Why Do I Speak Out About My Drug Addiction?

What It's Like To Be AddictedToday, I was reading through some old messages from when I was living in active addiction and regularly using drugs.  One of them read as follows.

“I never understood and never will understand why people dig themselves deeper into holes they create. They are comfortable with themselves doing so and they don’t care who they affect along the way. When giving a chance, even if it’s one step in the right direction, they pick up their shovel and dig deeper. Good luck with that. They all took you back. You met our daughter, we met your son, Johnny (name changed for privacy purposes) even watched your son.  Be careful not to be hateful towards people you should be grateful for. Now, the last thing I’m gonna say to you Chanda, you need to stop doing drugs. It’s only going to end bad.”

After reading the above message and others very similar, I remembered why I went public about my drug addiction and why I’m an advocate for addiction treatment and recovery.  I realized why I put my dirty laundry out there for the world to see.  It’s because there is so much hate towards each and every drug addict and not enough love and understanding.

I understand that my advocacy is only a drop in the everlasting bucket of hate, judgment and condemnation. But it has become highly necessary.  Advocates burn like a candle in the darkness and are like a light drizzle in the desert.  At the end of the day, even a small candle can spread some light just as a drop of water can quench a thirsty man.

Warning, the below message I received while I was still using drugs is riddled with profanity and still cuts me deep to this day.  But I feel I must share it as it only further solidifies why I advocate for recovering addicts and want to see others get the addiction treatment they want, need and deserve.

“You are a scumbag piece of shit lying bitch. Shame on you for what you have done and have been doing. You can only play the victim for so long until the truth comes out. You disgust me and I never want to see your face again. How dare you even act the way you do.  You are a terrible, unfit mother and your child deserves better. Fuck you and your lies…”

So many addicts are spoken to in this awfully horrific manner, on nearly a daily basis. I know how deep profane words can cut and what it does to an individual – especially one who is already broken like men and women suffering from the disease of addiction.

Why come forward and make all of these videos and write these blogs? Why keep talking about my past and the disease of addiction that still lives dormant within me despite the fact that I’ve successfully completed addiction treatment and have been in long-term recovery for years now?  Because the disease of addiction has no cure and waits for a chance to re-awaken and take over.  Because so many people suffering from drug and heroin addiction still need help.  After all, the recovery community is making waves in the real world right now, changing peoples perspectives, and embracing each broken and lost addict with love.  And the world is starting to listen.

It’s amazing what can happen when you break the chains of shame and share your story honestly and openly. This is why I encourage many people who’ve been through hell and back to speak out.  Our heroin addiction and recovery discussion forum is a great way to help others and garner support from other recovering addicts.  Going public with your story may encourage the sick and suffering addict to get into drug rehab or find an addiction treatment option that works for them, especially when they realize that others have been successful.  It also helps the general public that we call society understand the core issues when it comes to dealing with and fighting against addiction.

I remember feeling so alone, I had no one who understood what I was going through that would even consider treating me with compassion. Maybe deep inside of me, this is the reason I am so bold and unashamed.

With this article, I encourage you.  if you have seen the depths of hell as I have, as William has, as Megan and Crystal have and have come out on this side, of recovery, share your story.  Join our free drug addiction forum and message board. Be a fighting force in the recovery community. There are so many drug addicts that we have still yet to reach.

Until the people who have been there, share and go public with their story, we won’t be able to reach every person. Right now in our country, it is vital that our efforts become a force to be reckoned with.  Addiction is the number 1 public health cricis, despite the fact that it’s not typically treated that way.

Expect to be seeing a lot of us.  Our website community is growing each month and I will continue being bold with my advocacy for drug and heroin addicts.  Know that anyone can be an advocate.  It just takes a willingness to go public and be transparent.  Advocacy is a step in the right direction and it does save lives.

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Written by Chanda Lynn, Blogger/Writer for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Edited and Published By William Charles, Founder/Publisher

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  1. Hearing from people about what helped them “get to the other side” might be helpful for loved ones who want to help people get there, but have no idea what to do. I know there will be a lot of different responses to that because everyone is unique, but still, it could be helpful to hear what helped.

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