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    I'm so sick of life and I've got to the point I don't care about anyone or anything. Sometimes you just have to admit when you lost any interest in anything. I hope one day there is no more heartache for all people involved in addiction I know I've lost the battle and the war with my addicted son and the one who is sober doesn't need me anymore so why should I continue to beat my head against the wall. Prayers everyone.

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    Hey sissy brat,

    Well I can tell you were exceptionally upset and heartbroken when you wrote this, it’s my hope of course, that you are feeling a bit better although I don’t know exactly what’s going on at this particular point. I know you’ve told us many stories about your loved ones addiction issues but I thought things were starting to improve. Unfortunately however, addiction is a chronic illness and relapse is quite common. In fact percentages range anywhere from 50 to 70% depending on the severity of the relapse.

    If you are willing, please do provide us with more specific updates so we can offer any input and pray.

    Also, while I understand the temptation, I hope that you begin to perceive things a bit differently… For instance, though it might feel it, you are not responsible or accountable for someone else’s addiction. Yes, I know it impacts and affects you and it’s because you love them. However, there’s nothing you can do directly to change somebody else’s situation and circumstances dollar how badly you wanted. So to say that you’ve lost, although I do understand your feelings of defeat, is not accurate and I hope you can see that.

    I know you wish things were different and in reality, no matter how bad you want it, it isn’t going to change reality. It really comes down to how badly they want it and what they are willing to do to get it.

    I loom forward to your response.

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