Turned Down By Drug Rehabs and Treatment Hotlines? There’s a Solution!

No insurance? No Money? Addiction Treatment Drug Rehab SolutionOur community is inundated with emails and phone calls by men and women without money and without insurance claiming that nobody will help them overcome their addiction. They’ve made dozens of phone calls and contacted a multitude of drug rehab facilities all to be turned down because they don’t have money or the right private PPO insurance policy. There is something these men and women simply don’t understand. Forget for now, whether it’s right or wrong for drug rehab facilities and/or organizations that claim to help people find addiction treatment to turn people away without money or insurance. Instead, consider the reality that there are actually more affordable and even free ways to conquer heroin and drug addiction without needing to attend an elite, private addiction treatment center and a plethora of cash.

Drug Rehab Facilities are Great But…

Private addiction treatment centers, drug rehab facilities and detox centers, at least those who practice real and ethical treatment are great and certainly have their place in helping a multitude of men and women suffering from the disease of addiction. This community is certainly an advocate for them and even works with several outstanding facilities that we have researched and feel confident recommending to those men and women with addiction and co-occurring disorders that can benefit and are eligible. Click here to see a list of addiction treatment centers we recommend. However, many individuals seeking drug treatment are under the impression that attending a drug rehab facility is a surefire, easy way to end addiction without any hard work. Thus, when an individual finds out they can’t get into a detox center or rehab facility, they think there is no hope and feel that “nobody will help“ them. But this simply isn’t the case. There are other, much more affordable and sometimes even better ways to beat addiction.

Ending Addiction Starts with Choice

No matter which way you slice it, ending addiction and life change starts with a simple choice. Simply put, you need to make a choice to stop using drugs. Once that choice is made, individuals with the disease of addiction need to understand that there are multiple ways to do this. Too many people are discouraged that they don’t have tens of thousands of dollars and the right insurance policy to get into a drug rehab facility that they forget that they have the ability and authority to make life changes on their own.

The Free Way To Beat Addiction

Now hear me us out here.  It may sound too easy and we know this isn’t a plausible solution for those who are homeless.  But those who have homes can detox at home for the first week, preferably with at least one person to take care of them during the worst couple of days.  Afterwards, they can begin attending several Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings each day.  These are completely free and work for a multitude of people.  But it takes a lot of hard work and valiant choice and perseverance.

Affordable Solutions to Treat Drug Addiction

It may not be free, but either are the drugs men and women suffering from substance use disorder buy on a daily basis – but medicine assisted treatment such as methadone and Suboxone can help minimize/eliminate withdrawal, stop cravings and even block the effect of opiates.  Now this option is only effective for opiate or heroin users.  But it can be effective.  Learn more about each by clicking on the links above.

Naltrexone (Vivitrol and Revia)

Naltrexone (Vivitrol – an injection taken once monthly or Revia – taken as a pill daily) can be highly effective but the individual suffering from the disease of addiction must get through the withdrawal period first, which is one of the most difficult parts (called dependence).  Learn more about Naltrexone by clicking on the links above.

Responsibility and Accountability

We get that parents are worried sick and we understand that individuals suffering from addiction want an easy way out.  But no matter which addiction treatment option you chose, choice, hard work and perseverance are all mandatory.  Nobody can stop using drugs for an addict, they have to want it and take responsibility for their actions.  Yes, addiction is a disease but using drugs is a choice.  No matter how compelling the urge to use is, an individual can still resist.  But they don’t have to do it alone.  Support is available, even for free  But it has to be desired, sought out and action must be taken.  Are you ready to change your life and be set free?

Need Addiction Help and Treatment?

Our online community helps men and women suffering from drug and heroin addiction who are sick and tired of being slaves to addiction get the help and treatment they want, need and deserve. For those ready for a chance, fill out our brief treatment contact form. You can also call our drug rehab hotline at 215-857-5151.


Written by William Charles, Owner and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News, and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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