Back Inside – A Drug Addiction Poem by James Rafuse

The below addiction poem was submitted by one of our heroin discussion and support forum members and Facebook followers and was written by James Rafuse.  Please feel free to share this poem with those suffering or recovering from drug addiction who may benefit from reading it

addiction poemBack Inside

No-one can scale this wall, I’ve made it far too high
Well get out my way, I’ve at least got to try
The closer I get to it, the bigger it seems
I can do it in my sleep, it’s easy in my dreams

I’ve got to get back, to where I use to reside
I’m dying fast out here, living on the outside

I could dig a hole under, that’s how it got there to start
By living from my bronze,instead of my heart

Starting to climb, my blood’s growing colder
Pale as a sheet, I still want to grow older

There’s totaled cars, ripped shirts, pants and sneakers
Broken records, tapes beside old cracked speakers

It consists of properties, that don’t belong to me
Kegs, bottles, cans, and empty bags of C

Bent straws and pipes used for speed and weed,
There must be over ten million seeds

There’s gashes blood-money, men out cold on the ground
And broken hearts that still seem to pound

There’s stitches with black eyes, old thrown away casts
Black and blues,bite marks,evil leers from my past

Fresh blood and tears make it all slippery and wet
And so many injustices, I now truly regret

There’s slow shaking heads from my family and friends
And trails of dried blood that have no ends

I’m not even close to a quarter to the top
I need to rest here I should probably stop

But, I can’t stop now, to go back where I’ve been
Plus if anyone can make it ,I know I can

The noise is unbearable, victims screaming and crying
One step to the next, I just can’t stop trying

I’m moving real slow, but I’m almost half way home
Then I start crying because I’m not alone

God’s come to guide me,and He’s made a set of stairs
As I’m wiping my eyes, I take the cross I’m to bear.

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