Just Say No To Drugs? What Happens When Your Kids Say Yes?

It’s health class, 4th period. You may see D.A.R.E. signs in the hallways at school and posters riddled with sayings like “Dare to say no to drugs” or “Just say no”.  You know not to do drugs – you’d never do drugs, right? You have class to worry about, sports, that art project, your crush, your parents… you’re far too busy to do drugs… you’re not the type. Good. Neither was I.  Most people aren’t. But life is riddled with heartbreak, loneliness and pain.  And despite good intentions to avoid drugs and alcohol, sometimes situations present themselves that make resisting drug and alcohol use that much more complicated and difficult.

Chanda’s Childhood and Choice to Say “YES” To Drug Use

Chanda Lynn Active AddictionI was an all-star football player and yes I’m a girl. I was an honor roll student. I had a cute boyfriend. I was busy with all of the things you are, too. I heard all of the sayings, I saw the D.A.R.E. signs everyday. A drug addict was a low-life loser, in my mind. Well, that was until I became one.

4th period, health class, the bell rings and I sit. Another don’t do drugs talk. But the talk was just that. “Don’t do drugs”. Well, why? Sure you can get “addicted”, but what does that really mean to me – a kid who’s never experienced it? A compulsion? I had the mental vision of a “junkie”, laying next to a dumpster, teeth missing, dirty and gross. But that’s not really what a “junkie” looks like usually. It’s quite the opposite, they look like me.

Yes. That was me in active addiction – a full blown “junkie”. Not what you imagined right? There are a lot of misconceptions about addiction. Well, it’s not so bad right? Since I looked okay? Let’s talk about what addiction really is and does.

Addiction is a disease. Addicts didn’t make it up. It really is. But, it starts with a choice. How do you know if you have it? There is no way to be sure, until you become an addict. Soon, you’ll find yourself at a party and someone will hand you a drink, the rest of your friends will be drinking. Now, one of you may have the disease of addiction but don’t know it yet. Like russian roulette, who’s getting the one bullet in the cylinder? It may be you. Soon, you’ll be hanging out with some friends around a campfire and someone hands you a pill. All of your friends are taking them. Which one has the disease of addiction? It may be you. Soon, you’ll be at a friends house, the music playing loud and someone gives you a line. All of your friends are snorting it. Which one will become the addict? It may be you.

You see, the thing is, if you choose to drink that drink, take that pill or snort that line, you may find out the hard way, if you have the disease of addiction.

What’s it like to be addicted to drugs?

Let’s cut the health class talk. Let’s get real. After all, you’re mature enough to hear the truth.

I drank that drink at a party once and I wanted more. I took that pill around a campfire and I wanted anoter. I snorted that line at a friends house and I wanted it all. So, I wanted and “needed” more to feel “normal”.  I didn’t think anything of it at first. After all, I was told just say no, but not what happens after you say yes.

I started when I was 15. A junior in highschool. I did my homework, I came home on time and got good grades. But, I started hanging out with the wrong kids. It didn’t seem wrong, we had so much fun- or so I thought. I never knew that the pills and that line I did when I was 15 would change my life forever.

Fast forward to after I graduated and I was a full blown heroin addict and alcoholic. Something I swore I’d never be. I didn’t know I had a disease called addiction. I thought I could just party and go about my life. But I couldn’t and I didn’t. The word disease should scare you, it’s a scary thing and I found out I had it.

I Knew I was An Addict When I Was Eating Dirt Next to the Toilet Hoping It Contained Heroin I Dropped

I found out I was a drug addict when I couldn’t stop doing drugs and drinking. I found out I was a drug addict when I was eating dirt off of the bathroom carpet next to the toilet – hoping that the dirt I was eating contained some of the heroin I had dropped. I found out I was an addict when I sold my laptop and my furniture for money to get high. I found out I was a drug addict when I quit college because I’d rather party and get messed up. I found out I had become a drug addict when I’d go a few hours without taking pills and I’d throw up and have diarrhea. I found out when I’d go a day without drugs and my bones felt like they’d been crushed under a 10,000 lb. semi-truck and my skin felt like it was melting and freezing off of my body. I found out I was a drug addict when I overdosed on drugs and I could barely breathe and almost died. I found out I was a drug addict when I hated myself so much that ‘d rather die than live, being me, anymore.

I don’t want you to find out like I did. It’s so easily preventable. You don’t want to know if you have it. You don’t want to find out and end up dead – because that’s what happens. People die, just to get high once more. Imagine laying down your very own life, just for a bag or a pill. It happens everyday. I’ve had so many friends die. You may know of someone that’s overdosed and died, too.

Take it from me, a junkie, there are better ways to have fun. Getting high is not fun. It’s not fun when you’d consider slitting your mothers throat for a couple bags.  It’s not fun when you go to jail and eat slop because you stole to support your habit. It’s not fun when your whole family cries every night over you. It’s not fun when you look in the mirror and are not able to recognize yourself. It’s not fun when your mom has to talk to your headstone, because you got a bad bag and died. It’s not fun to get high.

So when it’s 4th period health class and you hear the words “Just say no”, remember why.

You will find yourself, someday, in a situation where you will be offered a pill, a bag or a drink. Don’t take the chance.


The Junkie Your Health Teacher Warns You About

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Written by Chanda Lynn, Blogger/Writer for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Edited and Published By William Charles, Founder/Publisher

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