tips and life-saving strategies to enjoy Halloween, clean and sober.

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5 Awesome Tips for surviving Halloween and the holiday season – Waters Edge Recovery


Fall is upon us and the holiday season has begun. Holidays can be a risky time for people who are newly sober. Statistics show that as many as 50 percent of people in recovery experience at least one relapse. For many people, relapses can be triggered by family functions where alcohol is being consumed, making holidays stressful.

On Halloween, you may be faced with the stress of being around people who are drinking at events that you are expected to attend, such as neighborhood parties. The stress of being around people you’d rather not be around could cause you to join them in their substance use.

Here are some tips for enjoying a sober Halloween:

halloween-sobriety-waters-edge-recoveryHit a 12 step meeting to lay a strong foundation for the coming day. You can attend any Open meeting if you do not considering yourself a 12-step program member. To find live meetings in your area go to www.aa.org. You can also attend online meetings at www.e-aa.org.

Start your own tradition! There are always plenty of other things to do besides drinking; tour a haunted mansion or graveyards or maybe a hay ride at the local farm.

Better yet, throw your own Halloween costume party! You can invite all your sober friends who I am sure are also looking for something fun to do sober.

Surround yourself with sober friends. Having a friend that is aware and supportive of your decision is like having an additional safety net. Also, what holiday gathering isn’t more fun with a friendly face?

Don’t suffer in silence. Above all, please remember that the holidays should be a time to celebrate with family and friends. If you’re having a bad day and feeling insecure, tempted to drink alcohol or just depressed, there’s always help available. If you can’t reach a friend or a sober peer, call your local recovery hotline, head to a meeting or visit www.watersedgerecovery.com

It’s just one day. No matter how you feel about Halloween or any other holiday, remember that it is just one day. You can get through it.



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