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I Laid There In A Trap House On A Dog Bed On The Floor...

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  • I Laid There In A Trap House On A Dog Bed On The Floor...

    Hello my name is April and I m a grateful Recovering addict

    I’ll never forget that day

    The drugs took over me

    The doctors and my family

    They all heard my crying plea

    Way before me

    Back pain is where it started

    Pills, Diluted, & Morphine

    Before I could blink, I was in way too deep

    The drugs made me see

    A dark side of me

    The prescriptions ran low

    I needed a stronger dose

    The doctor wouldn’t prescribe it to me

    I scrolled through my phone

    Found someone that I know

    Asked for pills, but all they had was dope

    I was desperate, withdrawing from the narcotics

    I decided to try it, one time will be alright

    That’s when I met my new best friend

    Her name was heroin

    I got addicted to the high

    I chased it far and wide

    Along the way I met another companion

    His name was Methamphetamine

    Years just flew by

    I felt like I was on cloud nine

    Always had people surrounding me

    Before I knew it I was hopeless, lost and alone

    Homeless, hungry and broke

    I laid there in a trap house

    On a dog bed on the floor

    Went through withdrawals, felt like hell

    Looked down at my arms, abscessed and track marks

    I needed to make a change

    Went to rehab the next day

    If I didn’t go I wouldn’t stop

    I couldn’t stop

    I decided in rehab to move to California

    Start fresh, learn how to live again

    Without drugs or alcohol

    What was in store was so much more

    I went to meetings every day

    Made honors in college

    California gave me so much knowledge

    Met my soulmate there, at an NA meeting

    We got pregnant with our handsome son

    No matter how far you stray

    No matter how far the demons drag you down

    There is a way out

    We do recover
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    Thank you so much for sharing your pome which I know is a piece of your story and what you’ve been through. Anyone who can make it out of the clutches of active addiction, into addiction treatment and recovery is a true hero just like it says on our homepage. You should be very proud of yourself and I encourage you to keep on pressing forward. Keep up the good work.

    Peace and love,

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      We Do Recover!!!!!!!


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