10 Legal Designer Drugs More Horrifying than Illegal Ones.

Drugs are illegal because they hurt people, right? Maybe not always, some drugs that are legally sold right here in the good ol’ U S of A are much more terrifying than anything you learned about on an after school special.  Below, we’ve listed 10 drugs legally sold in the United States that are just as horrifying, if not more than the illegal ones.

10. Spice, Bizarro, K2, Scooby Snax, and Other Synthetic Cannabinoids


About the time most kids roll into high school, they are at least a little bit curious about trying marijuana. Unfortunately it is still illegal in most states, leading to more and more teens trying synthetic blends instead. The issue affects more than just teens though. On one Thursday in July 2015, paramedics were forced to respond to three separate incidents in which grown men were acting strange due to synthetic cannabanoid use. The first man was found clinging to a light pole when police arrived, he then dropped his pants for some reason. The next man was found laughing hysterically, so much so that the paramedics had a tough time even keeping him on the stretcher. The last man was found in Capitol Hill acting quite strangely; when police tried to restrain him, he began kicking and screaming. The chemicals are typically designed in unregulated labs in China and India and then sprayed on smokable herbs and spices…sounds pretty safe, huh?

9. Ambien / Lunesta


Don’t you hate it when you go to sleep and wake up driving or grocery shopping in the middle of the night? Oh, you have never done that? Some users of Ambien and Lunesta have! The two sleep aids have reportedly caused more than a few car accidents when users took sleep walking to a whole new level. On top of this, they have also both been known to cause vivid night terrors. Both of the drugs now carry warnings for the two bizarre effects.

8. Benzo Fury (5-APB)


Benzo Fury is a legal designer drug aimed at mimicking the effects of ecstasy. Studies on user brain activity and user testimonials point to it being a pretty close match…but with a few key differences that could ruin your life. 5-H2A receptors are a serotonin receptor in your brain that become highly active while on Benzo Fury, this suggests that it can constrict blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure. On top of this, Benzo Fury has also been shown to be addictive in humans.

7. Etorphine


Unlike the other drugs on this list, etorphine is only legal for veterinary use. This may have something to do with the fact that it was made to knock out elephants and other large mammals, and mere contact with human skin is enough to make someone overdose and possibly die. The drug is also sold with a human antidote called naloxone (the active ingredient in Narcan – the heroin overdose antidote drug) that has to be prepared prior to the etorphine just in case it happens to get on the person administering it.

6. MXE (Methoxetamine)


Much like Benzo Fury, MXE is a legal designer drug aimed at mimicking the effects of an illegal drug. MXE is described as “a lot like ketamine” by drug education website, Erowid, except for it lasts right around 3-5 hours…holy shit! For those of you that don’t know, ketamine is a dissociative drug; dissociatives can cause shifts in perception of reality, general confusion, dizziness, and disassociation from your mind and body. Imagine that, if you will, for 5 hours. The drug can also cause psychological dependency, depression of heart rate, and depression of respiration.

5. Mirapex


Mirapex is a drug used to treat diseases such as Parkinsons. One of its side effects may just outweigh the benefits depending on who you ask. For example, if you ask the man who won $8.2 million in a lawsuit against the makers of Mirapex for causing his gambling addiction. That is right, Mirapex can make you addicted to….well, just about anything. By increasing the production of dopamine in the brain, Mirapex helps the basal ganaglia regulate movement. This increased production of dopamine, however, is exactly what can cause users to become addicted to things they otherwise may not have.

4. Bromo Dragonfly


Bromo Dragonfly is a relatively new psychedelic drug, and to be honest, not a lot is known about it as of yet. Because of its young age, there have been a large number of overdose cases resulting in death, limb amputation due to tissue necrosis, vomiting blood, and horrifying vivid hallucinations. The friend of a 22 year old man in Copenhagen who died from a Bromo Dragonfly overdose described the trip as saying “”It was like being dragged to hell and back again. Many times. It is the most evil [thing] I’ve ever tried. It lasted an eternity.” According to Erowid, the drug takes anywhere from 20-90 minutes to begin to kick in, 30-60 minutes for you to come up, you plateau for 6-12 hours, and then it takes 4-12 more hours to fully come down. After that you may experience after effects for 6-36 more hours…even if you don’t overdose, that truly does sound like a miserably long experience.

3. Paxil


Paxil is a very unique antidepressant in a sense. Unique because it is an antidepressant that can cause suicidal thoughts…seems kind of counter intuitive if you ask me. There have been several lawsuits that allege that, not only has Paxil played a role in suicides and suicide attempts (as well as severe withdrawal effects,) but that the maker, GlaxoSmithKline, may have hid data that supported Paxils link to suicidal thoughts…and I’m supposed to be scared of pot dealers?

2. Bath Salts

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 4.34.33 PM

In 2012, President Obama signed a bill to amend the Federal drug policy of the United States to ban bath salts. It is also illegal on a state level in 41 states, but still technically legal in the rest. There is however pending legislation to ban the sell in most of those states. Not a lot is known about bath salts and what you get when you buy it can vary widely, although almost all of them contain mephedrone or methylone. To be quite frank, when a man eats some ones face, I don’t feel like a whole lot else is necessary to say “no thank you.”

1. Zohydro

Zohydro is a unique type of hydrocodone based painkiller that doesn’t contain acetaminophen. The drug also contains five times as much hydrocodone as the highest strength painkiller previously available. The FDA’s own review panel rejected it’s approval 12 to 2 but the drug was approved by the FDA any way. At least 30 states asked the FDA not to approve the drug in its capsule form due to it’s ease of use and the probability that it will exacerbate prescription drug abuse. Despite this, the drug is still legal today, helping to fuel the prescription addiction problem that has been growing in our nation for years. Can you blame the pharmaceutical companies though? They are drug dealers.


If you sold crack or heroin you wouldn’t care what someone was going through when they used your product, whether you were helping them or hurting them. You would care about your bottom line, and as your community continued to eat itself alive with addiction and your pockets became heavier and heavier, you wouldn’t feel bad, you would feel successful. Drug companies are glorified dealers, plain and simple.



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