Joann Miller “Social Media Monster”, Terminated From Treatment Center For Cyber Bullying?

You Might Be Joann Miller's Next Victim.

Joann Miller presents herself as an online recovery advocate who, after allegedly losing her son to a drug overdose, claims to work for the greater good of suffering and recovering drug and heroin addicts.  But what if Joann Miller has deceived us all?   What if everything she’s told us is a lie?  What if she was using her position with a highly respectable addiction treatment center and the money she makes to peddle her own selfish and destructive agenda to damage and destroy the reputation of many good hearted individuals and organizations that inadvertently upset her?  We know…this sounds insane.  We thought so too, until she targeted this community and other well respected individuals & organizations in the online recovery community.

Joann Miller is a true cyber bully who creates fake accounts on Facebook to vilify innocent people.  She also enlists the help of hackers and sycophants to take down anyone who has advertently or inadvertently upset her.  Have you pissed off Joann Miller?  Be careful!  You could be her next target of “cyber bullying”.

Definition of a “Cyber Bully”

Google defines a “cyber bully” as the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Joann Miller “Free-Lance” Work Terminated At Well Respected Treatment Center

Before we get started, we want to point out that the addiction treatment center and drug rehab facility she was contracting for has been notified.  After investigating concerns and illegal activity related to Joann Miller, she was immediately terminated.  Her termination date was effective 1/30/2017.  We personally commend the center for their immediate and prompt action on terminating a working agreement with this cyber bully.

Norma Jean on Video Tells Her Entire Story About Joann Miller and Jamie Waller

The Stories of 3 Recovery Advocates Who Were Targets of Joann Miller’s Wrath

This article will showcase 3 distinct, very similar stories that show how Joann Miller has manipulated, lied and illegally libeled and defamed several well respected recovery advocates and organizations – all with the help of a n alleged hacker Facebook account known as Jamie Waller.  The 3 recovery advocates are as follows:

William Charles – Owner and Publisher of Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC) and CEO, Modern Image, LLC

Norma Jean – Admin of New Age Recovery

William Marotta – Founder and Publisher of Choose Freedom

All 3 recovery advocates have thought long and hard about whether or not to release this information to the public.  But given the extensive damage she has done and continues to do to some very good people in the addiction and recovery profession and community, we all felt that releasing this information was necessary.  Thus, we consider this an important  public service announcement to the online recovery community

What Led to the Investigation of Joann Miller

Is Joann Miller Guilty?After William Charles of Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers notified the drug rehab facility Joann Miller works for that she was continuously making false and defamatory statements (both privately and publicly) against William Marotta of Choose Freedom (despite the fact that she had been told by the center to cease and desist).  Upon investigating the issue, the addiction treatment center she worked with immediately terminated all contracting work with Joann Miller.

William Charles received false and libelous accusations and threats of defamation from a Facebook entity who goes by Jamie Waller, who claimed to be with “Anonymous”.  Jamie Waller claimed he had evidence that William Charles was involved in patient brokering, amongst many other false and unfairly maligning statements.  While the Jamie Waller account claimed that Joann Miller was not behind the attack, Waller specifically referred text messages William had sent to the facility she worked for (until 1/30/2017) and referred to William as “Mr. Seeman”, an inadvertent misspelling of his last name.  The only other person who ever called him that was Joann Miller.

IMPORTANT NOTE: William Charles, William Marotta and Norma Jean had a group chat with Anonymous with the “real” James Waller (Jamie Waller) account and Jamie Waller has made numerous statements that he did not send those messages and that his account has been hacked  He further claimed that Joann Miller had access to his other account.  More on this below.

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


While the above wasn’t 100% proof that Joann was behind the online assault and threats of defamation, it was enough to launch an investigation.  4 people total, including William Charles was able to confirm a direct former and current association between Joann Miller and Jamie Waller.  Each person’s story is detailed below.  But for those who have any doubt, see below.

Proof that Joann Miller and Jamie Waller are Working Together

Joann Miller owns the websites Holyaddict dot com and HeroinBulletin dot com.  See the below publicly available “WhoIs” information.  At the bottom of both websites, it’s stated that Jamie Waller of Waller media manages the websites

WhoIs Information For Heroin Bulletin


WhoIs Information For Holy Addict


At the bottom of both the Heroin Bulletin and Holy Addict websites, Jamie Waller of Waller Media is mentioned as the one who maintains these websites.  See the screenshots below.


Joann Miller’s / Jamie Waller’s Allegations Against William Charles, Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and Threats of Defamation

Is Methadone AddictiveThe real Jamie Waller possesses a criminal record that can be found by doing a search at  Jamie Waller was arrested for violating a restraining order against Norma Jean and was in prison for fraud.

