What It’s Like To Be Addicted – A Poem by Chanda Lynn

Below, Chanda Lynn, Editor of Heroin News and writer/blogger for Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide shares one of her popular poems with this online recovery community.

What It’s Like To be Addicted

What It's Like To Be AddictedIt’s like blissfully driving 100 mph but you’re about to hit a tree,

It’s like being imprisoned by the very thing that sets you free,

It’s like trying to fix your problems by creating another one,

It’s like laying naked in a fire pit, thinking you’re basking in the sun.

It’s like being so desperate to escape, but repeating the same cycle,

Only to end up in the same place where you started, spent and tired

It’s like trying to lift an anchor, when you’re miles deep underwater,

It’s like trying to kill a 10 foot gargoyle, with only a flyswatter.

It’s like being a slave to the northern star in the sky,

It’s like being chained to the very wings that give you flight

It’s like spinning around in circles, thinking that you’ve accomplished something,

It’s like completing 100 tasks, but really completing nothing

It’s like the one thing that makes you feel so alive, is actually killing you

It’s like taking all of your free-will away, but you’re told you still choose.

It’s like having this over-whelming obsession, but trying to think of something else,

It’s like fighting a bloody battle inside of your head, hoping someone else can help.

It’s like finding the one thing that finally fixes you, but it also tears you apart,

It’s like sifting through the pile of your own ashes- trying to find your heart.

It’s like loving your family so much, as you stick a knife right into their back,

It’s like lying to protect your darkest secret, but telling the lies to yourself.

It’s like being imprisoned by invisible bars in your mind,

It’s like telling your mom there’s a monster under your bed, but she won’t listen AND you’re tongue tied,

It’s like loving the very thing that left you helpless, for dead,

Justifying why it didn’t mean to, and why you need have it again.

It’s like being in a house that’s on fire, but standing up to breathe,

It’s like punishing yourself, because you can’t function in the peace.

It’s like russian roulette, but believing that one bullet in the chamber won’t hit you,

Actually, it’s like knowing that it will, but you don’t care if it kills you.

~Chanda Lynn

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Written by Chanda Lynn, Blogger/Writer for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Edited and Published By William Charles, Founder/Publisher

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