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Frequently Asked Questions – Answers to Common Questions

Below we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions about our organization/community, heroin, addiction and recovery. If you feel something should be included in this list that isn’t currently here, please contact us

1. Who is Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide?

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is a website community created for and by recovering heroin addicts. Our mission includes educating and spreading awareness about the heroin epidemic, providing support and encouragement to recovering addicts and helping those suffering from addiction find world renowned treatment centers / programs. To learn more about our community, visit the About Us section of our website.

2. What’s your view on medicine assisted treatment options like Methadone, Suboxone and Naltrexone (Vivitrol and ReVia)

Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide is a proponent of medicine assisted treatment (MAT). When used correctly and as directed by a medical professional, medicine can help reduce cravings, eliminate withdrawal symptoms and give people the time and motivation to acquire the skills and techniques needed to make better lifestyle choices comfortably. Medicine assisted treatment is not intended to be used forever however, the amount of time for success varies from patient to patient. We feel strongly that MAT is most effective when combined with other counseling based modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), etc. Programs such as the 12 Step Program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and their sister organization Narcotics Anonymous (AA) who advocate “complete abstinence” were established prior to medicine assisted treatment becoming available and before addiction was recognized as a disease. Most medical organizations such as the “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)” support medicine assisted treatment when used in conjunction with counseling modalities.

3. How do you create a new topic on your discussion forum?

First, you have to join our free heroin addiction & recovery forum. Joining is free and takes less than a minute. Simply click on the forum link, click “Join”, fill out a few fields and you are a member. After joining, simply scroll down and select a forum category. For instance, if you wish to share your personal recovery story, scroll down to the “Drug Addiction & Recovery Stories” forum, click it and then click “New Topic”. Simply create a title like “My Recovery Story” and then use the bigger text area box to share your story. When you are completed, click the “Submit” button.

4. I’m afraid to use my real name when I post, is your discussion forum anonymous?

Yes, our heroin addiction & discussion forum is a great way to ask your questions, share your story and voice your opinion anonymously and without worrying about providing any identifying information like Facebook makes you do. Our discussion forum is free and it takes less than a minute to join.

5. How do I post my story on your Facebook page?

Because our presence on Facebook utilizes a “Page” rather than a “Group”, all posts on our Facebook page go to the visitor section. Due to the popularity of our Facebook page with over 27,000 members to date, a select few people may view your story. Thus, the best way to share your story and have your voice heard is to create a new topic on our discussion forum.

6. What exactly is the recommended clinics and treatments button for?

Our community specializes in prescreening and recommending only those clinics and treatment centers who have a proven track record of helping patients recover from heroin, opiate and/or drug addiction and have outstanding patient reviews. Our goal is to hand select one or two outstanding clinics and/or treatment centers in each state in order to help those looking for immediate treatment. Our list of recommended clinics are clinics we believe are doing outstanding recovery work but don’t necessarily represent all the best clinics in the world. Those suffering from addiction are still encouraged to do their research. In particular, see what real patients are saying on our “Reviews of Treatment Centers, Clinics, Programs, Etc.” discussion forum. To see a list of treatment centers we recommend, click here.

7. I represent a clinic, how do I advertise on your website?

Our website specializes in recommending quality treatment centers, programs and services that can truly help heroin and/or opiate users conquer their addiction. Thus, we don’t simply accept advertising from anyone. If you are interested in being prescreened and potentially becoming a recommended sponsor, visit “Become a Paying Sponsor“.

8. Is addiction a disease or a choice?

Addiction is a disease and is distinct from the actual lifestyle choice of using drugs. To learn more, visit “Addiction Vs. Using Drugs: Why Addicts Have a Difficult Time Stopping“.

9. Is everything written in AA and NA literature true?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was established in the early 1900s and to date is one of the most well respected programs helping those who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. However, like any other program, it’s founded on and includes a certain set of beliefs and principles. Please understand that there is nothing about their particular set of principles or beliefs that should be considered “absolute truth”. While this organization/community supports the work they are doing, we do not agree with every belief/principle. Thus, it is up to each individual to determine whether or not they agree with each belief and principle written and found in their literature.

10. What criteria do you use to prescreen treatment and recovery centers?

We are in the process of working on a page that will clearly state and define our criteria for recommendation. However, only treatment centers/programs and clinics that have a proven track record of getting and keeping heroin, opiate and drug users into recovery, contain excellent online reviews, contain a clean record and background (including no legitimate complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be considered for recommendation by our organization. View our list of Recommended Treatment Centers, Programs and Clinics.

11. What’s your opinion on a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery?

It is our opinion that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. What works for some may not work for others. For instance, the 12 step program is great, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Medicine assisted treatment works wonders for some, but it doesn’t work for all. We encourage those suffering from addiction to research all treatment centers they are considering and select what works best for them. Often times, a combination of treatments are best.

12. Is someone on Medicine Assisted Treatment (MAT) considered “clean”?

This organization/community feels that medication is sometimes required to treat a disease. Thus, those who are using medicine assisted treatments as directed by a licensed professional and not combining it with other illegal substances are considered and recognized as “clean” and “sober” by this community.

13. How do I share articles I’ve written on your blog site?

We would love to help publish your content on our popular blog. If you would like us to consider publishing your content as it relates to addiction and recovery, please submit it via email to our publisher at You are also encouraged to share your content on our free discussion forum.

14. I love what you guys are doing, how can I donate to the cause?

We appreciate your support. To support our cause and donate, visit “Help Support us By Donating” to learn more. To skip right to the donation page, click here.

Visit our list of prescreened addiction treatment centers and drug rehabs to see who we recommend. Click here to contact us and for addiction help.

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