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    I’m so sad, angry and confused. I’m a swedish woman, and there for my not-so-very-good-english... My husband relapsed after 5 years of clean time and 2017 has been hell. He got suboxone over a periode of time. Got in to treatment but left the same day he was detoxed, after just a week. He has been to different treatmen at least 10 times in his lifetime but never worked for a change or knowledge Why... He has never said “I’m sorry for what I have put you through”.. I’m craving that “sorry” and Ive become a person that I dont really like... I have started to work on my own recovery as an co-dependent... But to my question... He has been clean for 2 month... just clean, not worked with him self... and now he wants to drink. Not much, just a glas of Wine in some situations and not to get drunk. He thinks I should support his decision... He thinks that a life were he feels different and left out is a bigger potential for relaps than a glas of Wine is....and off course alcohol was never his problem... How can I Think? Equals this with a relaps or could he have a “normal” life doing his thing?
    Hope for hope?!
    Thank you!

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    you can try rehab center like (promotional content removed) its definitely help to reach out your problem


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      Alpha Healing,

      Before you can start promoting your clinic, we need to evaluate you to see what kind of work you are doing. We can then talk about a potential collaboration.


      William Charles - Owner

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