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Getting the word out about your treatment center, drug rehab facility, services, programs etc. is the best way to build your business and ultimately help heroin, opiate and drug users conquer their addiction. The popular “Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™” community can help!

Paying affiliates/sponsors get their own professional, search engine optimized profile and page under the highly visible “Recommended Treatments and Clinics” section of our website and appear in the “Recommended Drug Rehabs” drop down list by both location and name. Profiles includes a detailed description of the center, their direct contact information, social media links, a link to their website, photos & videos (provided by you), patient testimonials, links to blogs/articles on your website and more. Your page will be optimized for the search engines (SEO) by experts leading a multitude of visitors and interested people right to you.

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Paying affiliates/sponsors are also welcome and encouraged to participate on our popular Heroin Addiction & Recovery Discussion Forum to increase their visibility and will be recognized as a recommended treatment, clinic or service in the “Recommended Treatments & Clinics (Paying Sponsors/Affiliates Section)” forum. Paying affiliates/sponsors will also be widely publicized on our Addiction & Recovery Blog.

Recommended sponsors are offered the following services in two distinct packages.

1. A limitless, search engine optimized, professional profile with multiple tabs including a description, photos, videos, online reviews, articles you’ve written and locations.  Direct contact information, a link to your website and social media links are also included.

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3. Get clients – People suffering from addiction need help fast.  Thus, people who contact us looking for quality rehabs are sent to those we trust and recommend.  Treatment centers we work with are prescreened and must meet our high standards.

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Note that we only accept paying sponsors who are truly dedicated to helping addicts conquer their drug addiction whether it be heroin, opiates, benzodiazepines (like Xanax, Klonopin, etc.) and more.   All recommended sponsors are prescreened and must meet our high standards.  Thus, you will not only obtain a great deal of additional online visibility, but credibility as well.  This will result in a great deal of increased leads and clients.

Together, let’s join the fight against heroin, opiates and more and help users conquer their addiction.

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