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Yarmouth detective attacked, stuck with used needle during heroin bust

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  • Yarmouth detective attacked, stuck with used needle during heroin bust

    YARMOUTH, Mass. —
    A detective with the Yarmouth Police Department was attacked and jabbed with a used hypodermic needle during a heroin bust Wednesday, the department said. The detective was hospitalized to be treated for the potentially-infectious exposure.

    Throughout the course of the investigation, police said they arrested five people, all of whom had prior arrests. A summons was issued to a sixth person.

    Police said the case began around 4 p.m. when an officer stopped a black Chevrolet Blazer on Autumn Way in South Yarmouth. The officer saw a small bag of heroin in the car and subsequently learned that a wanted person was inside a nearby house.

    Officers proceeded to a rental property at 12 Amelia Way, where they found and arrested Michael Geggatt, 28, of Yarmouth, who was wanted on warrants for shoplifting and driving without a license.

    Inside the home, police said they saw a large amount of drug paraphernalia in plain view. They also said Michael Santos, 29, of Yarmouth, was seen using heroin, and was arrested for possession of the drug.

    Detectives were called in to continue searching the home. The department said they found two men in a bedroom.

    One of the men slammed the door on a detective, police said, and jumped onto a bed as he tried to get away. Other officers, including a K-9 officer, came to the detective's defense.

    "Unfortunately during the attack, the detective was stuck with a used hypodermic needle and was later treated at Cape Cod Hospital for this infectious exposure," police said.

    Police arrested Euclides Matias, 31, of Roxbury, for charges including resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer and possession of fentanyl. The other man in the room, Timothy Dafinee, 32, of Yarmouth, was also arrested and charged with possession of heroin, police said.

    Zachary Cody Tuers, 29, of Yarmouth, was also arrested for several warrants, including possession of heroin and driving without a license, police said.

    Paulina Gontarz, 26, of Yarmouth, was issued a summons for possession of heroin, police said.

    Police said the town was notified about the rental property and will follow up.
    A detective was taken to the hospital for treatment after being jabbed with a dirty needle.
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