The “Jamie Waller” account that contacted both William Charles and William Marotta at bizarre times of the early AM, claims to be with Anonymous, a very large organization who’s primary concern lies in government related issues.  An investigation is still being conducted as to whether or not the real Jamie Waller is truly affiliated with them.  However, actions stemming from the “Jamie Waller” account are not conducive with behaviors from the Anonymous group.  For starters, all the information Jamie Waller claims to have is blatantly false and libelous.  Anonymous only deals in facts.  Furthermore, the “Jamie Waller” account was using a real name, which is highly and largely unusual – unless the “Jamie Waller” account wasn’t really Jamie Waller.  Moreover, Anonymous claims that the only ones that need to fear them are the corrupt and crooked.  Only good people have been targeted.  And nobody has seen the wrath and evil intentions of the real Jamie Waller like Normal Jean (more on that below).

William assures the recovery community and can provide verifiable data and proof that all of the allegations provided in these messages are completely false.  In fact, most if not all of these accusations have been recently addressed on the heroin forum discussion topic “Ridiculous Rumors, Innuendo and Nonsense“.

Instead of posting screenshots, William has provided a text version of the messages as a space saver.  Screenshots however, can be provided as proof by request and have already been sent to the appropriate authorities.  Below are the messages that were sent to William Charles from Jamie Waller’s one of many Facebook accounts.

Seems you have a lying problem there and I am getting sick of the likes of people like you destroying this community.  See I take screenshots and keep records of all my conversations.  I also know exactly who you are speaking for and why.  Which actually now makes this criminal on your part and the other party.  Like I told you when we spoke before, do your research.  However I know you are not capable of this looking at over 60 reports of you plagarizing others work.  You have been watched for a few months now.  You associate with people who use and steal from the community.  I have two people with files proving you only deal with body brokers and pretty much solely, I have conversations with you blackmailing people and threatening them if they do not do what you say. This has become so bad that now the entire collective is getting involved, all information is being turned over to the proper authorities.  The only person not being watched now is your other friend William, Please also take a screenshot and share this message, it will help us much.  You cannot talk your way out this time as there is more than enough to prove otherwise.  You care for no one but your pocket.  Your operations have already been posted on our main website with your personal details along with two others who recently caused issues because they are more worried about themselves than the community.  The damning data will be passed around facebook via a paste bin.  We deal in truth, not lies.  While you’re at it start using your real name.  See I know exactly what is going on here, and its all coming out.  Im not these fools you have dealt with around here, I’m not even part of this community.  I only stuck in thousands to help. 

Jamie Waller Mask I was introduced to this community to clean it up, that is my main purpose here.  Also do not resopnd with your holier than though bullshit like you did last time.  We all know better.  So I suggest you go find a new area to rip off, blackmail and to wooth your ego, because you are done here.  Please do not come back wasting my time denying either, the evidence is solid and plentiful and not provided by your community.  This is our research and work with other higher ups. Just read your text messages, Joann has nothing to do with this, your actions themselves have brought us in.  I am meeting a Mr. Sabora today to get the files regarding your patient broker connections.  Write an article full of lies I dare you, like your last one I read…lol.  Your actions are catching up to you.  Trust me it doesn’t stop with Mr. Sabora.  You talk a big talk but that is all.  Hope you are ready fo the spotlight. Also talk to me man to man instead of being a woman and gossiping with screenshots or should I post all yours as well?  You sent a lot of lies out in text yesterday. Ah yes, also after looking back over things.  Please do not waste your time trying to convince me how great you are and the good you do.  Actions are stronger than words.  My request is if you do not want your dirty out to the publiic again DO NOT convince me otherwise there is just too much on you.  I can see why you are running around saying us being here is a bad thing, but our actions speak for themselves, you are scared because we will wipe out the bad. Anyways, I’ll expect to hear back from you to stop the bullshit now.  You and I, nobody else, I am tracking this, I will know the second your screenshot this and will cut communication and have everyone blast everything we have.  If you have a problem I would rather work it out then bring anyone down, everyone deserves a chance. For the record, you and only you brougght anonymous into this community, with your false article. Keep an eye on your message requests you will be getting a couple messages, one from a leader in our law group and the other from the leader of our group local to you.  They will be dealing with this from here on out.  Same rules goes here, we will track all of our messages, all communication will be severed the second a save is detected.  This is in your best interest to stop your witch hunt and face your accusers, again discuss and rectify and it goes away.  We do not specialize in destroying people only righting wrongs, change your ways Mr. Seeman and we vanish.  Good luck.”

