We Don’t Always Get a Second Chance – A Poem About Drug Overdose by Chanda Lynn

Chanda Lynn Poem about Drug and Heroin OverdosePoetry has a way of penetrating deep within, stirring emotion and cultivating change like no other form of writing.  It’s through imagery and words that poetry reaches and reminds us of deep rooted unfulfilled longings.  Poetry helps individuals understand the topic it touches and relate to individuals on a much more personal level.  Below, Chanda Lynn our newest recovery advocate, editor and writer allocates an alluring masterpiece that touches on the very serious subject of drug and heroin overdose.

Many members, followers, visitors and readers may be desensitized to the words “heroin overdose” because it’s seen and discussed frequently.  But the seriousness of the subject can’t be emphasized enough.  We are talking about a loss of life, the death of someone’s son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father.  The thought of a drug overdose may not scare you if the heroin and addiction epidemic has not yet reached your family.  But I can assure you that it has reached your town.  Educate yourselves and protect your children.  Without further due, please read the below poem written by Chanda Lynn.

You Don’t Always Get a Second Chance – A Poem About Drug Overdose by Chanda Lynn

They found you laying, your back was on the ground
Your arms flopped over your head
Your face was blue, your breathing gurgled
They said “Oh, God is she dead?”
Mouth to mouth and CPR
Your body felt so cold,
“Someone call 911!”
“She’s dying from an overdose!”
Your mom was sobbing uncontrollably
Your little brother kept screaming “someone help us please!”
Strangers and passerby’s ran to you,
911 was on the phone saying “can you hear her breathe?”
We don’t always get that second chance,
Sometimes we don’t wake up,
You gotta get out while you still have time
Hold on to the ones you love.
They kept pressing your chest,
Repeatedly, 2 breaths in and out,
Your face was pale and your eyes were rolled back,
As you layed there on the ground.
Your mom was frantic, making deals with God,
Your little brother was crying rocking back and forth
Sirens roared in the distance they screamed
“They are getting close.”
A cop pulled up in his patrol car
He ran to you and threw his bag down,
Your mom begged him to use narcan,
Saying “She’s not breathing at all now!”
He grabbed his bag and put on gloves,
And sprayed the narcan up your nose two times,
Your mom was smacking you in the face,
“Come on baby, wake up, I can’t live if you die!”
Sometimes we don’t wake up,
You gotta get out while you still have time,
Don’t play russian roulette with a needle and a bag,
It may cost you your life.
You took your first breath and your mom lost hers,
She melted in your little brothers arms,
They loaded you up in the ambulance,
They followed behind you in their car.
Your vitals were weak but present,
You woke up in withdrawals and pain,
But the tears and hugs from your mom and brother,
Left you feeling changed, never to be the same.
In that hospital you fought,
A nasty arm infection and fluid on your lungs,
But you prayed each and every hour,
That the break would finally come,
And you made a promise that you knew if you broke,
You wouldn’t be able to walk away,
And you chose life, you chose your family, you chose love,
And you went home and you stayed.
Now you’re a year in recovery,
Telling your story to those who still suffer,
Strong, you spread a message of hope,
Because we do recover.
It’s true, sometimes we don’t wake up,
You see the videos of us dying,
You see the ambulance pull up on a cell phone recording,
You see our friends and family crying,
But sometimes we get a second chance,
When we know we don’t have much time,
And we hold on to the ones that we love,
Because we know if we don’t we’ll die.
Pray for the addict still sick and suffering,
Spread this message of hope,
Let them know we are overcomers,
Shatter the stigma, and let them know again,
That we can and we do recover.

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5 thoughts on “We Don’t Always Get a Second Chance – A Poem About Drug Overdose by Chanda Lynn

  1. Pingback: Chanda Lynn is our Newest Writer / Blogger & Editor for the Heroin News Facebook Page - Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide

  2. Not one person one Rehab.
    Our the all mighty above seems to want to really help, or I wouldn’t be a fiend so long many times many ways put all I had in getting clean. So far with negative results.guess I will die a dope fiend. At 63 yrs n decades of dependency no one knows how to help, please don’t waste my time n yours till you KNOW
    you can help. Thanks RRP

  3. Allways lookin for a way to be clean. So you got something new groups n state rehabs are no help to me. Usually a trigger to use cause of the total let down.
    Get a grip dudes find something new, or old if it works. Thanks for your time. I’m all ears.

  4. Help those need It most.
    Can’t do much as guesser try so hard but fail miserably.
    That can’t be good for you.
    But become numb to it.
    Help us one and all. God bless

  5. Totaly sick right now n have been since August 27th the day I got shot in dope house in northern California.
    Tried 2 rehabs with no closure guess no hope for me OK time to get right no matter how I do it.
    Nothin changes. I’m screwed.

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