Wake Up America, People Are Dying – Addicts Are Not “Junkies”, They are Sick and Need Help!

Forget everything you’ve heard or seen about drug and heroin addicts. Addiction and heroin users have been stigmatized for years and it’s likely that just about everything you’ve heard or learned is wrong. The face of heroin is changing and spotting a heroin addict isn’t as easy as you might think. It’s no longer the dirty looking “junkie” on the streets. And for the record, the word “junkie” disgusts me, but I have to use it to demonstrate how heroin addicts are stigmatized and stereotyped in today’s society.  So who are the heroin addicts of today? If there’s not the deadbeat junkies on the worst part of city streets, then who are they?

The Face of Heroin: Addicts are Not Dirty Junkies – They Are Sick and Need Help!

Understanding Addiction: Nature Vs. NurtureHeroin addicts are not the dirty, disgusting people you’ve been taught they were. Despite their ongoing use of heroin, they don’t choose to become addicts. Instead, they’ve become enslaved to a devastating disease that continues to kill more and more people each and every year.

Many of you aren’t affected by the heroin epidemic or the disease of addiction. You should be grateful and thankful that drugs aren’t a part of your or your family’s lives. But far too many are still uneducated about the disease of addiction and worse yet, they don’t care that heroin has become so compelling to so many sick and hurting individuals that it’s literally killing them.

Heroin addicts aren’t bad people. They are sick, tired and lost. Sure they made an initial choice to use drugs, but like many who experiment, they didn’t think they’d become hooked. So why do people become hooked on heroin and other drugs? Why are so many people dying? And why doesn’t anyone care?

Wake Up America: People Are Dying

Heroin Addicts Are Dying in the United StatesPeople are dying and nobody cares.  Since when do we live in a world where an increased number of deaths every year doesn’t matter to anyone but the people who are directly affected?  Why can’t the majority of America see that the heroin / opioid epidemic is sweeping across the country and killing many innocent people.  Is it because America believes drug addiction is a choice?  Is it because they’re so wrapped up in their every day lives that they can’t stop for a minute to care about somebody else?

People are dying each and every day.  Heroin and drug addiction is affecting countless families and killing more people each year.  But statistically, I suppose it’s not enough to garner the attention of mainstream media and the people powerful and rich enough to put a stop to it.  So is America planning to wait until the death toll goes up so high to actually care enough to do something about it?

Heroin addicts aren’t the bad people they are made out to be.  Addiction is a disease of the brain and many who do heroin every day wish they could find away to escape the bond their mind has created.  Yes, people can choose addiction treatment and recovery, but resisting the compulsion that’s chemically and structurally altered their brain feels impossible.  Addicts are sick and they need help.  But not enough resources are available.

Not Enough Government and State-Supported Resources – We Need Help

A handful of like-minded anti-drug organizations are working to raise awareness and save as many drug and heroin addicts as possible.  However, this is not enough.  The government needs to step in and provide more resources for those who want and need treatment.  Private addiction treatment centers are great.  But not everyone has the “right” insurance policy to be covered.  And private treatment is too expensive for most to afford out of pocket.  So what are men and women who suffer from addiction without money and insurance supposed to do?  Even state / Medicaid insurance isn’t enough for many people as resources currently available and provided for by the government and/or the state simply aren’t enough.

Eliminating the Affordable Care Act Will Kill More Innocent People Suffering From Heroin and Drug Addiction

President Donald Trump has made it very clear in his campaign speeches that he intends on eliminating the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare.  And while it’s currently far too expensive and possesses a plethora of loopholes being exploited by users and abusers, eliminating The Affordable Care Act rather than working to refine or improve upon it will eliminate private insurance policies for men and women between the ages of 18 to 26 currently covered under their insurance policies.  This will make getting drug and addiction treatment even more difficult for a large audience of individuals who desperately need it.  See “What Trump’s Presidency Means For Addiction, Recovery and Drug Treatment“.

I am in full agreement that the Affordable Care Act needs some work and refinement, but eliminating it will inevitably lead to even more deaths and people dying from drugs, overdose and addiction.

