Overdose Is Now the Leading Cause of Death in America for Individuals 50 Years Old and Under

drug overdose leading cause of death in Americans 50 years old and underStop just for a minute and think about what you just read.  Now read it again as we repeat the title here in the body of the blog.  Overdose is now the leading cause of death in America for individuals 50 years old and under.  Wow! When the hell did this happen?  This didn’t always use to be the case.  But with heroin and drug overdose related deaths literally skyrocketing each and every year, drug overdose has now become the number 1 “leading” cause of death for men and women 50 years of age and under in the United States of America.  This statistic is astonishing and only by acknowledging the grim reality and working together, can we begin to stop drug overdose in its tracks and eventually begin to reverse it.  But what can be done?  How can one person or even a small group of people make a difference?

Fighting For More Addiction Treatment Options and Resources for Everyone

The name of our organization is Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide.  Clearly, we are not just a name.  We are a movement towards better and cleaner living free from not only heroin and opioids, but mind-altering substances as a whole.  To accomplish this, we must join together and fight for more and better resources and addiction treatment options for everyone.  No, not just the small percentage of addicted individuals who have the “right” private PPO insurance, but the 95 plus percent of the population who have state insurance, no insurance and/or no money.

Educating the Public and Raising Awareness

Fighting to acquire more resources by starting petitions and/or writing government officials may help us acquire more resources for all addicts, not just the “privileged” who have the right insurance policies.  But what about those who haven’t started using drugs “yet”?  Raising awareness and educating the general public, especially our youth is paramount in preventing the ongoing spreading of the addiction (not just heroin) epidemic.  This means bringing more anti-drug educational programs into schools including how to deal with and avoid caving into peer pressure, after-school programs for children who want to get involved in fighting against drug abuse and helping others, educational programs in the workforce, churches and the community designed to educate adults and parents about drug addiction, individual drugs, battling stigma associated with drug addiction and how to adequately and lovingly teach and influence their children away from drugs and toward good, clean and healthy living without using or experimenting with mind-altering substances.

Providing Ongoing Support for Addicts in Long Term Recovery

There are two kinds of addicts…addicts currently using and living in “active addiction” or addicts in long-term recovery.  There is no such thing as a former or recovered addict.  Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that is treatable, not curable.  Thus, men and women who suffer from addiction, even if the disease is in remission thanks to various treatment modalities need and benefit from programs that provide ongoing support and encouragement.  Programs such as NA (Narcotics Anonymous), AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), SMART Recovery (4 Step Meetings) can be very helpful to those who regularly attend meetings.  Individual or group counseling is another option.  Online support groups on Facebook such as “New Age Recovery” or on the web such as our “Drug Addiction Support and Discussion Forum” can be a great place to get support, information, encouragement and research drug rehabs / explore treatment options.

Addiction is a Chronic Disease that Starts with a Choice.  But it Is Treatable

Our sons and daughters are dying left and right due to the chronic disease of addiction.  Yes, it may start with choice, but an overly powerful cognitive compulsion forms that makes resisting the euphoria associated with the drug seem and feel impossible.  But there is hope.  Recovery is possible and the many of the members that make up part of this community are living proof.

Need addiction Help?

Our online community helps men and women suffering from drug and heroin addiction who are sick and tired of being slaves to addiction get the help and treatment they want, need and deserve.  For those ready for a chance, fill out our brief treatment contact form.


Written by William Charles, Owner/Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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2 thoughts on “Overdose Is Now the Leading Cause of Death in America for Individuals 50 Years Old and Under

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    • Mr. Peabody,

      Ibogaine would be much more credible of a treatment if spammers and scammers weren’t bombarding this community (especially our discussion forum and Facebook page) every 3 minutes with various spam ads trying to sell “Iboga roots” and all the other nonsense that goes along with it. If Ibogaine was really as good as people say, they wouldn’t need people plastering Ibogaine ads all over other people’s venues like they do with mine. Do you know how many Ibogaine ads I have to remove from our Facebook page and discussion forum every week with links back to some kind of mysterious resource where Ibogaine is either for purchase or is being administered at some unknown clinic?

      Even so, I had to remove the link you posted from your comment – which makes you out to be just another person trying to promote another Ibogaine clinic in violation of our terms of use.

      My advice? If Ibogaine is so wonderful, stop being so aggressive with the way you all promote it and people might actually believe it could be a viable solution. In the meantime, I just see it as a product people spam all over this community and I don’t appreciate it.

      William – Publisher of this Community

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