How a Stay at Home Mom Became a Heroin Dealer – Part 2

Sad mother childrenThe below is the second part of Sarah’s story of how she went from a stay at home mom to becoming a heroin dealer.   Before reading Part 2, we strongly recommend reading the first part.  See “How a Stay at Home Mom Became a Heroin Dealer – Part 1“.

This is a story that includes her past.  Today, Sarah deeply regrets ever getting involved in using and dealing heroin.  Those who suffer from addiction and/or are familiar with it know that an addict will do just about anything to feed their disease.  Heroin addiction is a very expensive habit.

Sarah is now in long-term recovery and hasn’t been a heroin dealer for a long time.  She now gives back as a member of this community by working to spread awareness and encourage men and women in recovery.  Sharing her personal story, especially one of this magnitude takes a lot of courage, especially considering how many people despise drug and heroin dealers.   So while this particular article may invoke some strong emotions, we ask that you remember that this was in the past and Sarah has made restitution for her heroin dealing days.  Please be respectful in your comments.

How a Stay at Home Mom Became a Heroin Dealer – Part 2

William, founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic NationwideAs Adam’s consent to get my hands dirty sunk into my brain, I didn’t know what to do with myself. He always wanted to keep me separate from the heroin dealing lifestyle.  So when I approached him with my request, I expected him to fight me.  But he didn’t. I should’ve saw that as a red flag to what could and would become of me by becoming a heroin dealer.  But I didn’t.  For some foolish reason, I felt pride, and pride should not have been even a thought on my brain at all. Shame, horror and anger maybe.  But pride?  Not so much.

Absentmindedly, I drifted over to the side of the bed that I usually sat at and slowly slid down onto the bed. I was replaying the conversation in my mind, analyzing it in order to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I was also wondering if maybe this was a joke on Adam’s behalf but I couldn’t think of any statement he made hat would actually negate the full effects of the title I had just acquired. I was now a heroin dealer, and boy was I in for a rough one.

My Journey as a Heroin Dealer Begins

recovery is possibleAfter sitting there quietly, processing the conversation I had with Adam for quite some time, he started to give me the run down on things I would and would not do. I nodded and agreed silently while I waited for him to finish telling me things I had already picked up on while I had watched him prior to becoming a heroin dealer.  I have always been one to sit back and watch, and I am easily insulted when people assume I don’t know things. This was the first time I actually just sat and listened versus refuting anything he said.

Once he finished his lecture and drug dealing speech, he asked if I had any questions and I shook my head no. He then pulled the safe out so we could get our mind right.  But I focused my attention to the television while I replayed the entire conversation in my mind.  I wanted to make sure I understood.  I didn’t want to give Adam a single reason to cut me loose, pick a fight with me or tell me that he told me so in regards to the heroin dealer business. Adam’s voice called my name and that snapped me out of my thought process.

My pencil box was where I kept all of my paraphernalia that I used in order to “get right”. Literally, it was a plastic pencil box that had a lid on it. The contents were the things I used in order to snort heroin, and when I wanted to partake in my usual activities, I would scrape the residue off the bottom. This kept me from having to ask Adam for any additional dope, which in turn kept us from arguing about how much heroin I was using.

As I prepared to use, Adam’s phone rang and he glanced at the screen while he was searching for a spot to shoot his heroin.  He told me that I should take the call and went back to what he was doing. I was confused for a moment, then realized what he meant.  I grabbed his phone and looked at the caller ID. I knew the female who was calling, even though all the contacts saved in the phone were based off of nicknames or street names.

When I answered, she sounded somewhat thrown off. It brought a smile to my face because I realized that this was going to be a regular sound in the voices of females we catered to, since they were used to dealing with Adam only. The female tried to make small talk, I can only assume because she wasn’t aware of the new title I held.  After a minute or so, I cut her off and asked what she needed.

The moment the business barrier was broached, her tone changed and she placed her order.  As I weighed out the amount she requested, Adam cleared his throat. I looked over at him, with my eyebrows raised and he shook his head.

Adam had a habit of weighing the orders with the bag, and it was a habit I would soon break. I knew why he was clearing his throat as a way of questioning what I was doing. I explained to him that we would do much better business as long as we stopped weighing in the bag and began giving our customers exactly what they were paying for. The prices we paid for our product definitely enabled us to do this, but Adam was greedy. He didn’t like it but he stopped arguing with me and I finished the task at hand. I then slipped my shoes on and grabbed the keys.

Taking the Children on a Heroin Dealing Run?

Sad mother childrenBy then, Adam was completely high. When he heard the keys jingle, his eyes opened and he asked if I was taking the kids with me. This was not something I had figured into the equation when I approached him about being in the business. I didn’t want to take the kids with me, for obvious reasons, but I also knew he was not in the mental capacity to be left alone with the kids. So I opted to take them with me and said I was going to stop off at the park on the way home.

After I loaded the kids in the car, I called the customer I was to meet and arranged to meet her at a park close to her house.  I drove straight to the park and was not in any way, shape, or form paranoid. To anyone looking, I was a mom with her kids in the car, headed to my destination.

We pulled up to the park and I unloaded the boys. As we headed towards the playground, I glanced at my phone and noticed I was ten minutes early. I liked that because in my previous dealing with heroin dealers, the time frame was always get to the agreed upon location and wait longer for them to finally show. I wanted to change that for my customers, and was happy with the early time.

The Customer Arrives

Drug DealerIt was another twenty minutes before she showed up and at that time, I was pushing my youngest on the swings. I called for my oldest to take over for a few minutes while I walked over to where my customer had taken a seat on the bench. As I headed towards her, I adjusted my bra from the top, a cover for me reaching into the “vault” and retrieving the heroin she was picking up.

I took a seat next to her and started chatting a little about random topics. I then pulled my cigarettes out and retrieved the last one from the pack as I dropped the package into the bottom of the cigarette pack. I then handed her the pack and she looked at me in question, but I made sure she took it. It took a minute but she grasped the concept and deposited the pack into her purse. She then reached into her pocket and grabbed her phone and activated the screen. After a few swipes, she leaned over to show me her phone and on top of the screen was the money she owed me.

Again, I caught myself grinning at the ease of the transaction and the word beautiful danced across my mind. Once I was done looking at the pictures she was showing me, went back to sitting normal and grabbed her purse. She made some sort of excuse as to why she had to run and I gave her my number to save in her phone. I told her that she should contact my line from then on out and she smile and thanked me. As she walked away, I went back to pushing my youngest on the swing.

Transaction Complete – At the Park with My Kids

We probably stayed at the park another fifteen minutes before I called it and loaded them back into the car. As we pulled away from the parking spot, I called Adam and let him know that everything was good and that we was on our way home. As I disconnected the call I found myself grinning yet again, being so proud of myself when in all reality I should have been completely ashamed.

With my first transaction completed and easy, I was optimistic that life was going to be a cake walk. I have never been so wrong in my entire life.


This is part 2 of a 3 part story.  While Sarah got off easy the first time, the risks associated with drug and heroin dealing are huge, not to mention the fact that their very profession is putting their “customers” at risk.  People overdose from heroin and die all the time.  Drug dealers are a part of the problem but any addicts get wrapped up in the lifestyle and do just about anything to make money to feed their habit and don’t even consider how they may be harming others.

To Be Continued…

Written By, Sarah – Associate Publisher and Forum Co-Moderator For Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™
Edited and Published By, William – Publisher and Founder

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