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How to Support a recovering heroin addict ex husband

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  • How to Support a recovering heroin addict ex husband

    Hi everyone,
    It’s calming to know I’m not alone or the only one feeling this way, guilt, worry, sadness, anger and daily attempts for moving on pass the fact that the love of my life has become addicted to heroin on a full blown out scale.

    short story, he was an alcoholic, we dated and got engaged for 8 years then I left him and moved overnight as far away as possible, by this time I had tried to leave him multiple times before but my love always gave in.

    I moved, a year after he became addicted to prescription pills, then as the opioid crisis has shown, he became addicted to heroin.

    By now all our mutual friends have blamed me for the multiple attempts of suicide and overdoses, saying I left him and he found comfort in drugs. Obviously this are the friends that never supported his sobriety and had no idea of all the problems behind closed doors of his alcohol addiction.

    It feel really heavy to feel this way and its hard when they put all the guilt on you and blame you for the well being of someone else and life of someone you begged to stop drinking and because you left, became a heroin addict, according to them.

    We are still vey much in touch and I have looked pass the hate and guilt that everyone has put on me, at the end of the day supporting him is what matters to me.

    He is now out of his 7th rehab and in recovery, he is doing quiet well and now my question is,

    Should I go back and support him and be there for him ? Or should I let him do this on his own ? He is always sending me songs and positive articles about yoga and meditation, proving he is trying to sober up.

    The guilt and depression on my side have been drowning me, I don’t know what I will do if he dies, that’s when I wanna go, move back and support him, even more when everyone says that its my fault he is this way, if i go back, would that really help?

    But being in this stage is truly bringing me down, making any decision making so difficult.

    And I truly dont know what to do.

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