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Heroin / Opiate Addiction Warning Signs

“If the Drugs Don’t Kill You, the Lifestyle Will…”

So like over 12 million people in the world, you experiment with pills and/or heroin. But are you addicted? How do you know?

Before we get into the signs and symptoms that indicate you might be addicted, the reality is, many people who experiment with drugs eventually become addicted. Statistics show:

Approximately 54% of the people who use heroin become dependent/addicted to it. Approximately 14% of the people who use opiates / pain killers (such as Oxycodone (Oxies), Percocets, Fentanyl, Morphone, Dilaudid, Demerol, Darvon, Vicodin, etc.) become dependent/addicted to it.

While you may be thinking you’re an exception and may not become addicted, taking any drug without a prescription is dangerous and can lead to serious injury and/or death. But those who are addicted have an even greater chance of overdosing and/or dying. But how do you know you’re addicted or soon will be?

Behaviors that May Indicate Heroin Addiction

  • Changes in behavior such as poor school or work performance including loss of job or expulsion
  • Disorientation
  • Excessive or sudden sleeping
  • Lying, stealing or other deceptive behavior
  • Isolation of self (Avoiding friends or family who don’t use heroin or other opiates)
  • Hostility towards others
  • Wearing clothing to conceal needle marks
  • Excessive wearing of sunglasses
  • Canceling important activities or appointments to use heroin or opiates
  • Increased spending on gas and/or mileage on the car to obtain heroin or opiates
  • Lack of hygiene (reduced showering, brushing teeth, disregard for physical appearance, wearing the same clothes, etc.)

The above warning signs are not an all exclusive list however, they certainly are signs that you may have gone from casual use to addiction.

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