Jamie Waller Denies Sending Any Messages

In a private Facebook chat between William Charles and Jamie Waller, Jamie Waller denies ever sending any threatening messages to William Charles and William Marotta. He also alleges that Joann Miller has access to his other Jamie Waller account and claims he’s been “hacked”. He admits to being a computer programmer but denies being a hacker. He admits that he has helped Joann Miller build and manage her websites and claims he’s done it for free. But he denies everything else.

The individual who sent messages to William Charles was very authoritative, acting like judge and jury. If Jamie Waller is the sender and has such proof and truth on his side, then why is the real Jamie Waller denying everything? We don’t know, but one thing is obvious. Joann Miller is behind the attacks.  See the screenshot of Jamie Waller denying sending any messages.


Is Joann Miller Behind the Jamie Waller Threats and Libelous Comments Against William Marotta, William Charles and This Community?

Libel LawWhile the above is filled with generalizations, lies and scare tactics / threats, several things that were said (along with the proof that Jamie Waller and Joann Miller are working together) suggest that Joann Miller is behind the defamation attempts.

1. The “Jamie Waller” account suggested that William Charles use his “real name” and then referred to him as “Mr. Seeman”.  This is the same inadvertent misspelling of his last name that Joann Miller makes on a regular basis.

2. The “Jamie Waller” account referred very specifically to text messages William sent the night before, which were only sent to an individual who works with the treatment center that Joann was recently terminated from.

3. Current and previous dealings between Joann Miller and Jamie Waller to tear down other good people have been well established in this article.

4. After a group discussion that included all 4 recovery advocates, a representative from Anonymous and Jamie Waller, Jamie Waller denies having ever sent William Charles and William Marotta any messages.  He further claims that Joann Miller had access to his other account.

Whether Jamie Waller is working with Joann Miller and is now in denial because he was caught or Joann Miller was using his account, it’s clear that Joann Miller is behind these libelous attacks.  It’s also clear that Joann Miller is angry and lashing out at William Charles because he has contacted the treatment center she worked for with detailed information related to previous attacks and defamatory comments she’s made against William Marotta of Choose Freedom.  Below is his story along with the story of Norma Jean.  But first, a little more about Joann Miller.

Joann Miller Creates Fake Accounts and Conversations as “Proof” on Facebook

Joann Miller uses several accounts on Facebook to peddle her agenda, including the fake accounts “Trevor Thomas” and “Jimmy Parsons”.  She claims she used fake accounts in the past to bust drug dealers, but today, it appears to be to tarnish and damage good people’s hard earned reputation.

Even more scary and unimaginable, something none of us writing this article could conjure in our wildest dreams, Joann Miller admits to creating fake accounts for legitimate individuals in order to create fictitious conversations and offer them as “proof”.  As an example, Joann Miller could create two fake accounts, one for William Charles and one for William Marotta.  Each account would appear legitimate, unless you clicked on their profiles and saw that they’re practically empty other than a profile picture that matches the real accounts.  Joann Miller would then login to each fake account, host a conversation of lies making it appear that conversations that never happened took place.  Joann would then take screenshots of them and use them as “evidence” to peddle her malicious and very illegal agenda.  See the below screenshot.


How Joann Miller and Jamie Waller Illegally Damaged Billy Pfaff and His Career

Many of you may remember the name Billy Pfaff.  Well Billy Pfaff still runs a page known as “Opioid Warrior” and continues on with his mission and work.  Joann Miller was obsessed with him and previously supported his work.  However, after Billy Pfaff had a falling out with an organization he was involved with, Joann Miller – with the help of Jamie Waller, went after him with the intent to destroy his life and career.

Back when all this was going on, Billy Pfaff and his team accused Joann Miller of being a hacker.  Joann Miller, who claimed to know nothing about computers kept prevailing her innocence and mlany of us believed her.  But evidence has recently come to light that Joann had enlisted Jamie Waller’s help to “play both side of the fence” to obtain information.  Furthermore, Billy Pfaff and his Facebook pages were hacked.

Today, Joann Miller and Jamie Waller are working together on her websites Heroin Bulletin and Holy Addiction and appear to be targeting other good people in an attempt to bring them down for Joann Miller’s own selfish, destructive behavior.

Joann Miller – Self Proclaimed “Social Media Monster”

Is Methadone AddictiveJoann Miller, self proclaimed “Social Media Monster” has claimed on dozens of occasions that she doesn’t know a thing about computers and the internet.  When she first started getting paid for whatever services she could provide, since she doesn’t own a single social media venue with more than 10,000 followers, she piggybacked off over other people’s venues and hard work in order to get paid.

