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Feed Spot Top Drug Addiction Blogs and Top Blogs

Recently, Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide was awarded “Top Blog” by Feed Spot in two distinct categories.  This includes a number 6 ranking on the”Top 25 Drug Addiction Blogs” and a number 25 ranking on the “Top 50 Drug Blogs“.

Each blog is ranked based on popularity and content and on the Feed Spot website, visitors have the opportunity to subscribe to each of their listings’ RSS feed and/or via email.  Furthermore, Facebook followers, Twitter Followers and Alexa Rankings are listed along with a link back to the blog’s main website.  Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is flattered to be recognized and awarded such a high honor from a popular and credible website.

More About Feed Spot and the “Top Blog” Award

Feed Spot is the place to go if you’re looking for some of the most popular blogs in various subject areas.  Categories range from blogs about cooking to religion and of course, drugs and drug addiction.  We were honored that we were awarded a prominent spot in two similar but separate addiction and recovery related categories.

When William Charles received an email from Feed Spot, at first, he thought it was just spam of a fancy advertisement from a website that simply wanted us to list them on our page.  But after investigating Feed Spot, William saw that they had a very prominent presence on the web and are well known for being the “who’s who” in listing and recommending popular content-driven blogs in various subject areas and categories.

More About the Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Blog and Network of Websites


The publishers and writers of the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide addiction and recovery blog provide original content about heroin and drugs as it relates to addiction and recovery.  By raising awareness and educating our readers, we hope to stop stigma and help men and women still suffering from addiction find and reach out to us for addiction help.

Our organization also writes and publishes current heroin related news content on the Heroin News website and provides encouragement and support for suffering and recovering addicts and their families on our free heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum.  Furthermore, the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC) helps to raise the bar and sets high standards for addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities, so that we can help get addicts the best treatment

We Help All Addicts Get Treatment

Whether you have insurance, money or have fallen on financially difficult times, we help all men and women suffering from heroin and drug addiction get the help and treatment they want, need and deserve.  We live in a world where people with insurance and money have more options.  But we will never give up on finding resources for anyone and everyone who reaches out to us for help.  Click “Get Addiction Treatment” and fill out the brief treatment form if you are tired of being sick and suffering from the clutches and clasps of the disease of addiction.


Written by William Charles, Owner and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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