The Power of Heroin – A Poem Written By Norma Garbarek

Nobody but those who’ve used heroin, especially those who’ve become addicted to it can really understand it’s power (as a mind-altering substance/drug) and addiction as a disease – the mind altering compulsion it creates that craves more and more.  The below poem was written by one of our writers Norma Garbarek who puts the power of heroin into poetic words and how she felt when she lived in active addiction.  She is now in long-term recovery and we are all very proud of the work that she does in her own recovery and in helping others through her writing and in our Facebook Group “New Age Recovery“.

The Power of Heroin – A Poem Written By Norma Garbarek

power of heroinNot who but what
The smile you bring,
The songs you make me sing.
Compared to all the rest,
It is you and only you I love the best.
When I am alone feeling down,
You are always right there,
To turn things around.
When my frustration starts to build,
And I can’t take it anymore,
You help me to let go,
Oh yes now my mind can soar.
When my body hurts,
So much I could cry.
Thanks for not leaving my side,
You help me get by.
To me you are my everything,
I stopped talking to my family,
I even sold my wedding ring.
My kids yeah they will be just fine,
There mom will make sure they are safe.
Sometimes I guess I forget you are mine.
When I think of you,
And the sadness takes over,
Oh shit wait I must be getting sober.
Where are you, I need you,
I will find you,
never let you go!
To get you back,
There is nothing I won’t do.
I will steal from my brother, My father, my mother.
Who is this person I love,
More than any other?
Who is this person,
I value more than my own life?
The answer to the question asked,
Sure won’t be my kids, my wife.
It’s not who but what,
Herion it’s you that made the final cut.

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Written by Norma Garbarek, Writer and Recovery Advocate For Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

Edited by William Charles, Owner/Founder/Publisher

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