When William Charles confronted Joann about the “fake followers” rumor, she blamed it on Sam, the owner of the radio station that runs “Recovery Radio” whom she illegally contacted in attempt to make money on her own while working as an agent for Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide.  The contract/agreement William Charles still has on files shows she was in violation of the agreement.  Screenshots of Joann Miller’s allegation against Sam for starting rumors along with the agreement Joann Miller signed can be produced on request.

Somehow, she has fooled several “clients” (including Reliance Treatment Center) into thinking she can cultivate growth for their Facebook pages and makes over $6000 a month between all her clients.  Instead, she sits around an makes memes and 2 minute commercials that don’t do anyone any good if they’re not adequately promoted.

She owns two small websites that don’t yet rank on Alexa known as Heroin Bulletin and Holy Addiction.  While Holy Addiction appears to contain some original content, Heroin Bulletin contains strictly duplicate content, written by and for someone else related to the heroin epidemic.

When Joann and William Charles were friends, she used to consult him for tips and strategies for cultivating growth of websites and social media.  But ever since she started getting paid for her work, she came an overnight “expert”.

Joann Miller is a “Monster” alright, but doesn’t know the first thing about Social Media other than piggy backing off of other’s hard work.

Did Joann Miller Really Lose a Child to Heroin Overdose?

Joann Miller has claimed on numerous occasions that she’s lost a son to heroin overdose.  Yet, nobody has been able to find any signs that a third son died let alone ever existed.  Most mothers and father’s who’ve lost their child to a drug overdose are true recovery advocates for the cause of raising awareness on behalf of their lost child.  Joann Miller doesn’t even have a picture of her allegedly lost son on her Facebook profile.  The photos you see in this article show her with her two sons, the only two anyone knows about. Both are still alive.

Just earlier tonight, Norma Jean asked Joann Miller about her son who allegedly died of an overdose.  She finally revealed a name “Brian Thomas” and said his dad was “Trevor Thomas” – another fake account used by Joann Miller.  However, upon investigation, the only Brian Thomas that was found that died didn’t die from an overdose, was from Iowa and the dad’s name wasn’t Trevor.  His name was “James”.  After pointing this out, she then claimed her lost son was adopted.  After this conversation, Joann Miller has threatened to sue Norma Jean and had previously threatened to sue William Charles.  All Joann Miller would have to do to prove she lost a son would be to provide a yearbook photo and a legitimate obituary.  However, Joann cannot or will not produce it

Most parents who lost a child sing their child’s name to the mountain top, spreading awareness about addiction and recovery in his or her name.  Not Joann Miller.  She refuses to talk about it and cannot or will not provide legitimate information that proves he ever existed.

We have loads of sympathy and empathy for parents that have lost a child, let alone to an overdose.  Thus, if Joann Miller isn’t telling the truth, then she makes a mockery of those who legitimately lost someone.  We hope Joann Miller isn’t lying about this one.

Norma Jean’s Story – Admin of New Age Recovery and Former Sponsor of Joann Miller

The Background – Norma Jean and Jamie Waller

Jamie Waller is a man that I met online ironically enough. At the time that I met him my father was ill, and I was in the middle of a divorce. He came to me and said that he knew me growing up, stated “you use to chase me and try to bite me”. I honestly to this day still do not remember him as a child. He still lives in The North Meadows where I grew up, he lives with his mom. At first I did not think much of it, as he was easy to talk to. In talking with him, he told me that he is now a preacher and helps those in need. He would always offer to help and I would deny his help time and time again. After months of getting to know him “online” (he always had a excuse as to why he couldn’t meet me in person, even though we lived 10 minutes from each other) I started to accept some of his “help”. Mostly we would send me gift cards, for target to get food or movie theater gift cards to take my kids for a day of fun. I reluctantly accepted the gifts, and he would always laugh at me stating “you are just not use to people being good human beings” he would say “this is what anonymous is about and that one day I will be able to give back as well”.

I guess after time went on I became brain washed…. we messaged every day; I told him my secrets… I told him how I found my mom dead of a overdose in my home. I even eventually told him that I was addicted to pain pills. He made everything seem okay, made me feel safe. It was nice. Until one day I get a message from a woman claiming to be his wife, I was so taken back all together. I messaged back and forth with her and I confronted Jamie and stopped talking to him. Some time passed and my dad was admitted in the ICU, it was a rough three months. My father crashed three times, everything was so up and down.

