Why Legacy Village Recovery Center of California Is Recommended By This Community

Legacy Village Recovery Centers LogoLegacy Village Recovery Center is a new, tranquil dual diagnosis drug rehab facility that provides personalized and holistic care to men and women suffering from heroin and drug addiction in Bakersfield, California.  Their dedicated staff have multiple years of combined experience and their facility is clean, comfortable and cozy.  Legacy Village combines modern treatment modalities with the classic 12 step methodology to maximize each client’s chance at long-term and lasting recovery.  Legacy Village Recovery Center has been approved for recommendation on Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide.

Legacy Village hasn’t been around long.  But we believe their facility, programs and staff are top notch.  After CEO Dennis Farmer reached out to William Charles, Founder and Publisher of this community to learn more about becoming listed on this popular website, William began doing some research on the facility and its staff.  Amongst many things, William was pleased that their primary staff and credentials were listed on their website, a seemingly rare treat in the addiction treatment and recovery profession.  Moreover, the Legacy Village Recovery Center facility is clean, cozy and aesthetical pleasing to the eye.

Legacy Village Recovery Center Promotes Structured Living

Legacy Village Recovery Center provides residential treatment, outpatient therapy and sober living.  The staff at Legacy Village believe the key to successful addiction treatment and long-term recovery is deliberate and purposeful structured living and learning to reinvent the mind, body and soul in a way that bring contentment without using any mind-altering substances.  By establishing and maintaining daily routines that promote health and wellness of the three, men and women can live a life of freedom from their disease of addiction.

Legacy Village Recovery Centers and Sober Living

Sober living is a critical interim stage after addiction treatment that enables men and women fresh out of rehab to live in a controlled and structured environment to acquire assistance and help getting on their feet.  Assistance includes help finding a job, balancing a checkbook, attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) / Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, cultivating daily maintenance and grooming habits and much more.  Sober living is the icing on the cake that prepares the way for independent living free from any drugs and/or alcohol.

Legacy Village – Giving Clients Back Their Legacy

Legacy Village Recovering CentersLegacy Village understands that addiction is a degenerative disease that enslaves and incinerates the mind, body and soul.  Treatment at Legacy Village involves teaching each individual how to live and be content in a world without substances and helping clients get their legacy back.  This is no easy task but if coupled with a client’s desire to get clean, hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.  Recovery is truly about reinventing ones self and renewing the mind, body and spirit to live purposefully and consciously.  It includes learning to overcome obstacles and developing healthy and constructive coping mechanisms in a way that promotes growth and contentment rather than running and hiding from difficult circumstances by using drugs and/or alcohol.

For those in Bakersfield, California and beyond, we strongly suggest consulting with Legacy Village Recovery Centers for your addiction treatment and recovery needs.

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William – Publisher and Founder of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™
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