MDS Drug Detox – Rapid Sedative-Assisted Detox Using Naltrexone

MDS Drug Detox - Michican Detox SpecialistsMost detox centers offer a quick medical detox using Suboxone and/or Methadone to make the first week of heroin withdrawal hell as “pleasant” as possible.  But recently, Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide stumbled upon a detox center called MDS Drug Detox (Michigan Detox Specialists) that administers a revolutionary, sedative-assisted detox procedure using Naltrexone (the active ingredient in the Vivitrol injection and the ReVia tablet).  This 3-day rapid opiate detox is performed by 2 Board Certified Doctors with over 30 years of combined experience treating heroin and opiate addicts with this procedure.

Rapid detox performed in Southfield, Michigan allows patients to experience the most difficult part of overcoming addiction (withdrawal) under sedation. Before and aftercare is also provided.

MDS Drug Detox of Southfield, Michigan is owned and operated by Dr. Julia Aharonov, a board-certified Anesthesiologist, and Dr. Joseph George, board-certified in Addiction Medicine. Their mission is to provide cutting edge recovery services and aftercare for individuals who suffer from heroin and/or opioid addiction.

What Services Does MDS Drug Detox Provide?

MDS Drug Detox is classified as a detox center rather than an addiction treatment center / drug rehab facility.  Their totally unique approach to detox and procedure is truly one of a kind and can behave as a stand-alone addiction treatment.  However, while detox (especially this particular rapid detox procedure) helps to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort opioid and/or heroin withdrawal can create, detox is not a cure for addiction.

Those who complete the MDS Drug Detox procedure are typically advised by staff to continue Naltrexone treatment either with a naltrexone implant or with Vivitrol (a monthly injection).  Alternatively, one can go right into a top drug rehab facility for 30 to 90 days of therapy, skill-building and life-altering treatment.

MDS Drug Detox of Southfield, Michigan is Recommended by Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide


Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide recommends top addiction treatment centers, drug rehab facilities, detox facilities and recovery related organizations that we genuinely believe are working in the best interest of the recovering addict.  The MDS Drug Detox Center staff certainly have the staff, experience and skill to perform this sedative-assisted rapid detox procedure.  They are highly rated with the Better Business Bureau.  They possess a highly trained and dedicated team of medical assistants.  And recovering addicts who are former patients of MDS Drug Detox have good things to say about them.  Have MDS Drug Detox patients stayed clean from opioids after treatment?  Here’s what a few of their patients have to say.

Reviews from MDS Drug Detox Patients

MDS Drug Detox (Michigan Detox Specialists) - Dr. Julia Aharonov - DOBelow are just a few of the reviews from recovering addicts who’ve undergone the rapid detox procedure at MDS Drug Detox.

“I would like to give much gratitude to Dr. George and his staff at MDS. This procedure was the best decision I have ever made, I have my life back! Making the decision to do this, was one I did not make lightly. The first time I spoke to Dr. George I was scared to death. Being in the medical field myself, I was shocked that a doctor actually answered the phone, almost unbelievable, but very true. I spoke with him many times before deciding to have the procedure done, he was and continues to be such an advocate for me, always willing to answer any questions and is most knowledgeable not only in this procedure but in all aspects of addiction and never once showing any judgement. I’ve seen many doctors throughout my lifetime and can say that he is one of a kind!” ~ Christine – Oxycodone, RI

“Dr. George Thank you very much, your constant kindness is much appreciated. I’m gonna make you proud. I’m gonna keep coming in for implants. No more opiates, ever!!”

“Dr. George, Thank you! Things are great for me. My whole family, including my mom and brother, moved to Hawaii, and we are all doing great, thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be alive, much living on Maui since my detox in 2012. God bless!!”

“Hi Doc! I’m doing wonderful, thanks so much for all of your help. I can’t wait to see you in 7 weeks! I’m flying in to have the pellet replaced. You and your staff are truly angels!” ~ MaryJo-TN

Consulting MDS Drug Detox and Pricing

MDS Drug Detox - Michican Detox SpecialistsThe MDS Drug Detox Center offers free in-person consultations and interest-free financing for treatment.  While out-of-pocket expenses may be higher than what many want to pay, think about how much you’ve actually spent on opioids and/or heroin over the last year.  As a recovering addict, I can honestly say that I’ve spent over $40,000 on heroin in a single year.  Getting my life back on track and undergoing the MDS Drug Detox rapid sedative-assisted procedure is only a fraction of the cost and maintenance with Naltrexone therapy, even for a year still doesn’t even come close to these costs.

Most addicts want someone else to pay for the necessities of life while they spend every single penny they own on heroin.  Nobody wants to pay for treatment, but I guarantee that whether you choose MDS Drug Detox or another treatment option that’s proven effective, it’ll be the best time and money you’ve ever spent.

Does the MDS Drug Detox Rapid Detox Procedure Work?  What About Aftercare?

At the end of the day, there is no cure for addiction and the only heroin and/or drug addicts that ever get and stay clean and sober are the ones who truly want it, put in the hard work and persevere.  The MDS Drug Detox Center sedative-assisted procedure doesn’t cure you, but it can eliminate the dependence and set the stage and jump-start long-term and lasting recovery.  MDS Drug Detox facility recommends ongoing Naltrexone therapy after treatment at the facility.  This could come in the form of the Naltrexone implant, Vivitrol (injection given monthly) or ReVia (tablet taken daily).   Regardless of whether or not you continue with medical therapy, Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide also recommends continuing some kind of cognitive-behavior therapy after leaving the MDS Drug Detox facility.  This could include getting treatment at a top drug rehab facility, ongoing counseling, group therapy, etc.  Alternatively, support groups such as the 12 step programs – Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or SMART Recovery can be valuable in aiding recovery.

Written and Published by William Charles and Kristi Tullis – Publisher and Writer/Blogger for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™

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  1. Im glad I came across this website. It has been very informative and educational. I will relay what I have learned to many including my children which 2 are heroin addicts. I myself am also addicted to heroin and wish so much I had a way to be treated with vivitrol.
    I am one day clean and it’s hardly a start. I get clean intermittently but seem to relapse when life becomes hopeless. I need help and would love to have the financial ability to try this treatment to reduce cravings. I want some kind of life back, so that I may set an example for my 5 kids and 7 grandchildren.

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