The Start of a Relationship Between Norma Jean and Jamie Waller

Meanwhile Jamie never truly left me alone he would message me and text me and I would just ignore it. Well when my dad died he messaged me and I talked with him. This right here was the biggest mistake I ever made. I started to really let him in, he told me that he left his wife. The funniest part is I messaged his wife and she confirmed to me that they were not together, she told me that she was living with her parents and that Jamie was insane and she just wanted to finish her nursing school degree and move on. All the while he is telling me another story about how she is lazy and never worked and neglected their kids. Do not ask me how but I ended up falling for all of it, and I actually felt sorry for him. He would tell me how his dad uses to beat him, and how his mom was verbally abusive and a user. I suppose you could say at this point we started some sort of a relationship? I am still confused about this aspect of it, because we only saw each other in person a handful of times over maybe a year and half since the first day he messaged me on Facebook.

Jamie Waller Pays Norma’s Bills to Help Her

So as time goes on I start to tell him how badly I wanted to get off the pain pills, and he kept saying that he would pay my bills and make sure my children were cared for so that I could detox. He started asking me for information, I gave him everything on me, this man has my social security number, he had my credit card account, every account that I owned he knew the passwords and the login information. The sad part is I was sick and I truly trusted him. He told me that I should just detox at home and he would care for me. I started to see him paying some of my past due bills, which started to make me think this was really real…. Like there was actually a person who cared about another human being without judgment or bias. I would ask him about how he could afford all this, and he told me he is a trader. He said that he trades “fiat” for bitcoin.

Jamie Waller Trades Money for Bitcoins

You see he believes that actually money (fiat) as we know it will not be in existence very soon. He told me all the banks are corrupt and that there is so much that I do not know. Little by little he would explain some things to me not to overwhelm me. Honestly this made me feel special, like he trusted me as much as I trusted him. He would tell me about this Tracy woman who was addicted to drugs and that she was insane and he had to save her life several time because she attempted suicide. He would ask for my advice as I had a pill addiction and lived with addicted parents my whole life.

Jamie Waller’s Promise to Help Norma Jean Detox

Okay so I am ready to detox, he is suppose to come to my house during this time and help me. Well every date I chose was not good for him, or something would come up last minute that he could not do it i.e. the other anons needed him in Washington DC, or some big task force was in the process and they could not do anything without his leadership. I truly started to believe all these stories and thought, “wow what a great man, he helps so many”. I did not want to be selfish so I would always say okay, let’s pick another day this went on for a while.

Money Jamie Waller Paid to Help Normal Starts to Bounce Back

Well, now payments he made to help me stay caught up on my rent and bills started to bounce back? This was so unexpected as these payments he made did not bounce until months and months later. He would always have a really good reason and use legal mumbo jumbo that I did not understand at the time. I accepted his reasoning, and worked my ass off to try and pay the stuff that kept bouncing.

During this time, I would start to question him about money because now I was in even more debt than when I met him? I had to pay late payment fees, bounced payment fees, I couldn’t even send in a bill payment I had to go and pay cash because they thought I was making fraudulent payments due to the bounced payments made by Jamie.

Jamie Waller’s Ongoing Reasons Why Bills He Paid Are Bouncing

At this point I am beyond stressed and still using pills, and now Jamie was threatening to kill himself, saying he was to overwhelmed and everyone wants something from him. I started to even feel bad for him, and said okay well just take care of your stuff and I will take care of mine. I worked a full time job and waitressed on the side. I was barely making it but I was making it I made payment arrangements with my bills and was on state aid. Now in the mist of all this Jamie would go back and forth between personalities I guess you could say. One week saying oh let me buy that for you, or just out of the blue he would say I submitted a payment to your phone bill etc. I was getting so stressed because I did not know if his payments would go through or not? You see I set up all these arrangements and had to mkake them on time or I would get disconnected. And since I would never know what would bounce that he paid or when it would bounce I literally had no control over my financial life, in addition he took over my personal life. He would say look I you cannot repeat this but I am able to access peoples text messages, and messages on facebook and you cannot trust this person, they have bad intentions for you.. I would believe him and surely stop talking to most of my friends and family.

Jamie Waller’s Hacking Abilities

Eventually I had enough; I could not do this anymore. I wanted to be sober so bad, I wanted my life back, I wanted Jamie to just leave me alone. Honestly I was afraid to tell him to leave me alone because I knew he could hack my life as he always told me how he knows how to hack people. I literally watched him hack accounts before. I talked with a few people and they kept saying you just have to cut ties period he will never leave you alone. So eventually that is exactly what I did.

I blocked his phone number, I blocked his facebook I would never open any email he sent me (because he told me that if someone even opens up certain emails that is how he gets in their accounts). He got angry and that is putting this mildly. I simply just wanted to be left alone. I was already all alone with just my children and I. The fathers of my children were in jail, my parents are both dead, I literally had two friends that I trusted at this time. And I was skeptical of them even because he told me they were talking to him about me behind my back.

