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Heroin Education and Prevention Training and Awareness

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  • Heroin Education and Prevention Training and Awareness

    Heroin education and prevention is now a national priority, and unless the correct information and news reaches those at risk of experimenting with it, this crisis of use will continue to destroy lives, impact the economy, and destroy whole communities. This problem of heroin addiction is growing worse. Who knows how far it will go before it plateaus?

    Heroin is a deadly dangerous drug, but too many users learn that lesson too late. Part of the answer with heroin education and prevention is short concise and easy to use media content, but these tools are difficult to find.

    Communities and schools and employers want to educate their employees, but finding a solid ten minute video is nearly impossible. You can find films with actors, but there so much fluff in the typical movie, and a lot of wasted time is experienced in the typical training and education session.

    One with solid content on heroin education and prevention is finally here in this product. You can purchase this product to
    educate employees and people in communities. No more longer product or VHS tapes you can't run on a computer or an iPad or SmartPhone. We have all the formats and means of educating your employees or constituencies.

    Not educating people and helping prevent users for experimenting with heroin is a big problem. This destruction can stop, but it takes a strong and concerted effort with the right educational materials. The key is reaching children early, teenagers, and young adults, particularly those who at risk for substance abuse experimentation and addiction.

    You can purchase this program now with a 100% money back guarantee. You will get the program, a handout, a test questions, and with the Web course a certificate of completion. This program solves the problem of how to educate employees and communities effectively. It puts into your hands a program that is also editable and customiz-able. Any heroin education and prevention program must have these elements because it is more likely than not that you are a professional and you must have the ability to edit the product as you see fit with your own expertise.

    At — we understand that our customers are professionals on the topics they present or teach. You all the edit and amend rights when you purchase our products, and you can put your name on the program along with your logo.

    Save time with the formats we offer, reach more people, and stop wasting of time searching the internet for the right program. Avoid all the trouble, and have program you own forever with no limits on use and no licensing user fees ever. Gone are the hurdles to reaching your constituencies.

    Our training programs are used by the State of Texas, EAPs worldwide, dozens of Universities, the federal government, Army bases, municipalities and schools world wide. We are the trusted source of workplace wellness content for over 20 years run and operated by licensed mental health professionals. Click this link to purchase and do not worry.

    You can reach us 24/7 and you have access directly to our publisher, Daniel Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP at (promotional content removed) - Educating your employees or communities via your employee assistance program is absolutely essential to helping reduce the heroin epidemic. You may also purchase this product over the phone at (promotional content removed). We have price increases periodically, so get this product at the lowest rate right now and do no miss out getting this heroin education and prevention program in your library.

    Heroin is a notoriously addictive drug that affects not only the lives of the people who get addicted to it but also their loved ones and society. It is one of the leading causes of the spread of such diseases as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. This WorkExcel program was produced educate employees and others about heroin with the goal of influence their decision at stay away from it, seek treatment for addiction, and be proactive with friends and family trapped in a death spiral of heroin addiction.

    Employees who use heroin may have unpredictable patterns of attendance because the withdrawal syndrome from heroin, which is severe and agitating, requires dosing once every 6 to 24 hours as it begins.
    Employees may begin sweat, become lathargic, experience anxiety, depression, sneezing, tears, sleep difficulties (insomnia), cold sweats, chills, severe muscle and bone aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, watery eyes, fever and cramp-like pains and spasms

    Contents of this program include information about the prevalence of heroin, that the problem of use and addiction is still growing and its relationship to the increase in the sharp increase in the number painkillers being prescribed. Once addicted to a pain killer like hydrocodone, heroin may be sought because it is cheaper.
    If you want to know more information about heroin,then visit this site:
    A groundbreaking report calls substance abuse one of America's most pressing problems. Heroin News provides breaking news on the nation's heroin epidemic.

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