Your Children Are At High Risk of Drug Addiction, Overdose and Death

Feed Spot Top Drug Addiction Blogs and Top BlogsThis may sound like a scare tactic.  That’s not my intent, but let’s take a minute and look at the world around us.  Many would agree that it’s literally falling apart.  More and more families are falling into the “poor” category as the economy’s inflation, increasing costs and pay reduction work to destroy the middle class and further separate the rich from the poor.  Children are being put under more peer pressure to fit-in.  Social media makes it easier to bully and start unfairly maligning smear campaigns against innocent people.  More and more children and young adults are using heroin and drugs than ever before.  The number of drug overdose related deaths continue to increase each year.  The world is literally falling apart and most people would rather turn the other cheek because it doesn’t immediately affect them.  But when it does, all of the sudden they want to get involved.

Look, I get it.  I didn’t start fighting for the rights and best treatment for heroin and drug addicts until I was directly affected and impact by opioids and addiction.  But given the increased number of drug and heroin overdose related deaths and the quantity of individuals beginning to use drugs as an escape from the reality of pain and stress, it’s time to fight for more resources and better treatment for those who are too sick to stick up for themselves.

What Can You Do to Fight Addiction?

Many offer help but they don’t know what to do to fight against addiction.  The reality is, those who suffer from addiction have to make a choice to get the help and treatment they need to get well.  While there isn’t anything we can do directly to help those who aren’t ready to get treatment, there are things we can do to demand better treatment for those who truly want help.  We can also do a better job of being there for our children and our loved ones.  See “Protecting Your Sons and Daughters From Heroin Addiction“.

Writing your congressman, getting involved in local anti-drug rallies and overdose awareness events, sharing your story or providing encouragement and support to those who need it on our online heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum are all ways you can reach out and make a difference.

Rumor Starters and People Who Have Nothing Better to do Than to Hurt People

Drugs are doing enough damage in the world and innocent people are dying.  Thus, rumor starters and people who have nothing better to do than start gossip and spread unfairly maligning and knowingly false information need to be called out and stopped.  Currently, a small part of the online recovery community on Facebook (that’s often perceived to be bigger than it is) has been shaken by a few rumor starting clowns who are making false and misleading statements.  Rumors, lies and threats have been made in an attempt to tear good people and organizations who work tirelessly to fight against drugs and addiction down.  You can view some of them about us at “Ridiculous Rumors, Innuendo and Nonsense” on our heroin forum.  But these online terrorists will not prevail because we have a mission to raise awareness and save lives.  For every hater, there are at least 100 more who recognize and love the work that we and other recovery advocates are doing.  We will not let the haters tear us down and we will continue with our mission.  Join us in a fight against drugs and helping as many people as possible get the addiction treatment they want, need and deserve.

Need addiction Help?

Our online community helps men and women suffering from drug and heroin addiction who are sick and tired of being slaves to addiction get the help and treatment they want, need and deserve.  For those ready for a chance, fill out our brief treatment contact form.


Written by William Charles, Owner / Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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14 thoughts on “Wake Up America, People Are Dying – Addicts Are Not “Junkies”, They are Sick and Need Help!

  1. I will write letters to congressman and woman and do my part to help stop this horrible situation our country is in with so many young people and young adults loosing the battle. My son oassed on Nov 28 my loss is devastating. These pain management dr need to stop giving out oxycotin all togeather my son broke his foot and after 2 bitched operations he was sent to a pain dr who put him on oxy and than cut him off after 2 years by than my sin was full blown addicted and turned to herion we all need to stick togeather lie a hugh village and protect our youth from dying over pills and herion good job with this thankyou

  2. My son is on Obamacare but because his income is so low he only qualifies for medicade which doesn’t pay for inpatient care, only outpatient with all the drug dealers that were remanded to these programs…….Obamacare has does nothing for these individuals, period. I cant even purchase insurance for him as Obamacare will not give any credits to lower the cost which is 1000 per month that I cannot afford……sorry but this article talks about how great Obamacare is and how horrible Trump will be…….but let me enlighten you about Obama…….he stopped any possible eradication of the poppy in Afghanistan …its one of the first things he did when he because president in 2009….and ever since the heroin epidemic has boomed. Trump at least will address this problem regardless of what your article states…….

