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Addiction Treatment Services International - ATSI - Top Drug Rehab New JerseyKill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide started about a year and a half ago with the intention of only recommending and working with the best addiction treatment centers and drug rehabs in the country.  That way, men and women suffering from substance use disorder who are eligible for treatment at a private drug rehab facility can easily find and get into outstanding, recognized top drug rehab facilities without having to do a lot of research.  That said, our community always encourages men and women suffering from the disease of addiction to research all drug rehabs they are considering because not all are treating their patients fairly and ethically.  Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is proud to recommend Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI) in Galloway, New Jersey.

William Charles, owner and publisher of this community had the pleasure of speaking with several staff members at Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI).  This includes the owner Jim Bevell who William felt is honestly one of the most dedicated and caring individuals in the field of substance use disorder.  Jim thrives on real “evidence based” treatment and won’t apply any therapeutic modality to his treatment center unless it has been tried and proven true.  He admits that the overall success rate of drug rehabs in general is pretty low (due to the disease of addiction itself, not the practice and therapy provided at the clinic) but has seen percentages at his drug rehab that are higher than the average.  Moreover, Jim thrives in providing ongoing education and has many plans to educate the masses so that the percentages of success at drug rehabs can continue to climb.

Addiction Treatment Services International was also recognized as a top drug rehab facility by a highly esteemed professor in Northern New Jersey.  The photo above, though written on a chalkboard and a little difficult to read, was written by the professor to his class when providing his opinion on the top addiction treatment centers in the country.  ATSI was listed as number 1.  Our community happens to agree.

How Kill The Heroin Epidemic Nationwide Prescreens Addiction Treatment Centers

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide possesses high standards and won’t work with any drug rehab facility unless they’ve been prescreened and have proven to meet our standards.  William Charles checks a number of resources in determining whether a drug rehab meets the community’s high standards, including other well respected individuals who work in the substance use disorder field.  Patient reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and other valuable resource on the internet are also consulted prior to agreeing to recommend and work with a treatment center.

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All About Addiction Treatment Services International

Addiction Treatment Services International aims to take a compassionate, innovative and evidence based approach to treatment practices.  Their professionally trained staff treats clients with respect and dignity in order to build therapeutic relationships that will be the foundation of the client’s success in treatment and recovery.  ATSI possesses alumni programs and other support mechanisms to further encourage ongoing recovery in order to prevent relapse.  ATSI believes that aftercare is crucial.  We do too.  Learn more about them by viewing ATSI’s recommendation profile.

For men and women in Galloway, New Jersey and all over the country who are looking for an outstanding drug rehab and addiction treatment center facility for drug or heroin detox and residential treatment, we strongly consider you consult with Addiction Treatment Services International. You can also call them directly at 1-855-353-6740.

Need Addiction Help and Treatment?

Our online community helps men and women suffering from drug and heroin addiction who are sick and tired of being slaves to addiction get the help and treatment they want, need and deserve. For those ready for a chance, fill out our brief treatment contact form. You can also call our drug rehab hotline at 215-857-5151.


Written by William Charles, Owner and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News, and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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