She Cried For You – A Poem About A Mother Who Lost Her Baby to Drug Addiction

She Cried For You is a poem about a mother who lost her baby to addiction.  Written by our editor and writer Chanda Lynn, this poem has reached millions of viewers and has touched the lives of a multitude of individuals who can relate to this poem in some way.  Below, see Chanda Lynn recite her popular poem aloud on video and read her heart-felt words here on this heroin addiction and recovery blog.

She Cried For You


She cried for you
on the day that you were born,
the tears streamed down her face
when your dad cut the cord
she cried for you
as she watched you sleep
wondering how is this baby so perfect
how did you come from me?
she cried for you when you got
your first tooth
and she knew your jaw hurt
but she didn’t know what to do
she cried for you
when you fell and scraped your knee
because it was the first time
that she ever saw you bleed.
she cried for you
when you won your first game
and she ran out to greet you
with tears on her face
she cried for you
when your first love said they
wanted a break
and she wanted to hold you
because she knew heartache
she cried for you
when you yelled and slammed your door
because she didn’t want you to go to that party and drink
she cried for you
when she saw the pokes in your arm
and she called you everyday
asking where you are.
but you got distant
and you didn’t hear her cries
you told her mom stop worrying
stop saying I’m high!
she cried for you
when you came to dinner and you were high
and the baby she once knew
seemed empty inside
she cried for you
and she begged you to get help
after you left town for 2 weeks
and nearly killed yourself
she cried for you
when you begged her for money
and when she told you “no, honey”,
you said “I know you don’t love me!”
she cried for you
at the alter at church
pleading with God to save you,
so that it just wouldn’t hurt
she cried for you
when she begged you to stop
saying, “I want my baby back”
“so I can just be your mom!”…..
she cried for you
when she got that call
and they said “we’re sorry mam”
“but your baby is gone”.
she cried for you
laying in the fetal position
screaming out your name
and cursing your addiction
she cried for you
when she identified your body
saying, “baby I’m here, baby it’s me”
“it’s mommy!”.
she cried for you
when she kissed your cold blue face
thinking- if I had done something different
it wouldn’t be this way.
she cried for you
when she chose your funeral clothes
and contemplated suicide
so you wouldn’t be alone.
she cried for you
when they laid you in your grave
and she slept on your headstone
for 2 whole days.
she cries for you
holding a piece of your hair and your picture
wondering where you are
and if you miss her.
she cries for you
laying on your blankets in your bed
comforting herself
by smelling your scent
she cries for you
remembering when you first looked at her,
remembering the touch of your hair,
and the way that it curled.
she cried for you
wishing she could go back in time
blaming herself
because you got high.
she will cry for you
for the rest of her days
because the end of your life
is her lifetime of pain…
she thinks- if only I could go back
if only I could fix this
she cries over the baby that
she lost to addiction.

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Written by Chanda Lynn, Blogger/Writer for Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Edited and Published By William Charles, Founder/Publisher

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