Chanda Lynn is our Newest Writer / Blogger & Editor for the Heroin News Facebook Page

Chanda LynnKill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is on the lookout for talented recovery advocates that can help us with our mission of raising awareness, helping men and women suffering from heroin and drug addiction find the best treatment and top drug rehab facilities and encouraging recovering addicts in their journey towards a better life.  Recently, we found Chanda Lynn, an exceptional individual who has already inspired hundreds of thousands through her poetry and advocacy videos.  Thus, we are pleased to announce that Chanda Lynn has joined our team of recovery advocates and will be responsible for editing the Heroin News Facebook page and writing blogs, poetry and doing videos for this website community.

As the founder and publisher of this community, I am honored to work with and alongside of some extremely talented, gifted and caring individuals who support our mission to reach and help as many people as we can.  By getting men and women into the best addiction treatment centers, educating the public and encouraging those in recovery to stay clean and sober, we are truly working to Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide.

Chanda Lynn will be working with William Charles (Owner/Founder/Publisher), Megan Sarah (Writer/Blogger), Crystale Oertle (Assistant Publisher) and Franky Valentine (Editor and Forum Co-Moderator) to spread the word and reach the masses.  Chanda will be primarily responsible for managing / editing the Heroin News Facebook page, making / publishing videos on the Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Facebook Page and writing poetry and educational content for this addiction & recovery blog.  Read Chanda’s addiction and recovery story by visiting “The Girl, The Demon – Chanda Lynn’s Addiction & Recovery Story” on our heroin addiction & recovery discussion forum.

Chanda has already written several articles for our blog before the publication of this press release.  You can view them by clicking the links below:

We Don’t Always Get a Second Chance – A Poem About Drug Overdose by Chanda Lynn

What is Kratom? Can it Help Ease Heroin/Opiate Withdrawals?

The Failing War on Drugs – Modern Day Persecution of Drug Addicts

More About Chanda Lynn

Chanda Lynn addiction and recoveryChanda started getting high at the early age of 16 and was a mother by the age of 20.  Yet despite a difficult upbringing, she became the master of her own life and recovery with over two years clean and sober.  Chanda is the personification of truly reinventing one’s self.  Her personal story and recovery has led her to outspoken advocacy, using her writing, poetry and video persona to reach and help others.  Chanda is a true recovery advocate and we feel confident that she will make an excellent addition to our national heroin epidemic organization.

Below is a piece of her addiction and recovery story she recently shared on our heroin forum.

“…On December 27th,2014, I had faith the size of a mustard seed (probably smaller) and for a moment or two, I believed I could recover from this life. I left town for 4 days and went cold turkey. I didn’t believe it was my last time using. Because thinking something like that scared me. But, on the third day I woke up. To everything. The guilt and shame reminded me that I was in fact human. The fog was lifted from my eyes. The desperation lessened. I realized everything I was and everything I had done. For the first time, I separated myself, from my addiction. I realized that I wasn’t that demon. That demon was that demon and I was me.

Now, I have over 2 years and counting in recovery. Something that part of me, deep down in that cage, wanted for me. It took me a very long time to realize, that that part of me, in that cage, was actually who I am. The rest, I fear, was not. If recovery is possible for me, it is possible for you. I don’t mean that in a cliche way, I truly mean that. Choose life.”

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and Heroin news

The Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide online recovery community and family of websites which includes Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC) was born from a single “God inspired” idea to reach and help as many people suffering and recovering from addiction, and their families.

While the primary focus of Heroin News is to inform and keep the public up-to-date on the latest news on the heroin epidemic, addiction and recovery, the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers or NAATC raises the bar and sets standards for addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities ultra-high.

The entire Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide community went from a 1 to 1.5 million reach per month to a 1.5 to 2 million monthly. We attribute the success of the upwards and explosive growth of this community to the dedicated individuals who help to encourage and support those who find us, our members/followers and our recommended sponsors. We couldn’t and can’t do it without you!

Special thanks to our team of recovery advocates, our members/followers and our recommended sponsors for believing in us and for helping us reach the masses and save lives!

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2 thoughts on “Chanda Lynn is our Newest Writer / Blogger & Editor for the Heroin News Facebook Page

  1. I would love to find out how I can help in my community there has been some many overdoses in the last 6 wake alone it’s sad and it breaks my heart I am also a recovery addict I have 4 yrs sober and I would really like to be involved in awareness and prevention and educating people about addiction!!

    • Melissa,

      Welcome to our heroin addiction and recovery community. There are multiple ways you can get involved locally. Attend outreach and overdose awareness events, find programs locally and volunteer, etc. We could also use some help reaching people with our online community if you are interested in helping. Feel free to email us at for more information.

      Peace and Love,

      William – Publisher of this Community

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