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headhunters, bribes and lack of ethics at addiction treatment centersAre you considering addiction treatment? Be careful. Residential treatment is great. But the experience, skill and compassion of staff members that work for each drug rehab facility varies. Regrettably, many men and women looking for help and treatment have been treated horribly at some less than reputable residential addiction treatment centers. And if you live in Florida: Watch out! Vultures referred to as headhunters at some less than reputable clinics are literally bribing homeless people (whether they have a drug problem or not) with cell phones, petty cash and other semi-valuable trinkets to go to their facility. And here’s the worst part. If they don’t already have drugs in their system, head hunters will give them extra cash to go buy and take drugs so they test “hot” or positive so they can be admitted.

In Florida and other places as well, head hunters get big bucks, literally thousands of dollars for finding and admitting “patients” into their drug rehab facility. These “kickbacks”, often referred to as bonuses or commissions serve only to drive prices up at drug rehab treatment centers, making it more difficult for the average person without private insurance to get the help they want, need and deserve. So what do those who really need help do to avoid unethical drug rehab facilities? And how do you know that you’ve truly selected one of the “good guys”?  Below, learn how to avoid scams and how our organization is setting standards for addiction treatment centers ultra-high.

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Sets the Bar High For Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Centers

addiction treatment centersKill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is a consumer organization and patient community ran by and for recovering addicts. Their overshadowing philosophy that “addicts lives matter” puts the needs of men and women suffering from addiction ahead of financial gain. Thus, only

addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities that meet their high standards are approved for recommendation by this organization.

The online recovery community as a whole has been publicly demanding a “patient first” mentality and better treatment. Seeing the problems with the current system, Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, coupled with the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC) pioneered a new and better way to help addicts get the best treatment. By prescreening and then only recommending exceptional and ethical treatment providers at a nominal flat monthly rate, only the best drug rehab facilities are presented while costs for patients are significantly reduced. This new model is the wave of the future and in time, addiction treatment & drug rehab centers that really shine will stay in the spotlight, unethical ones will fall and those who need help and treatment will know which treatment centers are safe, clean and truly working in their best interest.

William, Founder and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers has already received some “hate mail” from headhunters and others in the profession who work on commission. Messages such as “your model will never work”, “come work for us and make big commission” and “please tell me more about your standards for recommendation” only serve to inspire William to continue with his mission. Those who are threatened will always try to knock those who are onto something big down.

Keeping Standards High and Getting the Best Treatment

Harvard universityWilliam compares Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide (KTHEN) and the NAATC to an Ivy League University. For example, Harvard only accepts the best and brightest students based on high standards such as exceptional SAT scores, an ultra-high GPA, extracurricular activities, etc. Students who choose to enroll pay tuition to pay teachers, faculty and to keep the educational facility running at an exceptional level. Similarly, KTHEN and the NAATC only approve top drug rehab facilities based on ultra-high standards. Only a handful of drug rehab facilities are invited to become members. Those that accept pay a nominal, flat sponsorship fee to keep the online community running.

But when compared to the kinds of kickbacks (or “commissions” / “bonuses”) headhunters and other referral type organizations obtain per client, KTHEN and NAATC membership fees are minimal and remain a flat monthly constant – even when treatment center members acquire a multitude of patients by being recommended.
Once this model takes completely over, those seeking help will know where to go for the best treatment and costs will be driven down as there will be no more need to pay headhunters or referral companies exorbitant kickbacks per head.

Does Your Drug Rehab Facility Meet the Demanding Standards of KTHEN and the NAATC?

How much money a drug rehab addiction treatment center is willing to spend for membership is not a criteria for KTHEN and NAATC membership and sponsorship. In fact a few treatment providers that William felt were not up to the organization’s high standards were rejected and denied NAATC membership and a Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide recommendation. But William prefers to focus on those who do meet their high standards and doesn’t publicize the ones that don’t.
KTHEN and the NAATC has only been around since May of 2016 and thus, they are still growing and working to find and cultivate relationships with exceptional treatment centers. But KTHEN and the NAATC have already become big names in only a short period of time and with the help of their dedicated staff, will only continue to grow and become more prominent in the coming months and years.

Join the Patient Movement for Recovery Advocates and Exceptional Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

80,000 followers on Facebook Kill the Heroin Epidemic NationwideKill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers invite anyone affected by and/or interested in the topic of the heroin epidemic, addiction and recovery to join our free Heroin Addiction & Recovery Discussion Forum. Their forum provides the online recovery community with a place to share their stories, experiences and treatment center reviews. It is a place to research consumer reviews and get support and information. Their heroin addiction news / blog is also regularly updated with educational content. With over 81,000 followers (as of 11/12/2016) on Facebook and a reach of over 1.25 million people every month, KTHEN and the NAATC are becoming recognized as one of the biggest online recovery communities in the United States.

Other Organizations That Keep Standards High

KTHEN and the NAATC aren’t the only organizations that set high standards however, they are the only ones that possess a large patient community and following online. KTHEN and the NAATC also recognize SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) and the Joint Commission Accreditation (JAHCO). KTHEN and the NAATC are thankful for these other organizations that work hard to educate and keep standards for treatment centers high.

Like minded organizations who would like to work with Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers in raising the bar for treatment centers are welcome and encouraged to contact us at the email addresses listed below.

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William – Founder and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™
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