Jamie Waller Threatens Norma Through Multiple Accounts

After I blocked him I would start to receive threats from different accounts, and different phone numbers. I ignored all of it, at first I was just responding “leave me alone”, “please leave me alone” and when I was super crabby “leave me the FUCK alone”. He would text my children and tell them that I was mentally ill and he was having me committed to a mental ward. He was contacting my friends and associates telling them the same thing. He told me he knew the owner of the company that I worked for and was getting me fired. Well as time went on I didn’t even respond with the “leave me alone” I would simply block whatever number and pretend it did not happen because he literally had me in fear each and every day I never knew what would happen? Strange things were left on my porch, strange cars driving by my home, strange noises heard in the back yard, random number texting me and calling me threatening my life, my well being and my career. He then threatened to call CPS and tell them I was abusing my children. I laughed this off and thought ya go ahead and do it I have nothing to hide if anything at all I am a good mom.

Lets pause here….

How Norma Jean Got Clean and Sober

Around the time that I blocked Jamie Waller from my life, I got sober, I laid in my bed for two weeks and sweat out a 8 year pain pill addiction. For me this was life or death, and I wanted, NEEDED my life back. My children needed me, and I wanted to be a better person for them, and for me. After I got sober is when I met a man who wrote a song about loosing his mom to a overdose. When I heard this song I cried I broke down, I let it all out. After that I contacted the artist of this song to thank him, and it turned into a friendship that I am blessed to have. This man started to teach me real recovery and how to be strong and how to let go of control. Somehow he saw something in me and put me in New Age Recovery, and than made me admin. He did not know all the drama that was my life because I was embarrassed, ashamed really. And I did not think anyone would believe me anyways because if Jamie is good at anything it is manipulating, please understand this man is very very good and believable.


I am ignoring Jamie, and working as an admin in New Age Recovery, working my ass off, taking care of my kids, and most importantly I am sober! Oh so sober, sweet sobriety I can think clearly the fog is GONE. Things are starting to go well, I am making new friends in recovery left and right! It is absolutely amazing!

Joann Miller’s (Trevor Thomas) Account

In group there was a profile Trevor Thomas. I loved his posts really cool memes and stuff. I would always comment on them. One day I get a message from Trevor saying “I am not a man, I am a woman”. I was taken back but I do not like people judging me so I just said okay. She would later tell me she uses that account to take down drug dealers, and Trevor was her husbands facebook account.

Honestly I thought it was cool I HATE DRUG DEALERS after all they killed my mom. I am not sure if this is why she picked me to confided in I still cant grasp it all. Any how she eventually told me her name was Joann and that she had a son die to overdose, and that she also used and was clean and sober. She eventually asked me to sponsor her. I told her that I have never sponsored before and that I do not think I would have enough time for her, I said lets be friends and I will sponsor you and help you through the steps as much as I can. In fact I will work them with you too. As time went on she came into New Age Recovery under her true profile “Joann Miller”.

Norma’s Friendship and Sponsorship with Joann Miller Begins

Joann Miller and I have become very close over the last year, well at least that is what I thought anyhow. Jamie Waller was still at stalking me from a far. I tell Joann about him and she goes off on her own and pursues him telling me in a effort to protect me. I told her he is manipulative and just leave it be I did not want to muddy the already wavy waters. She didn’t listen she wanted to apparently protect me. Well this is where I believe her and my stalker Jamie Waller became the best of friends.

Joann Miller and Jamie Waller Take Down Billy Pfaff And Lies to Norma About Their Friendship

From what I understand they took down Bill Pfaff together. I do not know Billy Pfaff, I only have my opinions of him so I will not state anything in relation to all of that. Joann assured she was no longer talking Jamie and that he was crazy and now threatening her too. Now since this time of Billy Pfaff and all that mess, I am sitting here thinking Jamie is gone he has left me alone. Joann states she is not associated with him.

Well in this last week, I am seeing Jamie Waller and four of his profiles on live feeds and freaking out. I question Joann about it she tells me to just ignore it says that he is just trying to scare me. Well I am glad I didn’t listen to her, I put a posting in a private group for admins showing all his accounts and letting them know this man is evil and sick…

Well within an hour random messages are coming through some threatening me to leave him alone, I am confused because I did not make this public I only shared it in a admin private group.

Joann Miller and Jamie Waller Conspire Against Norma Jean and Bully Multiple People

Here is the conclusion, Joann never stopped talking to Jamie Waller, in fact he was running pages with her. They have been threatening people in private messages and causing havoc within the entire recovery community. It is absolutely horrible I am sick to my stomach with the entire situation.

