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STOP DRUG SALES: A letter I wrote to a local security company:

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  • STOP DRUG SALES: A letter I wrote to a local security company:

    This is a letter I wrote recently to a local security company:

    “I am deeply concerned with the drug use consuming our country. Overdoses across the country and we're seeing it here in central Indiana several times a day now. From what I've followed and read the last few months, anyone that wants it to stop, is concerned, or has actual experience (addicts or loved ones of addicts), all say the same things; more options for the addict, stricter laws for the dealers, more methadone clinics, less methadone clinics, arrest the users, let them die, give them free narcan. Etc...What I don't hear is to STOP the access. Remove the dealers desire to be in the area. It got pushed in, it can be pushed out! Fentanyl is a prescribed drug and is usually stolen from drugstores in large quantities. It is being used to make “heroin”, only it is 50 times more potent = deadly.
    The concept came to me by researching successful ways to combat the epidemic. I didn’t learn much more than I had stated earlier about varying concept to counter the use by addicts. I did find helpful statistics from the CDC and information about making the powerful and deadly drug and where supplies come from to make it. I also came across this website STOP Drug Sales. (Based in Florida)
    I do like the idea of coverage in neighborhoods, and it may help. Especially in neighborhoods that have association fees or a business willing to flip the bill. Someone has to pay the guards in this scenario. Most neighborhoods do not generate income. Some Indianapolis areas may, but even if successful, it would only push dealers to surrounding neighborhoods. So I thought it has to be bigger, it has to be cut off at the source.
    Having an off duty police officer security guard at drug stores (paid by the pharmacies/host store) would literally cut the access from the source. Even a single guard would make a difference. Indiana is number one in pharmacy robberies.
    One big lawsuit to the manufacturers and the merchants selling fentanyl will get the attention for them to be more responsible for their products. I know many business owners, friends, neighbors, and other good people who have lost their own children to this. They’d be some of the first to be on-board with a lawsuit. And perhaps insurance companies that fill claims of loss from pharmacies would be on-board. This might motivate pharmacies and manufacturer’s to secure their property. People rob banks for money so we pay people to guard banks and credit unions. Prescription drugs are now just as important to the drug maker/dealer.
    As a veteran, I considered starting the business myself but thought it would better for the idea to be placed in the hands of a security company with a name people know and years of experience. A company I believe in because my husband works for them to help secure a similar type of business but for other reasons; your company.”

    Nolan Security, in Indianapolis Indiana is the security company I initially sent this letter to. I had hoped they would market the concept, but I suppose they have employees that handle those areas. They were providing armed security at Stericycle, also in Indianapolis, a medical waste disposal facility, including narcotics. My husband worked there as an off duty police officer for almost 2 years. (Because of a former employee, not for their merchandise or daily operations) I believe Nolan still provides unarmed security there, although I do not know what the responsibilities of the security guards are.
    I just think something different needs to happen at the source. Remember when cigarettes were cool? Now for several years after huge lawsuits, battles with the tobacco industry, and high taxes on their products, changes were made. They were held accountable for their products.

    Most Respectfully,
    Elizabeth A. Reese Oden

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    I understand your concern about access to drugs. Many people share similar views. We should "stop it at the source."

    Unfortunately, people ignore the lessons learned in alcohol prohibition. Alcohol use did not decrease, it increased. Prohibition creates a black market for liquor or drugs. We are NEVER going to have a "drug free" society. Anthropological history shows us that the earliest of man would seek intoxication. That hasn't changed.

    What happens when sources are cut offf is it allows a black market to develop, with all the violence that comes with it. I am suprised that in this day and age we are not moving to decriminalize (or legalize) and tax. That is what we do with other intoxicants such as nicotine and alcohol. It suprizes most people that cigarettes kill way more people than opiates do. The cost of healthcare for COPD, cancers etc are astronomical, yet we continue to regulate and tax. If we did what we do for alcohol, making it legal and taxable, yet made laws to prevent harm, such as driving under the influence, we would be in a much safer world.

    Look at Portugal. They decriminilized personal amounts of hard drugs !@ years ago and instead of addiction rates skyrocketing, they have gone way down and addicts seeking treatment for what is a "medical problem" has gone up.

    I also want to put some facts about fentanyl. MOST of the fentanyl is made on the black market. With about 4,000.00 worth of glassware and easily available chemicals, fentanyl is made illicitly here and over seas. China also ships many, many research chemicals that resemble fentanyl. They are similar in potency, but by moving a few molecules here and there they are able to get around analogue laws.

    Unfortunately drug use in the human population is like an inflated balloon. If you squeeze one side (getting narcotics from pharmacies etc. off the street) the balloon inflates on the other end (black market drugs and research chemicals).

    If we are ever to step ahead of this, we need to look at evidense-based research..such as the very real, longitudinal study in Portugal. We will never stop people from injesting intoxicants..if there was hope, then there would be no alcohol or cigarette consumption. The only difference is their legal status. They all can cause disease and death.


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      Great letter and great conversation. I do agree that it would be nice to stop drug sales at the source but I also feel, and quite sadly at that that there are too many powerful people benefiting from drug sales and that there is really no motivation for these people to stop providing access. This is a money source, a very big money source and regrettably, money is often the driving force behind anything. A lot of people will do just about anything to get it, including unethical and illegal things. The drug addiction problem has no real origination, I mean technically, without drugs there would be no addiction to them, but without customers there would be no need for drug sales and without drug sales there would be no customers. It's more of a circle that it is a straight line. That's why our primary focus is to try to educate and help those who are suffering from addiction and ongoing drug use to get treatment and help and to get their lives back. That said, I do appreciate people like you who have a heart to try to stop it at the other end… I think if we have enough people trying to tackle the drug problem at multiple places in the circle, we have a better chance of success. We may never be able to make it go away, but we can at the very least, make a dent and help A lot of people in the process.

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