Dan Graham – From Heroin Addict To Recovery Hero!

men vs women: how addiction affects men and women differentlyThis is not your typical story of a stranger nobody in the online recovery community knows.  In fact, many of you may know Dan Graham from Facebook as an admin, a recovery advocate, a mentor, a spiritual leader and a friend.  Personally, I’ve had the privilege of knowing him as all of the above.

Dan Graham is probably one of the kindest and most humble individuals you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  He does so much on a daily basis for so many people out of genuine compassion and the desire to give and help men and women still suffering from drug and heroin addiction get the addiction treatment they want, need and deserve.  Dan Graham never wants any credit and prefers to remain anonymous.  As a Christian who believes in the power and humility of the Son of God Jesus Christ who came and died for our sins, Dan gives all the glory to God.  This article is an attempt to share Dan’s story, how he suffered from drug addiction and how he became a true friend and recovery advocate.

Dan Graham is a True Friend

Dan Graham addiction and recovery storyDan and I don’t know each other offline, but he has become one of my closest friends in the online recovery world.  He has been there for me as a friend, a colleague and I consider him a mentor.  He’s quick to listen and doesn’t judge.  Dan and I see eye to eye on many addiction and recovery concepts and principles but even when we don’t, we simply and respectfully agree to disagree.  I’ve been able to share some of my personal battles and hardships with Dan and when we’re done talking, I always feel uplifted.

Dan Graham is a living example of the biblical concept “speaking the truth in love”.  Dan won’t hold back, he won’t lie and he’ll give me his genuine opinion on any and every topic we discuss.  However, he does it in an encouraging way with the intention of helping me grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.  I have concluded that my friendship with Dan is a true model of how individuals should relate to one another.  Simply put, Dan is a good friend.

Dan Graham is a Hidden Gem With a Generous Spirit of Giving and Helping Others

Dan Graham possesses a difficult and challenging past of drug use and criminal activity that’s very typical for many men and women suffering from the disease of addiction.  But today, Dan Graham is a true recovery advocate and does what he can when he can to help get men and women suffering from addiction the treatment they want, need and deserve.  Dan has personally helped me get a number of people who are experiencing difficult circumstances the treatment they need, in particular when all of the phone calls I make lead to a dead end.  Dan considers himself a “grateful addict in recovery” and believes in the anonymous way.  Despite his tireless work and energy spent helping others as a recovery advocate, he is filled with humility and a desire to protect the people that he helps.

Video: Dan Graham’s Message of Hope and Personal Story

Below, Dan Graham shares his personal battle with drugs and criminal activity in the past and provides a message of hope in recovery.  This video was originally recorded live on Facebook.

Dan Graham’s Addiction and Recovery Story

Dan Graham drug addiction and recovery storyDan doesn’t like telling his drug addiction story because he is completely different today.  He looks back at who he was and on video declares his old self as a “certified scumbag”.  However, what his story shows is how transformation is not only possible, but is a reality for him and many recovering addicts.

Dan Graham was born in Akron Ohio and has been in and out of recovery since 2002.  When he was 9 years old, he was prescribed a learning disability medication that’s now a Class C narcotic.  The medication was only 2 molecules away from amphetamines and can be seen as an equivalent to “prescription speed”.  This led him to many years of active drug addiction.

Dan wrestled with drug and heroin addiction for 14 years.  In his years of active addiction he was convicted for criminal activity and paid the penalties that went along with it.  Dan admits that one of the scariest times in his life was when he was in prison and he thought he’d be in jail for 25 years.  Dan’s drug of choice was “everything”, although he had a particular attachment to methamphetamine (commonly referred to as “meth”).  Heroin was only one of the many drugs that Dan used and became addicted to in his years of active addiction.  But it was around 2006 and 2007, Dan got into using heroin intravenously.

Dan Graham has been studying the disease of addiction his entire life.  He’s learned from every relapse and everything he went through.  The last 5 years of his addiction was absolute hell.  Despite his time in jail, he still couldn’t stop using.  Dan spent time living on the street and in homeless shelters.  He also experienced some success but his love for drugs in active addiction would result in a complete loss over and over again.   Dan has been in many life-and-death situations and even manufactured methamphetamine to support his heroin addiction. 

On November 22nd, 2011 Dan stopped using heroin and on February 2nd, 2013, he broke free from his addiction and has been clean from all mind altering substances.  He considered the best part was being set free from the obsession compulsion that drugs brought him.

Dan Graham Today – True Recovery Advocate and Leader in the Recovery Community

Dan Graham is now devoted to his personal recovery and is a true recovery advocate in the recovery community.  He spends his days and time providing support and encouragement to other recovering addicts and helping active addicts who are truly ready to go into treatment get the help they want, need and deserve.

Given Dan’s enthusiasm and dedication to his personal recovery and helping others, he was invited and now works in the addiction treatment profession at an excellent company that’s dedicated to helping addicts.  People reach out to Dan on a regular basis and just like the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide family, Dan Graham will help anyone and everyone who is serious about getting help and treatment.

I am personally honored to call Dan Graham a friend, a colleague and a mentor and this community is thankful that Dan gave us the permission to write and share his story.  Keep up the great work Dan!

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Written by William Charles, Owner and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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