When this article comes out I will be doing a live feed speaking on all of this and everything I have uncovered. Thank you for listening to me. Please be careful who you trust these are horrible people. Sick and twisted so much so that I actually feel bad for them. I believe they are mentally ill and truly need help. I know of two women that Jamie has taken for more than $10,000.00 at this point. He sucks them in stating that he is a trader and can invest their money in bitcoin and double it in days.. However these women never see their money again.

Please see below information and all the contact info I have gathered on Mr. Waller. I also have a permenant restraining order against this man, however that does not stop him. He has a harrasment charge and has been running from the law. From what I was told he by the DA he has a warrant out for his arrest.

Jamie Waller’s Public Information

Jamie Waller a.k.a Altered Preacher a.k.a Anon Preacher a.k.a James Preacher a.k.a Trevor a.k.a. James Faulkner a.k.a. James Fawker a.k.a. Trevor Fawker a.k.a. Valentine Vanhouten a.k.a Marshall Fawkes

Criminal Reports:
The following infraction details were found on this record:
Date of Offense
Court Case Number
Court Date
Court Disposition
Court Level
Court Offense
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The following infraction details were found on this record:
Date of Offense
Court Case Number
Court Date
Court Disposition
Court Level
Court Offense
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The following infraction details were found on this record:
Date of Offense
Court Case Number
Court Date
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Court Level
Court Offense
Sentence Date
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The following infraction details were found on this record:
Date of Offense
Court Case Number
Court Date
Court Disposition
Court Offense
Sentence Date
Show identifying info associated with this record

The following infraction details were found on this record:
Date of Offense
Court Case Number
Court Date
Court Disposition
Court Level
Court Offense

William Marotta of Choose Freedom – How Joann Miller Defamed, Libeled and Attempted to Destroy His Life

My name is William Marotta. I am the publisher of the blog called Choose Freedom. I am 27 years old & have 3 years clean & sober. I have never really considered myself an advocate for several reasons. Being 27 years old has taught me that I still have so much to learn about life, I still have so much to learn about myself & unfortunately, there is evil in the world that I do not really care to deal with.

Insert Joann Miller

Joann & I built a friendship over the internet when I had shared one of her pictures from a page called Heroin News, now owned by William Charles. Truth be told, I think she was upset by me using it on my blog without asking permission. I am not really sure. That should have alarmed me from the beginning. Well anyway, she quickly added me as an editor on her pages & I added her to mine, Choose Freedom.

Things were great up until everything began to surface with Billy Pfaff. Without picking sides, I think the way that unfolded was insane. Something that William Charles & I have now spent time talking about.

It is very important to note that during all of this, Joann Miller set out to turn me against William Charles. She succeeded. I hated him. He hated me.

The reason this vendetta was created between her & I was because she posted in a closed group that she was going to get high. I spent hours calling, texting & speaking with her. However, I made the mistake of telling someone she might have relapsed. It was a concerned friend so I did not feel like it was something that was incredibly negative.

Weeks later, I was accused of patient brokering which seems to be her go to move.

It is incredibly important to understand that this entire time i was conditioned to believe that people like William Charles. were terrible people & had no fit in this community. Joann even went as far to tell me his program was only bashing others & degrading other pathways.

Joann Miller Starting Rumors About William Charles

Rumors that Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide has “fake followers” was started by Joann.  She also claimed that RJ Vied wouldn’t let him do a video on his page because “he’s so bad”, which when confronted, RJ stated that this wasn’t true.  In fact, RJ Vied has previously invited William Charles to do a video on his page.



Putting that even more in perspective, It was just a fews ago that Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide published an article crippling anything I had ever accomplished.

Let’s fast forward for times sake. This entire time I had built an enemy because I no longer wanted her to write on my page. Well, this lady has messaged just about everyone of my friends until someone was willing to listen.

Joan Miller “Social Media Monster”

She declares herself as a “social media monster” while telling people like Norma Jean and William Charles that she knows nothing about computers.

Joann Miller, Trevor Thomas, Jimmy Parsons – All One Person

Joann has claimed to have several fake accounts, one of which is Trevor Thomas. Another, Jimmy Parsons. So, I dare to ask, hoping that someone logical is reading, is there a reason for that?

Now keep in mind that Joann Miller has admitted to William Charles amongst others that she controls the “Jimmy Parsons” account.  Why is she talking about herself and why is she trying to convince others that Jimmy Parsons isn’t her?


Joann Miller Makes Fake Accounts that Mimic Real People To Frame People

She has also taken the time to create fake accounts that mimic accounts that are already made by people. The screen shots are attached of her admitting she can do this to make up screen shots.

According to Jamie Waller, who told William Charles, this account was just recently created


Jamie Waller conversation with William Charles when he was alleedly investigating who may be potentially hacking his account.