    • Mrl,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts however, while the Affordable Care Act isn’t without it’s problems, eliminating it means eliminating insurance coverage for men and women between 18 and 26 under their parent’s policies. A lot of people are benefiting from Obamacare though I’m sorry you feel your son isn’t. I know that Trump has plans to address these issues but I fear that if he implements his plans to eradiate the Affordable Care Act that many more people will not be able to get addiction help and treatment.

      Best wishes,

      William – Founder / Publisher of this community

  3. My daughter Alecia Marie Coglianese lost her battle on Sept 23,2015. She will be 4ever 24. She was selfless, giving, and tried to help everyone that crossed her path to help themself. I will forever fight for laws to be changed. Addiction is a disease. This is an epidemic. I never want another parent to feel the pain I suffer from loosing my babygirl. Unfortunately there are MANY PARENTS IN MY SHOES. 144 a day.
    #Notonemoreillinois in Illinois is trying. We need National help. From state to state. No more shame or blame. Wake up America.

  4. I was thinking maybe a March could be organized to bring awareness…I lost my daughter from another mother to this horrible epidemic

    • Patti,

      I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter to the heroin epidemic. Many towns (though probably not enough) host yearly overdose awareness events. We would like to try to host one in the summer of this year, but we are trying to work out some of the details.

      I encourage you to honor your daughter’s memory by creating a topic on our free heroin forum. Simply click here to join, fill out a few fields, click “OK”, then click the “Family and Friends of Addicts” category. Then click “New Topic”.

      Peace and Love

      William – Publisher of this Community

  5. I will never stop fighting.

    Heroin addict’s wife here. My husband lost his 20 year battle with opiates on 2/24/16.

    He was the best person I have ever met and loved beyond measure. I will never be the same..

  6. My 28 yrs old son has been battling & struggling with his addiction, since he was 14, He has a trade & is a very good worker, does good work. But he finds it very hard to find Steady work. & a place to live, So he turns to the streets. 2 what he knows, we’ll B waiting 4 him,

    • Pat,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that your son is struggling with drug addiction. If he comes to a point where he wants help getting into treatment, we can hep with that. In the meantime, we are here for support for addicts and their families. Feel free to join our heroin forum to share your story or ask any questions.

      Peace and Love,


  7. My 26 year old son has been doing drugs for 10yrs now . He’s currently in jail. He has 2 beautiful children . He’s even been in rehab 2 times . I just don’t know how to help him anyone , but I will not turn my back on him . Any suggestions would be helpful ! Thanks

  8. Please keep doing all that you do, and thank you. My son has been clean from a heroin addiction for 3 1/2 years,thank God, his sponsor, former counselors, and others, but we will never stop fighting for others. God bless.

  9. Why must taxpayers foot the cost of treating junkies? It is a CHOICE! Let’s be honest, the people who CHOOSE to become junkies aren’t really worth the amount of money it would cost taxpayers to save the.

  10. I had nothing but heart breaking compassion for opioid addicts, but I have learned the hard way that addicts are simply masters of playing the victim, masters of manipulation, conartists, gaslighting covert abusers, and really not much else. I am over being relieved of all of my furnature, belongings, and money, and better for it. I was duped into thinking an addict cared deeply for their own child, but again, it’s all an act. I’ve regained my physical health, which took a full year, and I will never again feel compassion for any addict, opiod or otherwise; it is protracted suicide. And I think it is ridiculous to claim nobody thought they could become addicted, it is No Secret That Opioids Are Addictive. That idea is a part of the con, and having been taken in by it, taken for all I had, that nonsense simply doesn’t work on me anymore.
    I don’t believe saving tax payers money is the reason to stop local economies being bled dry by addicts; however, if someone chooses to commit suicide by using incredibly harmful substances, has no ambition in life beyond mooching, conning, and robbing, why not cut their noose from our necks and let them reap what they sow, I didn’t choose to destroy my life with drugs, and their remorse at the destroyed lives in their wake is short lived farce. Maybe there is a tiny margin of exception, but I’ve never seen it in all the addicts I’ve known.

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