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My Experience with Kratom

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  • My Experience with Kratom

    I have only “used” kratom twice. I was so sick, on a waiting list to get into the suboxone program so basivly I was desperate to feel better. First of all it is a nasty smelling powder so if you have a bad gag reflex you will throw up. After choking it down for 2 days it really didn’t help much my withdrawal symptoms. On day 3 I got into the suboxone program. Saw the doc, passed the drug test blah blah blah. Got my first dose of sub that day. Omg!! The kratom put me into precipitated withdrawal. Never was I so sick in my life. I ended up throwing up so much that I had internal bleeding and was admitted to hospital. The doctors didn’t even know what kratom was. So basically what I’m saying is do NOT mix kratom with suboxone!

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    Not dead yet,

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing your story and experience with Kratom. It's interesting to me because a lot of people glorify the Kratom plant and substance and tout it as a miracle medication that significantly reduces opioid / heroin withdrawal with virtually no side effects and minimal withdrawal coming off of that. It's allegedly not an opioid but responds similarly as one. Truthfully, I've heard some good and bad stories.

    Assuming everyone is being honest, then Kratom is a crap shoot. It might really help someone or it could really cause some damage. In fact, if I remember this accurately, someone has reported permanent intestinal issues that they swear is because of taking the Kratom.

    Now some people could be lying about their experience. Those who tout its benefits could be doing so because of a possible financial interest. Those who provide nothing but warnings may have a reverse financial interest where they're afraid Kratom may take money away from their Suboxone, Methadone or even Drug Rehab Center profession.

    Kratom does indeed smell and tastes bad from my understanding. I have a friend who takes it on occasion just to help him relax. He's never used opiates before and he says he loves the feeling. But thankfully, he hasn't used it for several months.

    Back to what I said about Kratom acting like an opioid....I could definitely see how you might get exceptionally sick using Suboxone if you recently took Kratom. I did something similar before - I took Suboxone only a few hours after my last bad of heroin and I went into precipitated withdrawal also. It was the worst sickness I ever had. It was terrible.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I'm glad you shared it with us. I trust those researching Kratom will benefit from reading all experiences, good and bad and that they will use what they read to help them draw a conclusion and make a decision whether or not to use it themselves.

    Peace and Love,

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