William Charles, Normal and I believe that Joann Miller created this account the other day so she can start creating damaging screenshots of FAKE conversations.

How to Determine the Day and Time of a Message

However, all we have to do is ask her to hold the message down for a date/time stamp.  If it just shows the time, it’s today.  If it just shows the day and time, it’s this week.  If it shows the whole date and time, it’s over a week ago.  Any alleged messages between me and Joann the week of 1/31/3026 or after are completely fabricated.

Joann Miller Spreads Lies About William Marotta to Everyone He Knows, Family, Friends and Employer

She has also taken the time to message family members, friends & go out of her way to call people like my employer, other advocates & people in this community slandering my name. Screen shots also attached.


Ongoing threatening messages with claims that Joann Miller is terrorizing William because of Joann Miller and joined the Facebook group “New Age Recovery” to go after its main admin Brandon Kutchera.


I was ready to move forward & continue working to help others until this most recent event.

Who is Jamie Waller?

Jamie has a restraining order against him by Joann Millers sponsor. He also claims to have affiliations with “anonymous” & has frequent conversations with Joann.

Below is a copy of the email the “Jamie Waller” account sent William Charles the night before he/she sent threats of defamation to William Charles.  Apparently he wasn’t under her/his attack until he defended me and notified RJ.


The Jamie Waller” account and I had a 4 hour long conversation which he threatened and badgered me almost the entire time.  It’s important to note that two days later, Jamie Waller under another account claims he didn’t have any conversation with me or William Charles.


More Messages from “Jamie Waller” Claiming To Have been “Sent” By Joann Miller


The “real” Jamie Waller denies any involvement with these messages and claims his other account “above” was hacked.


Here is my issue.

It seems as if Joann is posing as Jamie Waller. After several conversations with Joanns ex-sponsor (Norma Jean, who is a great friend of mine) it seems clear that Jamie wants nothing but her attention & wouldn’t put this much energy into a conversation lasting as long as it did. Several times referencing things that only Joann has ever said to me, makes me think that she has nothing but time.

I am attaching screen shots of the conversation for time purposes.


The conclusion of all of this seems to be that no matter what angle you look at it from. Joann is out to get people & is either posing as, or working with a computer hacker Jamie Waller. I have never talked poorly about her. If you are reading this and know me well enough, you have heard me praise her beyond belief.

Before my page even had a following, I gave her so much credit for helping me learn. Unfortunately, I was manipulated into just helping her grow her own personal name as the “Social Media Monster.”

Take it for what it is worth, does anyone really know who Joann Miller is? it that in fact a fake account as well?


Joann Miller has created a number of false and misleading statements and offers “proof” through screenshots she fabricated by conjuring fake account for real people, hosting a fake conversation and then offering it as proof.  She has taken down Billy Pfaff, caused significant emotional and psychological damage to Norma Jean and has attempted to defame and unfairly malign William Charles and William Marotta.

Thanks for reading.

William Charles, William Marotta and Norma Jean

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2 thoughts on “Joann Miller “Social Media Monster”, Terminated From Treatment Center For Cyber Bullying?

  1. Just finished reading the article and am apalled at your blatant disrespect for privacy. I am someone who does know Jamie Waller. It is extremely distasteful for you to blast someone you used to date. There are no words to describe the things you are trying to accomplish by putting oneself down. Do you know how to be positive. I happen to love the man you seem to want to make out to be a monster.. He is not. You should take a good long look in the mirror.

    • Shannon,

      Right to privacy? This is a very public community that has been harassed, threatened and libeled by both of these individuals. Instead of directing your anger towards me and this community for defending itself against cyber bullying, why don’t you speak to your friend Jamie Waller who has been plaguing me with threats of defamation, lawsuits and going to the police – which ironically, the only illegal activity going on is coming from Jamie Waller and his baseless threats.

      If you don’t think we are positive, perhaps you should take a good look at the other 200 plus articles that have been written to education, inspire and help people. Perhaps you should ask him about the unwarranted messages Jamie / Joann sent me long before I had to publicly defend myself and this community by writing a very truthful article.

      Shannon Dellapiazza, I don’t’ know your relationship to Jamie Waller, but perhaps you should ask him to stop engaging in cyber bullying, threatening, defamation and hacking – all of which I have substantial proof of.

      As for being positive, I help people on a daily basis get the addiction treatment they want, need and deserve. I’m not sure what you do and I have nothing personal against you. But I feel quite good about what I do. And if I have to call out cyber bullies for their threatening behavior once and awhile, I will do that as it is my right to free speech.

      Best regards,

      William – Founder/Publisher of this community

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