Megan Sarah Joins the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Team & Mission of Saving Lives

Megan SarahAs Founder and Publisher of this community, I am proud and honored to work alongside of some dedicated and passionate individuals, who I consider part of the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide family. Given the increasing popularity of our relatively new community, we’ve decided we need a few more dedicated people to assist us with our mission.  Thus, we are pleased to announce that we’ve brought on Megan Sarah, who is both a recovery advocate and a talented writer.   Megan, who started as a regular contributing member of our growing heroin addiction & recovery discussion forum under the alias “Deftones” will be primarily responsible for submitting original articles, educational content and blogs to our news and blog pages.,

Megan attended Harrisburg Area Community Colleges but dropped out because of a personal battle with heroin addiction.  Now, with over 7 months in recovery, going back to college to complete her degree is on her to-do bucket list.  Megan’s primary focus at this point has been her personal recovery from drug addiction.  Our heroin forum has been an outlet for Megan to express herself, get support and give back by helping others who are looking for information, treatment options and encouragement.

Megan used to work for a learning center as a Health and Safety Coordinator and was primarily responsible for educating staff and helping them follow proper health and safety protocols related to working with children.  This included keeping children up-to-date with physicals, reviewing accident/incident reports, etc.  She also has experience waitressing and now works in customer service working with people and handling invoicing and accounts receivables.  To learn more about Megan, read her drug addiction and recovery story on our forum titled “Born Again – My Addiction and Recovery Story“.  You can also read her first guest blog on this website by visiting “What Not To Say to a Grieving Parent Who Lost a Child to Heroin Overdose“.

The article “Help Wanted: Join Our Team and Fight Against the Heroin Epidemic” has generated a lot of interest and despite our large and growing team, we are still looking for additional volunteers, in particular writers and those who have experience using WordPress.  Thus, for those interested, please click the link above and follow the instructions to apply.

Given Megan’s enthusiasm, personal experiences and excellent writing skills, we feel that she will be an excellent addition to the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide team of recovery advocates, writers and developers.

Kristi’s dedication and enthusiasm for helping men and women suffering and recovering from addiction along with her exceptional writing skills will be a huge asset to this online recovering community and most importantly, will help to educate the masses about drug addiction and recovery.

More About Megan Sarah

Megan Sarah addiction and recoveryMegan grew up with what she calls a relatively normal childhood, but feels that the behaviors of her mother and father partying growing up may have influenced her choices to use drugs when she got older.  At 17 years of age, she tried OxyContin and used only on weekends.  However, like many individuals, using prescription opiate painkillers eventually turned into a full-blown heroin addiction.  Like other addicts who “fall in love” with heroin, she began to lie, scam and steal and even started selling drugs to support her habit.  She isolated herself and started taking advantage of the people in her life, damaging relationships.  Her health was deteriorating and she was losing so much weigh from taking heroin intravenously and not eating properly.

Megan grew up loving music.  But one particular song resonates with her and everything she went through – “The Phantom Bride” by the Deftones.  The lyrics are below.

“Inside of this hole you create. You hide from yourself. You separate every belief that is true. And you spent your life. Attached to this poison. You don’t feel anything out of the rain. And it’s true that – you spend your life – trapped in this void – where you will stay always. Can’t rid of this thought you rotting in – this same cold space. You don’t want to feel anything new. You’ve decided – To spend your life safe from emotion. This way you’ll never be harmed again or confused now”

In May of 2016, Megan checked into a drug rehab facility and is now just over 7 months clean.  While she is newer in her recovery, she is heavily devoted to and passionate about her personal recovery and helping others get the addiction help they want, need and deserve.

Megan Sarah is Our New Writer and Blogger for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide

Megan SarahAs described above, Megan Sarah will be contributing to our blog here on Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide but will also be contributing to the blogs for the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (coming soon).    So Megan will have plenty of venues to write for but she wont’ be alone.  Other writers and bloggers for this community can be found along the right-hand sidebar.

Megan will be providing original content for our heroin addiction and recovery blog and news page, posting news related content, welcoming members and answering questions on our heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum and presenting content on the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and Heroin News Facebook pages.

Megan will be reporting to William Charles, Founder and Publisher of this community. Her daily contributions will help new people find us, expand our reach and provide our organization with the opportunity to help even more individuals suffering from the clasps of heroin addiction.  Megan’s passion and uninterrupted dedication to the cause gives her purpose and makes her a great addition to our national organization in the fight against the heroin epidemic.

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and Heroin news

After only a few months in long-term recovery, William Charles founded the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide online recovery community.  Coupled with a mission to help addicts find the best treatment and raising awareness, William purchased the Heroin News Facebook, created the Heroin News website and founded the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC).

While the primary focus of Heroin News is to inform and keep the public up-to-date on the latest news on the heroin epidemic, addiction and recovery, the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers or NAATC raises the bar and sets standards for addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities ultra-high.

The Heroin News website, just recently launched has already reached about 50,000 unique visitors in about a 2 week period.  We attribute the success of the upwards and explosive growth of this community to the dedicated individuals who help to encourage and support those who find us, our members/followers and our recommended sponsors.  We couldn’t and can’t do it without you!

Our Dedicated Team and Recommended Sponsors

I want to send a special thanks to our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to raise awareness and help those who reach out for addiction treatment and encouragement.  To get to know each individual behind keeping this community running smoothly, view Meet Our Team.

Another special thanks to our recommended sponsors who are especially dedicated to helping men and women suffering from heroin and drug addiction get the best care and treatment.  Our current sponsors effective the day of this article include:

Life Changes Addiction Treatment Center of West Palm Beach, Florida

MDS Drug Detox of Southfield, Michigan

Waters Edge Recovery of Stuart, Florida

The Well Recovery Center of Huntington Beach, California

Community Assistance Project of Fall River, Massachusetts and Fall River Fights Addiction

And More…

We also want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support. Our community is popular because of your valuable contributions, both on our heroin forum and our Facebook page. Everyone who posts, shares their story and encourages someone else is part of what makes this community so great. You can help to save a life by simply participating and offering an encouraging word. We may provide the venue, but this is YOUR community.

We thank each and every one of our regularly participating members for all for all your support and we look forward to collaborating and growing even more in the many months and years to come.

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William Charles – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ an Owner at Modern Image, LLC
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