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Just received medi-cal thinking now I wouldn't have to pay for methodone

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  • Just received medi-cal thinking now I wouldn't have to pay for methodone

    I received my card yesterday medi-cal. I called social services asked did I get it. They said yes. Called my clinic for them to check if everything was okay- they checked and said share of cost is on there I need to call them and have that taken off. Oh yeah sure. I'm on disability, I wrote a letter when I applied saying I was on methodone for 10 years and I can't afford this every month month which is going to be 336. It looked like they want me to pay 960 before they pay anything. That is crazy. I pay 134 for Medicare A and b. I clear 1583 after that
    So now if I have to pay that 1247 to live
    I have to get a job, I'm so nervous detoxing, that's what is going to happen to me, cause I'm not going to be able to afford this. Anybody know anything on this med-cal card on someone that's on disability

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    I am sorry I may have missed it in your post but how were you paying for the methadone before you got the medi-cal card?


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