Could A Cure For Drug Addiction Really Exist?

The Cure for Addiction is Love and PurposeIt rarely happens overnight. Sure you read about the “many” individuals who overdose and die on heroin, opioids, methamphetamine and more.  But the grim reality is, there are so many more slowly dying from drug addiction than the ones you read and hear about in the news.  Immediate death is a tragedy but what do you make of the people who slowly isolate themselves from their loved ones to pursue a life of perpetual drug use where they are or have become seemingly forgotten.  What about them?  What about the ones who become empty vessels and broken, beat-less hearts stripped from happiness, joy, sadness, anger and even pain?  What happens when emotion and all that makes an individual human is yanked from the depths of one’s soul to the point they become like the walking dead?  Well that’s what happens to many forgotten addicts who were denied addiction help and treatment.  Many end up overdosing or living and dying on the streets each and every day. But what if this could be avoided?  What if there was a cure for addiction?

Does Tough Love Work? Once Somebody’s Child, Now Lost, Long Forgotten

Many mothers and fathers of addicts are told that “tough love” is the answer, leaving their addict son or daughter on the street with nothing.  Apparently, leaving them with nothing and allowing an addict to experience consequences may lead them to desire addiction treatment and recovery. But given that periods of stress or anything “bad” typically pushes an addict to engage in more drug use, how successful do you think abandoning an addict during a difficult time will be in making them desire treatment.  Couldn’t “tough love” in fact push the addict further and deeper into their drug addiction?

What Happens to an Addict When They are Abandoned?

So what happens when an addict is abandoned and instead of seeking addiction help and treatment because they were abandoned during their time of need, they choose a life on the streets with others who chase, use and abuse drugs.  For many addicts, they feel they’ve passed the point of no return and have long since forgotten what it’s like to be part of a family who loves them apart from mind altering substances.  In fact, many addicts have questions as to whether or not they were ever loved at all because they’ve been abandoned at the time of their greatest need.  Sure their parents may have meant it for good, but try telling that to the starving addict who was left to scrape change off the cold, sticky sewers plated on the dirty, filthy streets.

In this case, an addict’s only “family” has become other homeless drug users who fight over who’s turn it is to use the small dirty rag as a blanket for warmth at night.  They cling to the ones they compete with for a few bucks to obtain their next fix in hopes they can ward off the horrific heroin withdrawal symptoms just one more day.  And if they’re “lucky” enough, they might experience enough of a euphoria to escape the pain of the hellish reality they now endure on a daily basis.

Anyone Can Help Addicts Who Reach Out For Help!

Many individuals deny or seem to forget that addiction is a disease and a disease requires treatment.  Would you deny the cancer patient or the diabetic treatment?  Would you administer “tough love” and strip them down from everything and just “pray” they survive on their own?  Of course not.

An addict needs love, help and treatment.  No, not everybody can afford the kind of addiction treatment that drug rehab facilities can provide.  And frankly, as good as drug rehabs are, they aren’t necessary for everyone.  The truth is, families can provide a warm and cozy bed and environment for their son or daughter to detox in.  Spouses, family and friends can still provide ongoing support, encouragement and love that can nurse them back to health and substance-free living.  More government assisted resources would be great.  But frankly, if families were doing their damn jobs, none of these new rehabs would even be necessary.

The Cure For Addiction:  Are You Ready For This?

While there’s no real “cure” for the disease of addiction, most individuals who feel they have purpose and are part of a loving family don’t typically feel as compelled to use and abuse opioids, heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, drugs, etc.  Sure, some kind of compulsion will exist for those who possess the disease of addiction, but the compulsion no longer controls them.  So could an unconditional, non-judging love and purpose be the cure(s) for addiction?  Maybe, maybe not.  But those with purpose and true love in their lives are sure far less likely to relapse or live in active addiction despite the compulsion they may experience from time to time from simply possessing the disease.

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Written by William Charles, Owner/Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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5 thoughts on “Could A Cure For Drug Addiction Really Exist?

  1. Please have someone contact me my son is in need of help if he will take it. Yes he’s has been to many rehabs and halfway houses. None have stuck except fo a while back. He was clean for about 5 years. 205-587-2816. Of course no insurance

  2. I’m sorry Mr. Charles but I disagree with one small part of your article.I DO think rehabs are necessary. I think I was doing my “damn job” but against my will and my begging, my son chose to leave me at the age of 19,then about 5 months later entered detox, then a long-term rehab. He has 3 years clean as of last week,so in my opinion,he did what worked for him. That was detox, inpatient rehab, then sober home.Just our experience. Thanks.

    • AnnMarie,

      Thanks for your feedback. The purpose of the article isn’t to suggest that drug rehabs don’t have purpose and that they aren’t necessary. And understand too that “unconditional love” isn’t necessarily just the parent’s job, though I can understand how you may feel accused in the article. Individuals (children included) value their peers opinion of them even greater than their parents at certain times of their lives. And if they feel unimportant or devalued in some way, even if they are truly loved at home, they may turn to drugs. It happens all the time.

      That said, we are a true believer in top drug rehabs and addiction treatment center facilities. We work with several who are excellent. The point of the article however, is to make people think. In a perfect world where everyone felt truly loved and filled with purpose, I believe we wouldn’t need drug rehab facilities. But that’s not the kind of world we live in, regrettably. So as long as people have a hole in their heart, they will try to fill it with something. Those who find love, especially through their higher power and purpose in living for their higher power are less prone to use drugs to feel complete. People turn to drugs because it makes them “feel good”. But if they were already feeling good, they wouldn’t need it. I hope this helps to clarify our position.

      Peace and Love,


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