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Finding a Healthy Release - Writing and Music are Two of Mine

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  • Finding a Healthy Release - Writing and Music are Two of Mine

    As an addict in recovery, I have found that having a healthy release has become key in my sobriety. Before I was an addict I would would swallow anything that might cause conflict, that was not exactly a happy feeling, anytime I would get my feelings hurt, basically any feeling that allowed me to stand up for myself. It eventually grew into never saying anything that would go against the grain. I would have all these insights or opinions just to not express them out of fear of judgment or ridicule.

    Eventually all that swallowing built up and had nowhere to go. My mind was slowly going crazy because I wouldn't release any emotion that I felt so I turned to using.

    Five years later I lost it all. 9 months after that I am here to tell my story and continue to live soberly. I also have learned how to manage these emotions that I swallowed all those years. I find a healthy way to release.

    Healthy releases are just as they sound. Coping mechanisms that allow you to release negative energy in a way that will not harm yourself or other people.

    There is a multitude of healthy release techniques and at the bottom of this blog I have included a direct link for 8 simple healthy release techniques.

    Just like anything else associated with the human brain, what works for one person may or may not work for another. I have listened to people's advice recently and before attempting a recommended technique I give it some thought as to how much time could this consume? Is this feasibly done in a ma her in which I can practice every day? And so on and so forth.

    I have a handful of releases but really only two that I use on a regular basis. One of those is to write.

    I have always been a writer, always feeling the need to document anything and everything while telling a story. I try to not be repetitive with terminology and I really try to make people have to use their brain when they are reading what I wrote. To me it makes the reading more memorable as well as entertains.

    Second escape is music. Music is life to me and without it life becomes dark. No matter what mood I am in I have to have something playing at all times. I have the artists I absolutely adore and I'm always open to new music. I have no favored genre and my range on CDs and playlists I create has people wonder about my mental state a lot of the time.
    I don't mind though because I fully enjoy being perfectly abnormal.

    What are some of your releases??

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    What a great topic. Finding a healthy release during stressful times is definitely important. This can help to avoid or at least minimize the risk of relapse. Interestingly enough, I used to listen to music all the time, but ever since I started working from home, I haven't been listening to it as much. The car ride to my office job was my time to blast and get lost in the music and while I could do the same at home, I usually forget to do it because I get too busy. Certain kinds of music help me concentrate and focus on my work but some of the music I would blast and listen to in the car would be more of a distraction.

    But now a days, writing, taking a walk, listening to music and putting on a good TV show series or movie that I like is a good stress release for me :-).

    I'm interested to hear what other people have to say. What are some of your healthy releases?

    Peace and Love,

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      Sex is my healthy release


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        I can COMPLETELY understand where it may be a distraction. I have my times where I am trying to do my work at home, I have the music on, and I end up singing along to it in my head vs actually achieving what I need to get done. Those also tend to revolve around my manic days, but are not limited to them.

        What I have found is when I am having that issue, I turn on a local radio station that probably will not play something I know every song. I Heart Radio or Pandora would probably work just as well too since they usually tend to try and go out the box of normal music listened to.

        I have also been known to turn the volume down more, or even adjust the audio settings to where I lower the vocals or completely eliminate them all together, leaving just the music. That helps a lot because then words are not flying into my head when I'm trying to think. But I have the one go to band when I am trying to write something that is very emotional to me and that is Shinedown. I have been through so much, and Shinedown has been there through it all. I can also identify with them with the lyrics to their songs. I recently did a little bit of research on them because I realized I didn't know really anything about the band, just knew that I loved their music, and discovered that Brent Smith is a recovering addict from pain pills as well as Coke. So, of course, I am further endeared to them than I was before. I am so hoping to go to Wisconsin this coming November I think it is because they are performing with Five Finger Death Punch. I screwed up and missed their concert last year, I was not able to go this past summer in St. Louis but to me, going to see them soon would just be a full circle for me. Who knows, I don't want to put too much hope into it because I don't want to get discouraged.

        There is one more release I forgot to mention though and that is cooking. I have found that I enjoy cooking so much more now and I feel immediately lighter whenever I do get a chance to cook. It has always been some type of release for me, but sober I find I enjoy it so much more.


        Thank you for sharing that as well. Just remember to always be safe, please.

        Thanks for contributing and I hope to hear from more people.



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